Beeji and Sarla play ludo to keep themselves awake. They argue. Pragya comes. Sarla says she played ludo so that she can be awake. Pragya asks did you go to see the celebration. Sarla says yes, we went. Pragya asks where? Sarla says H Block. She asks Pragya to take leave tomorrow and says we will celebrate festival tomorrow. Pragya agrees. Beeji says we will go to Chaupati. Aaliya is angry and thinks Abhi has ruined her plan. Tanu asks did you know that bomb was there in the bouquet? Aaliya says she left bomb bouquet in Pragya’s hand. Tanu says you should have told me and I would have stopped Abhi from going towards Pragya. Aaliya says everything happened at a fast pace. Tanu says Abhi is concerned for Pragya and asks if she is his girl friend or me. Aaliya asks her to control her temper, else Abhi will leave her. She says my image was ruined in front of Abhi. She says I made him your boyfriend, now you have to think how to make him your husband. Dadi thinks one thing is clear that the killers doesn’t want to kill Abhi, and the target was Pragya. She thinks Aaliya and Tanu are together. She thinks to meet Sarla and tell her the truth. She thinks if anything happens to Pragya, then they will blame us, I have to tell her everything.
Pragya is getting ready for work and Sarla stops her by saying that she cannot leave with empty stomach. They notice story (in the newspaper) about the attack on Abhi and are literally shocked. They wonder who must have attacked Abhi and are happy that Abhi is safe. They notice Abhi’s Dadi entering the house and Sarla asks how is Abhi after the attack. Sarla is clueless about what Dadi is saying and wonders what is her daughter hiding. Abhi’s dadi reveals that Pragya was saved last night by Abhi and it’s not clear who was the real victim. Dadi also reveals that Pragya works as Abhi’s secretary in his house. Pragya has nothing to say as her truth has been exposed and Sarla confronts her.
Sarla asks Pragya how could she take such a big step after knowing what Tanu and Aaliya did to her in the past. Dadi apologises to Sarla and Pragya and considers herself responsible for everything. She had been silent despite knowing what Tanu and Aaliya could do to her. Dadi apologises for being so selfish about Abhi but now wants to rectify her mistake. She asks Pragya to return in Abhi’s life and help her bring back Abhi’s memory. She supports Pragya and asks her to slowly make Abhi remember the relation he had with her. She doesn’t want Tanu to marry Abhi at any cost as she would ruin his life. Everyone is happy to see this transformation in Dadi.
Pragya and Dadi enter the house to see a priest and Tanu’s parents. Aaliya announces that they are here to decide the wedding date for Abhi and Tanu. Aaliya tells Dadi that Abhi has agreed for this. Dadi goes to speak to Abhi immediately. Aaliya asks Tanu’s mother to feed Pragya sweets but Pragya leaves immediately. Aaliya praises Tanu for her brilliant plan. Abhi is restlessly walking in his room regretting his decision as Dadi enters the room. He tells her that the one time he needed her, she wasn’t there and tells her everything about how Tanu has tricked him into marrying her. Tanu tells Abhi that her mother is dying and it’s her last wish to see them married. Dadi tells him that now even the media will find out about this. Abhi tells Dadi that he feels trapped and she tells him that he let everything happen. She asks him to stay in the room until she calls him and she’ll go talk to them.

Pragya goes to speak to Abhi and he asks her what Dadi told the people downstairs. But Pragya pretends as if she is not aware of anything. Abhi says that soon she will have to work for his wife as well. But Pragya makes it clear that she will not work as Tanu’s secretary and will quit her job instead. Abhi asks why she said this and how could she speak that way about his girlfriend? Pragya says that she hates Tanu and doesn’t want to work with her. Abhi teases her saying that if she is jealous of Tanu’s beauty and looks. Pragya says that anyone can look beautiful from outside and one should be beautiful from inside too and walks out of his room. Abhi tries to stop her but Pragya falls into his arms.

Abhi asks Pragya if she doesn’t like Tanu. He says Tanu is good at heart. Pragya says you might like her, but I don’t like her. She says you can stay happy with her, but it is my opinion. Abhi thinks it is a lifetime commitment and thinks if he is ready to marry Tanu. Dadi asks Tanu’s mum since when you have become unwell? Tanu’s mum says she has been unwell since 6 months. Dadi reminds her that she was fine when Abhi and Tanu was about to marry 3 months back. Tanu says she has forgotten. Dadi says your daughter is like you. Tanu’s mum says your son is also like you, so honest and straight. She says just marriage date is still to be fixed. Dadi tells her that her grand son is innocent, but her decision is final. She says this marriage can’t happen. Dadi asks do you want to see Tanu’s happiness or her marriage? She says I can’t agree until I join kundli. She says Abhi is manglik and will marry only a manglik. Tanu goes to talk to Abhi.
Aaliya assures Tanu’s mum that Abhi will marry Tanu, and mehendi will happen tomorrow. Dadi thinks to make a kundli which will never match with Tanu. Tanu thinks she will make Dadi sweep the house after her marriage. She sees Pragya and asks I was thinking how you will look when Abhi informs you about our marriage. Pragya is silent. Tanu says Abhi loves me and not you. Pragya asks to whom you are fooling? She says he doesn’t love you. You have emotionally blackmailed him. You said that your Mum is going to die and asks if she died for real then……………Tanu says you care for Abhi more than me and will not tell him anything. Pragya says she won’t tell him anything, but he will come to know about the truth one day. She asks her to save her lie. Tanu says she won’t let this situation come, and will make her cry like always.
Abhi is thinking about Pragya’s words. Tanu comes and hugs him from behind, says she is so happy, tomorrow is her mehendi, sangeet and marriage. She asks what happened? Aren’t you happy? Abhi says he doesn’t want to marry in a hurry. He says everything is happening so fast and he doesn’t know how he is feeling. Tanu says you don’t have any excitement about marriage and asks will you keep me unhappy? She thinks he is going on a wrong track, of which she can’t let that happen. Abhi says I want to see you happy, marriage is a lifetime commitment. We don’t know each other, and says how will we take care of each other if we don’t know each other? Tanu says even I wanted this, but situation became worse as my Mum is unwell. She says I can’t forgive myself if anything happens to my Mum before my marriage. She emotionally blackmails him and says arranged marriage is successful in India. She says we will do adjustments and sacrifices, and I will prove to you that we have not done any mistake and I am the best for you. She thinks I know what is going on in your mind and thinks she won’t let this happen. Pragya gives medicine to Dadi. Dadi says Tanu has laid a trap. She says they will have to make Abhi regain his memory. Pragya says we have just less time. Dadi says how will we stop the mehendi? Pragya asks Dadi to let the mehendi (ceremony) happen and says we can’t burden Abhi. She says if Abhi have any question then marriage will be postponed and he will question Tanu. Aaliya hears them. Dadi says I can’t see Abhi’s name on Tanu’s hand and says you are his wife . Pragya says what can we do? Dadi says I want to show that drama woman that you are his wife and not Tanu. Aaliya is thinking of Dadi bringing Pragya back home. She thinks what they will do now and she can’t let that happen?