Abhi brings Pragya home and tells Dadi that she fainted in his car. Doctor is called and she checks Pragya. Dadi says she might have fainted due to stress. Abhi says Sarla never allows her to go empty stomach. Doctor comes out and asks who is she? Abhi says friend. Aaliya says secretary. Doctor asks them to inform his family that she is pregnant. Abhi says this is not possible. Doctor says she will recheck her and asks everyone to wait. Aaliya asks Tanu, what do you think that she is pregnant? Tanu says how do I know and asks her to ask Abhi, who is so close to her. Aaliya asks Abhi if he knows about her boyfriend. Abhi says I don’t know anything about her boyfriend. She would have told me if she has any boyfriend. Tanu asks if she is playing game, or you are hiding something.
Aaliya asks Tanu to go and rest. Doctor checks Pragya again and says she has checked her twice, and she is pregnant.
Aaliya goes with Doctor. Dadi goes to meet Pragya and asks how you are feeling now. Pragya says she is feeling weak. She says suddenly she fainted in the car. She says Doctor asked me to take rest. Dadi asks did you take breakfast? Pragya says today I forgot to have breakfast. She asks what did Doctor say? Dadi says something is wrong for sure. Pragya asks what did Doctor say? Dadi says Doctor said that you are pregnant.
Tanu and Aaliya comes to her(Aaliya) room. Tanu says how did Pragya get pregnant as she is so well mannered and decent. She tells that Abhi and Pragya are together and maybe she is going to be his baby’s Mum. She tells Aaliya that Pragya has played game and now Abhi will marry her. Aaliya asks her to shut up and is relaxed. Tanu says we will be in trouble. Aaliya says trouble is called for Pragya, and tells her that she talked to Doctor when she came home. A fb is shown, Aaliya asks Doctor to check Pragya and tell everyone that she is pregnant. Doctor asks how can I tell this? Aaliya tells her that this girl is not letting Tanu and Abhi marry, and asks her to save Tanu and declare Pragya pregnant. Doctor says this is against my profession. Aaliya says you are saving someone’s life and says she will donate to her clinic. She says your clinic will be developed and will become hospital. Doctor agrees. fb ends. Tanu asks why did you do this? Aaliya says Abhi will feel bad now thinking Pragya had hidden this truth from him. She says Abhi was silent and shocked when he heard about her pregnancy. Tanu asks what is her other attack? Aaliya says Abhi is a typical Indian and will not accept Pragya knowing that she is pregnant with someone else’s child. She says Abhi will never get attracted to her now, and says Pragya’s challenge is over now.
Tanu says you are amazing…and says you have made this good and big plan. She applauds her plan, and says Pragya might be in shock now, and says this is just a start and will be enjoyable. She says it will be enjoyable when Abhi ask Pragya whose child she’s carrying? Pragya tells Dadi that she is not pregnant and says the Doctor must be fake. Dadi says I will ask Aaliya. Pragya says you should have understood, as Doctor was called by Aaliya. Dadi says yes. Pragya says they have trapped me and have done the drama. Dadi says we can’t tell anything to Abhi, and asks how she will handle him now. Abhi comes there and is upset. He asks Dadi about Pragya. Pragya says she is fine. Abhi asks why did you do this? You think of me as your best friend and have hidden this truth from me? Pragya says you are thinking of me wrongly. Abhi says I asked you many times, if there is someone in your life. Pragya says I have not hidden anything from you. Abhi asks who is the father of this baby? Pragya is shocked.

Aaliya thinks she has made this news and gets an idea again. She thinks nobody will be as intelligent as her in this world. Aaliya calls Sarla and asks how is she? Sarla asks her not to spoil her day. Aaliya says I called you to make you day, and you will make me have sweets. She says she called to give her news. She says the truth is that your daughter Pragya is pregnant. Sarla is shocked. Aaliya says you called Tanu an unmarried Mum, a characterless woman and other sorts of horrible names, and asks what she will call Pragya now, and asks her to enjoy. Sarla is shocked with teary eyes. She informs Beeji.
