Aaliya takes accountant to side, and asks him not to take her name else his family will be killed by her goons. Accountant gets shocked and tells Abhi that he had trapped Nikita for his advantage, and put the blame on her. Abhi beats him and asks why only Nikita? Aaliya asks Abhi to let her handle him. Once Abhi goes, Aaliya asks security to free accountant, and asks him to get lost. Abhi comes home. Dadi says you came alone, and haven’t fulfilled the promise made to me. Dadi praises Pragya and says what wrong has she done? She blames themselves for the wrong things that’s happening to her.
Abhi assures her that he will bring Nikita back home, and says she is important to my life. Purab comes and says at least you have realized that. Sarla and her family reach Mama’s (Uncle’s) house. Mama asks them to freshen up and says food is ready. Beeji says if you will not have food again and pulls his leg. She asks about his wife and daughter. Mama says they went to Punjab for a Cousin’s wedding and left me here. Beeji asks Pragya to go and rest. Mama asks Sarla, Pragya is looking sad, how will she stay here? Sarla says she will adjust and asks him not to tell anything to Abhi about their whereabouts. Purab tells Abhi something. He says I can’t remember anything. Purab says I know. Abhi says we will go to Palghar and search for fuggi. Purab asks what did you say? Abhi says fuggi and says this word suits her. Purab is hopeful. Pragya asks Beeji if there is true love in the world. Beeji tells that there were true lovers, but their love story met a painful end. Pragya says she loves Abhi immensely and is hopeful that he will come and take her back. She says when I am missing him, he might also be missing me. Beeji says yes.
Abhi is sleeping and sees Pragya in his dreams. All the moments comes in his mind and he sees himself filling Pragya’s maang with sindoor. He shouts fuggi.

Dadi comes and asks what happened? Abhi tells Dadi that he saw himself filling Nikita’s maang with sindoor. Dadi gets hopeful and asks what else? Abhi says strange visuals which never happened. Dadi asks if he is having pain in his head. Abhi says no and says he is feeling odd. Dadi says you are feeling guilty and that’s why you saw her in your dream. Abhi informs Dadi that he is going to bring Nikita back home since he can’t sleep back again. Dadi prays to God to help them and unite both. Abhi comes downstairs. Aaliya asks Abhi, where he’s going? Abhi says he can’t wait till morning, so he’s going now to search for Nikita. Tanu says you are my to be husband and will not go and search for her. Abhi says you are my life partner, but not my life owner. He says I would have searched for Nikita even if she was guilty. Abhi comes to Palghar, and searches for her on the road. One of them ask if she stays here, Abhi says no. Boy sees Pragya’s pic and is surprised. He tells Abhi that he doesn’t know her. Abhi thinks nobody knows about Pragya.
Pragya is going out for interview. Sarla says you will soon forget Mumbai and Abhi. Same boy comes to Pragya and tells that Abhi is searching for her on the road. Pragya gets happy and asks boy to take her there. Boy brings Pragya there. Pragya smiles and thinks he came here to search for her. Abhi eats at the market and asks for 1000 Rs. note change. He makes enquires about Pragya. Pragya thinks about Sarla’s promise and goes from there silently. Abhi sees her and calls her name. He thinks if he had really seen her or it is his imagination. Dasi asks Dadi to tell Sarla everything that whatever Abhi did was under Aaliya’s influence. Dadi says I understand, but this time Sarla is very angry. She asks Dasi to bring her phone.
Sarla asks Beeji if she made kheer. Beeji asks her to check if Janki made it. Sarla says you gave duty to Janki? Her phone rings. Sarla says she doesn’t want to talk to Dadi. Beeji asks her to talk and says their relation will never break as their destiny is joined. She says this time Abhi will come searching for Pragya and asks her to watch.. Purab calls Abhi and tells that he is coming there in 10 mins and asks him to get ready. Abhi says there is a change in plan and tells that he left in the night as he was restless. Purab says did you find her? Abhi says no. Purab says may be you will get your true love while searching for her. Abhi says where is true love. I am marrying Tanu for my image and she is marrying me for my status, then where is the true love.
