Sarla, Beeji and Pragya are leaving from Mama’s house. Sarla thanks him for their stay. Pragya asks him to take care and sits in car. Abhi and Pragya’s heads collide, they hit their head again. Dadi calls Purab and asks if Pragya is coming back home. Purab says yes. Dadi asks if Abhi got back his memory. Purab says no, but Abhi is bringing her back. Dadi is hopeful and happy. Dasi asks why she is happy when Abhi didn’t get back his memory. Dadi says I am happy as Abhi is bringing Pragya home. I will welcome them. Tanu and Aaliya hears them and are relaxed.
Abhi and Pragya are having lassi (yoghurt) on their way. Abhi laughs seeing Pragya lassi’s moustaches. Pragya asks where? He asks her to see in his googles. Pragya wipes her lassi (yoghurt) moustaches looking in his googles. Others see them and smiles. Pragya is about to fall, Abhi holds her and says I will clean it. He cleans her face. Abhi drinks lassi and gets lassi moustaches. Pragya laughs. Abhi says it is hot and happening. Karam Khudaya hai plays……….She wipes his moustaches with her dupatta. Song plays again. Beeji and Sarla are talking about Abhi and Pragya. Sarla says I will never separate them again. Abhi tells Purab that he will drink more lassi (yoghurt). Sarla tells Pragya that she thought she will be happy if she leaves Abhi, but she was wrong. She says I forgot my own teachings and asked you to choose between your husband and me. She says I know you both can’t stay without each other, and that’s why I am with you. Abhi comes and asks what you people are talking about. Sarla says I was telling her that her boss is very clever to get her back on less pay. Abhi says I am thinking of hiring you as special advisor. Sarla agrees and laughs.
Aaliya and Tanu are angry knowing Abhi and Pragya are returning home. Dadi says you can do any planning, but God will never separate them. She says whenever Pragya is made to leave the house, Abhi brings her back as she is destined to stay here with him. Mitali calls Dadi and says Abhi has arrived. I saw his car. Dadi calls Indu..Dasi comes. Dadi says we have to make arrangements to welcome Pragya. Dasi brings aarti plate. Dadi does Pragya and Abhi’s aarti together. Tanu and Aaliya are irked. Mitali asks did you pack your bags? Tanu says yes, but then unpacked it too, it was a mistake. Mitali asks her to pack again and goes. Abhi asks Dasi, what happened to Dadi? Why is she doing aarti as if I have just come from a battle. Dasi says it was not less than a war, as you brought Nikita back home saving her from goons. Pragya asks Dadi, why she’s doing aarti as Abhi might notice. Dadi says she is fulfilling her wish and taking evil eye off them. Abhi asks Pragya to let Dadi do aarti. Dadi blesses them and says nothing will happen now, and you people will be together. Tanu is irked and asks Aaliya to do something. Aaliya says our team will defeat them and we have to double our efforts. Dasi tells Abhi that Dadi is happy now.

Dadi asks Abhi about Sarla, Beeji and janki. Abhi says Purab talked to the new tenants and got their home back. Dasi says I told her that Sarla will not come here or drink water, let alone move in. Abhi asks what? Dadi explains to him that such people with values don’t drink water of the house where their daughter is married or employed.
Pragya comes to Aaliya and Tanu’s room and asks if they are shocked to see her. She says our relationship is forever, and you people can’t separate us. She says he is my husband, even though we don’t live together. She says you both have proved that you both will never change. If you had not done my kidnapping then I wouldn’t have returned. She says I heard Abhi calling my name. She says I got strength now and will do something. Aaliya asks will you tell Abhi the truth? Pragya says she can’t stoop so low like them, and will not dirty her hands like them. She says I have seen his eyes and feelings of his heart. Tanu says Abhi called you back being his secretary and it doesn’t mean he loves you.
