Pragya is shocked and asks her not to do this. She asks how can I choose between a Mum and a Husband? Sarla says you have to choose any one. She says I have given birth to you and have kept you in my womb for 9 months. She says she has mortgaged this house and will start afresh in a new city. She asks her to decide. Pragya is shocked.
Sarla says I don’t have strength to lose you, and reminds her that Bulbul died while saving you. She asks her to take a decision for Bulbul, Abhi or her sake. She says if you go near Abhi, then Aaliya and Tanu will harm Abhi. If you go far away from him, then they will not harm Abhi. We will go far from here. She asks her to decide. Pragya is shocked. Abhi is in the car and thinks it was his mistake that he let her go to jail. He says I will tell her that I am with her always. Sarla asks what have you decided? Pragya says I am ready to go with you. She says I am taking this decision for Abhi, and says if I am with him then Aaliya and Tanu will harm him. She says I am going far from him for his betterment. Sarla says I know you will take this decision and says we will go so far that nobody will be able to search us. Beeji comes there and hears everything. Pragya hugs her and cries.
Nikhil and his goons are in car. Goon asks Nikhil to let him drive the car. Nikhil says this revenge is mine, so I will do this work. I have given you money so that you can take blame on yourself if we are caught. He recalls Abhi slapping him, and says I should kill Abhi with Pragya. He thinks this is the good chance to kill Pragya and Abhi together. He sees Abhi coming there and thinks to kill them together. Abhi thinks what shall I tell Sarla. Pragya looks at rockstar toy and thinks if she will not be able to meet Abhi once, and thinks may be their story is destined to end right here. She looks at Abhi’s photo frame. Abhi is in dilemma and thinks how to go inside.
Abhi comes to Pragya’s home and thinks to knock on the door. Sarla talks to Beeji and Pragya and tells that neighbours got to know that Pragya went to jail. Pragya cries looking at Abhi’s pic. She hears someone knocking on the door, Sarla stops her from opening the door. They leave from back door. Nikhil waits anxiously for Pragya to come out. Tanu asks Nikhil, if he has managed to kill Pragya. He says they are in the house, and I will kill them once they are out. Tanu asks him not to kill Abhi. Nikhil says if Pragya is your enemy then Abhi is my enemy. I will blacklist him from his life. He says bye. Tanu thinks she has to stop Nikhil. Nikhil thinks I will kill Abhi and Pragya and says they will die together. Abhi knocks on the door.
Neighbour says there is nobody
inside. Abhi says I heard someone’s voice. He asks neighbor to help him break the door. He comes inside the house and calls Sarla and Nikita. They see nobody there. Neighbour says if anyone see us here, they will think of us as thieves, and they will beat us up. He goes. Abhi is still at Pragya’s home and thinks where did they go.
He calls Purab. Purab is tensed thinking what is happening…Why is Sarla angry at him? He gets Abhi’s call and picks up. He apologizes to him. Purab asks him not to worry. Abhi says I have realized that I have done wrong and reached Police station, but came to know that her family have bailed her out. He says I reached her home, but they are not here. Purab says I left them 20 mins back, and says I helped her family bailed her out. Abhi says you didn’t tell me. Purab says you were angry and that’s why I haven’t told you. Abhi thinks where are you Nikku….Pragya is sad and thinks about her moments with Abhi. Tum Bin Jiya Jaye Kaise plays…….She gets Purab’s call and he asks where are you? Pragya says she is at the railway station and they all are leaving the city. Purab is shocked. Pragya says this is right, Abhi doesn’t remember me or my name, and Aaliya and Tanu wants this. Purab says Abhi cares for you very much. Pragya says I know you are his friend and thinks of his every doing right. Purab says you are thinking wrong. Pragya says it is good that you support him, and this makes me happy as you take care of him. Purab says you will not go anywhere. Pragya asks him to promise and says you shall be with him always. Purab promises her. Pragya asks him never to leave Abhi and protect him from Tanu and Aaliya. Purab asks where are you? Pragya tells about the railway station. Purab asks where are you going? Pragya is about to tell him, but Sarla snatches phone from her hand and asks her not to talk to anyone. Pragya asks where we are going? Sarla says you will know when you sit in the train and says Beeji and Janki are waiting in the train.

Abhi comes to Pragya’s room and sees wardrobe open without clothes. He is shocked. He gets Dadi’s call asking him where he is? He tells Dadi that he came to Nikita’s house, but there is nobody here. He says it seems they have left to somewhere. Dadi asks Abhi to stop them and says they are our family. Our family is incomplete without her, and even you can’t stay without her. She asks him to bring her back. Abhi asks her to relax and says he will bring her. He thinks why did she say that, that I am incomplete without her? Tanu comes to Aaliya and tells her that everything is ruined. She says Nikhil went to kill Abhi and Tanu together. Aaliya asks who asked him to kill him. She gets angry at her and says last time Abhi was almost dead.  Purab calls Abhi and says they are in Boriveli station. Abhi comes out talking to Purab. Nikhil thinks why did he come out alone and where is he going? Abhi sits in car and leaves.
Nikhil gets angry at his goons as how Abhi leaves and he couldn’t follow him.
A guy asks her to buy Abhi’s pic magazine. Sarla says we don’t want to buy and asks him to go. Pragya is still sad. Sarla and Beeji got down to buy food. Abhi comes there and says Nikita….Pragya says you have come…Abhi says I have been searching for you like a mad man, and asks
did you give application for resignation? He says I went to Police station and home also. Purab told me about you. Pragya says why would I come back to your home, so that you can accuse me again? They argue. Pragya says she is not guilty and haven’t done any crime. Abhi asks her to change the topic. Pragya says I am a human and have feelings. Abhi says I know, and says I will apologize to you later. He says you can fight with me later on. He asks her to come. Pragya asks with which right you are taking me from here. Abhi says with the same right, you came into my life, you are making boss roam around for you. Pragya asks him to tell what their relation is? Abhi says we have no relation, but there is some connection which couldn’t make me sleep all night. He asks her to come home and tells that he will not leave the guilty. They come out of train. Sarla slaps him hard. It turns out to be Abhi’s dream. He thinks he has to drive the car fast, else Nikita will leave. Tanu and Aaliya came to meet Nikhil. Nikhil thinks wild cats have come. Aaliya slaps him and asks how dare you plan to kill my brother? Nikhil also gives her a befitting reply. Aaliya says I will kill you. She says I will make you leave the city. They argue. Goon tells Aaliya that Abhi went to Boriveli station. Aaliya says she will call him.

Sarla tells Pragya that they are going to Palghar to her Uncle’s house, far away from the City. Abhi comes to the station and asks train master which train is leaving. He says front train. Abhi calls Nikita’s name. Pragya hears her name. Sarla says it is her imagination. Pragya wishes to see him for one last time. Abhi looks for her, but couldn’t see her. Ae Dil Hai Mushkil song plays…….Pragya is sad and sits in the train as it leaves.
Abhi gets Aaliya’s call. She asks him where he is? He tells her that he didn’t meet Nikita, but he is going to look for the accountant. Aaliya gets tensed. He comes to the office and slaps accountant. He asks why did you trap Nikita? Accountant says you have seen the proofs. Abhi says I trust Nikita, but didn’t believe her that day. He says they have left city because of the insult. He says Nikita’s Mum thought of him wrong and I have lost a friend. He asks him to tell the truth. Accountant tells that situation was staged and all the contracts, papers and cheques were fake. He says she didn’t want you to sign on the papers. Accountant is about to take Aaliya’s name, but just then she comes there and slaps him repeatedly accusing him of the conspiracy.