Pragya searches for Abhi showing his pic, while Abhi searches for her. A shop keeper tells Pragya that he is sitting there. Pragya sees him. Abhi also sees her and looks for her. Pragya hides and thinks to go. Abhi thinks come on Nikita, meet me once. Pragya prays in the temple and thinks she wants to meet him, but can’t as she remembers the promise she made to Sarla. She thinks she shall stay here in the temple, as Abhi never come to the temple.
Pragya thinks Abhi came in search of her and thinks she can’t go in front of him. Dadi prays to God and tells that destiny will bring them back together again. Aaliya comes to Nikhil and says she doesn’t want him to harm her brother as she loves him. She says I came to give you a second chance and says may be I can get you what you had lost. She says appointment letter of love life company as MD of the company. She asks him to do her work and kill Pragya first. Nikhil says they must have met each other till now. Aaliya asks him to be careful and concentrate on Pragya only, and to keep eyes away from Abhi. She says if I can give you money, then I can get you killed also. Nikhil agrees to kill Pragya and says he is doing this for revenge. He says my goons will reach Pragya and then I will reach her too.
Tanu asks Aaliya, why she’s involving Nikhil now, and asks what is the difference between us. Aaliya says there was a difference of mind. She says you were angry when you went to him, but whatever I asked Nikhil to do is after thinking, so I’m wiser. She says Dadi’s words are making me upset and I thought to make Pragya go from my way. Tanu thinks Aaliya has stolen her idea and praising herself.
Pragya is praying in the temple. Abhi is outside….Suddenly heavy wind comes, Abhi thinks what is happening. Pragya prays to God and says she can’t choose between her Mum and husband. She says Sarla has suffered a lot and lost so much because of her. She decides to stay with Sarla only and asks God to send Abhi back. Abhi thinks where to go and thinks wind is increasing. He comes inside the temple while taking shelter, and sees Pragya standing and praying.

He comes near her and sees God’s idol too. He thinks it seems like God helped me to find Nikita, even though I don’t believe in him. He thinks what is between them which is not letting him stay away from her.
Priest gives prasad to Pragya and blesses their marriage. Pragya is shocked and turns to look at Abhi. She tries to go, but Abhi stops her and says I came for you and had nothing. He says I was searching for you, and you took my peace of mind and happiness. Pragya says did you ask me once why we came here? Abhi apologizes and says I will touch your feet. Pragya says you didn’t come to meet me in jail, home or railway station. I was hopeful that you will come, but I was wrong. Abhi says I went to jail, home and railway station, but you had gone already. I called Purab and enquired. He says I came late, and asks her to understand his helplessness. He says I can’t live without you. Allah Wariyan plays…………….Pragya looks at him.
Abhi asks her to come back home. Pragya says no and says I respect you for your doings. I can forgive you, but can’t go with you. Abhi asks why? He says you are upset with my family…I will ask them to apologize to you. Pragya says it is not needed, what matters to me is your thinking about me. I can’t come with you as I have promised my Mum. Abhi says just as you have promised your Mum, I have promised my Dadi that I will bring you back. He reminds her of the contract which she had signed before joining him. He says I can fire you, but if you leave the job without notice then I can file case of Rs 200 crores. Woman hears it and drops aarti thaali shockingly. Abhi asks her to come with him or fight case of Rs 200 crores. Pragya asks him to go ahead with the case, and says if you file 200 crores case then I will file 400 crores case on you. Woman hears it again and drops aarti plate again.
Abhi asks how will you file case and for what? Pragya says she will file defamation case on him and his family. Abhi asks her to come with him, And says she can take think as a request or threat. He asks her to sign on the resignation letter and work for him for 2 weeks. He says then I will marry Tanu. Pragya says I hate her, and will not return. Abhi says he is feeling burning smell. Pragya says she doesn’t want to work for the marriage of the person whom she dislikes.
Sarla and Beeji are returning home. Sarla says we have brought all the vegetables. Beeji says she will make kheer for Pragya. Sarla sees boy on the road and asks what he’s doing here. Boy tells her that he is waiting for Pragya here, and tells that Abhi came here. Sarla says so Pragya went to meet him. She says surely Pragya called him here, and have broken my trust. Beeji says no, and asks her to calm down. Sarla asks Beeji to go home and says she will go and see them. Abhi asks what did you say? You don’t like Tanu and you hate her face. Pragya says I don’t want to return. Please leave me, I can’t break promise.