Pragya asks Aaliya to take Tanu to a Specialist to get her eye tested, and says if he was just a boss then he would not had come to Palghar and rescued her from the kidnappers. She says although he is suffering from memory loss, but his heart is with me and restless without me. Tanu says your one sided love is getting you mad and reminds her that she is divorced now with Abhi. She calls her secretary. Pragya asks her not to call her secretary and asks her to get her eyes tested. She says Abhi fulfills all his duties of a husband. Aaliya asks why she is so happy when she is just a secretary. Pragya says she will be with Abhi and will show their face to Abhi. She says maybe you will marry him or not. Tanu says maybe you will live enough to put your words into action. She says I will take your breath. Pragya asks her to start counting reverse countdown and is determined not to get Tanu married to Abhi, and also to expose them.
Dasi brings Pragya to Dadi. Dadi apologizes to Pragya for keeping silent even after seeing the injustice. Pragya says you didn’t do anything and asks her not to apologize.
Dasi tells Dadi that Pragya went to Aaliya and Tanu. Dadi asks if she went there or they called her. Pragya tells that she has warned Aaliya and Tanu, and made them know that she will never let Abhi marry Tanu. Dadi asks why did you tell them of your plans. Pragya says she will never let Abhi marry Tanu. Dasi applauds her. Pragya says she will sleep peacefully tonight. Dasi says I am very proud of you, wife should always stand with her husband. Pragya goes. Dasi asks Dadi not to worry and says there will be only happiness in this house.

Pragya is getting down the stairs, and slips. She falls and Abhi catches her. They have an eye lock….Allah Wariyan song plays……….Abhi asks her to sing song and complete the scene. Pragya says you are a singer, and not me. He asks where are you
going? Pragya says home. He says last time you went to palghar, and asks her to promise that wherever she goes, she will take him with her. Pragya promises him. Abhi asks her to have an handshake with him. Pragya asks him to make her stand first. Tanu tells Aaliya that Pragya is stuck with Abhi, as she is going to marry him. Dadi and Dasi also see them, and gets happy. Pragya shakes hand with him, and says I will take you even if I go on a Picnic. Abhi asks her to come back to work at 5 am and then says 6 am. Next morning, Pragya gets ready for work. Sarla makes her eat halwa(pudding) and says it is prasad. She says you are going back to Abhi. Beeji prays for them and asks Sarla to give halwa(pudding). Sarla asks her to check her sugar level first. Pragya thinks she is late, and Abhi will scold her. She sees Abhi outside her house, and asks what are you doing here? Abhi says I came to deliver milk and jokes. Pragya asks are you doubting me? Abhi says I thought to give you a surprise and asks her to come. He makes her sit in the car. Pragya says I think I will get more surprises today. Abhi says this is just the start.
Tanu tells Aaliya that she went to Abhi’s room, but he was not there. Aaliya asks did you call him? Tanu says she called him, but…Aaliya asks Robin if he saw Abhi going somewhere. Robin says no. Tanu says may be he is here, but couldn’t be seen by us. Aaliya asks you mean to say he is playing hide N seek game with us. They see Mitali and asks if she saw Abhi. Mitali asks if Abhi have changed his hair style and asks if I am a spy. Dasi comes and says we shall find Pragya first to find Abhi, as husband is always with wife. Tanu says I am his fiancée. Dasi says marriage will not happen and sings a song. Tanu and Aaliya are upset.
Pragya asks him to tell where he’s taking her. Abhi says it’s a surprise. His phone rings. He asks Pragya to pick the call. Pragya refuses, but picks it. Tanu asks how dare you pick my call and tells that she is going to be Abhi’s wife and his property, shares and wealth belongs to her. She repeats the same words again and again. Pragya puts the speaker on loudspeaker. Abhi hears everything. Pragya says I understand, and says even Abhi understands since the phone was on speaker. Abhi gets upset with her. Tanu thinks Pragya puts the call on loudspeaker deliberately. Abhi tells Pragya that his mood is ruined already. Pragya says let’s go home, and we will see the surprise later. Abhi agrees, and says when I have coffee made with your hand, I feel good and my tension goes away. He says your hands have magic, and asks what else she can make. He asks about her speciality, and sees her unconscious. He gets shocked and thinks where to take her. He thinks if should take her back to Sarla’s house, she will get angry. He thinks to take her home and call Doctor there.
Raj comes home and asks about Abhi. Dadi says he is fine. Dasi makes Aaliya and Tanu jealous. Tanu thinks she has done a mistake by telling all this to Pragya and Abhi hearing her. She gets tensed.