Abhi asks Pragya who is the father of her baby? Pragya says there is nobody. I am not hiding anything. Abhi says I am your friend and needs to know everything. Pragya says she has no boyfriend. Dadi asks Abhi to come with her. Sarla tells Beeji that she won’t leave Aaliya. Beeji says Pragya is Abhi’s wife and maybe she didn’t tell us as it was not confirmed. Sarla says Abhi doesn’t remember anything and says I will go now and asks Pragya. Beeji says Abhi’s Dadi will handle it. Sarla says she will go now. Pragya thinks why is he not believing her, and wished she could tell him about Tanu and Aaliya’s conspiracy. Aaliya and Tanu comes there. Tanu asks Aaliya, how is she feeling now? She asks Pragya, what she will do now, and whom she will declare as her boyfriend. Aaliya asks her to name her baby as her incomplete love story. Aaliya asks Pragya to give the incomplete name of her love story to her baby, like Abhigya. Pragya recalls Abhi telling her that he wanted his baby to be called Abhigya. Aaliya ask did you take it seriously? Tanu says she doesn’t know who is the father of her baby. Aaliya says she can’t fool Abhi by claiming the baby is his. Tanu says you have blackened your face, and asks her to go. She says if you stay here, then Abhi will question you and trouble you, and your Mum will curse you, taunt and scold you. She says your Mum called me characterless and other sorts of horrible names and says she wonders what she will call you. Pragya asks her to shut up and says you know that I am not pregnant. Aaliya reminds her of the challenge and says when you got unconscious, I got an idea and bribed the doctor. Pragya asks how she could do this, and says you didn’t think about my family’s reputation. Aaliya says she has become weak and says her challenge and oath are all over. She asks what did she say that day? Tanu says she said that she will be with Abhi like a shadow, and will give us reply in our way, and will expose us in front of the whole family.
Aaliya says now Abhi won’t want to stay with her, and Abhi will question her and hate her. She says Abhi will marry Tanu in front of your eyes and kick you out of the house. She asks her to go far from here, and stop interfering in their life. She says this live telecast will be known to all society members, then you can’t be answerable to your family. She says from now onwards, no more challenges and love stories. Tanu says I am thinking about Sarla. Pragya asks what did you tell her? Aaliya says we told her that you are pregnant and she got silent with happiness. Pragya is shocked. Aaliya says she is coming here, with sweets, and asks her to wait here. Tanu says we will celebrate with her.

Abhi thinks how can Nikita hide such a big truth from him when she promised him that she will not hide anything. Robin brings coffee. Abhi asks him to bring tea. Robin says but you take coffee. Abhi insists he brings tea. He recalls having coffee with her at a restaurant. A fb is shown. They see kids fighting. Pragya asks them to share their secrets and never fight with each other. Abhi says you asked kids to promise, but didn’t promise me. Pragya says we are not kids. Abhi asks her not to hide anything from him. Pragya promises him that she will never hide any secrets from him. Abhi asks about her boyfriends. Pragya says none. Abhi says he is marrying his girl friend and….Pragya asks him to decide first. Abhi asks how did you know my heart feelings? Pragya says best friends can feel. He recalls Aaliya telling him that Nikita made him a big fool, and asks him not to favor her. fb ends. Abhi thinks his tension is not ending.
Beeji calls Sarla and gets stressed. She says she is not picking my call. Janki asks her to call Pragya or call the landline number. Tanu picks the call. Beeji asks her to give the phone to Pragya. Tanu congratulates her for Pragya’s pregnancy, and tells that she is resting. Beeji tells her that Sarla is coming there. Tanu says she might be bringing sweets and might have even planned baby shower. She says it will be a surprise for Pragya and they will celebrate. Mitali hears her and asks Tanu who is coming? Tanu tells her that Sarla is coming whose expressions will be extreme? She says I will go and welcome her.
Tanu comes to Aaliya and informs her that Sarla is coming here. Aaliya gets happy and says Sarla will insult Pragya now. Sarla comes there and shouts Pragya’s name. Tanu tells Aaliya that her trick really worked. Aaliya says Sarla will do a mind blowing role and will entertain us. Dadi asks Sarla not to shout Pragya and says if Abhi hears her name then…Sarla says Pragya is not married in people’s eyes, and says I would have been happy if she was married, but Abhi doesn’t remember anything. He doesn’t know that his wife’s name is Pragya. She says I have supported her, but now she is wrong. Aaliya and Tanu hears and are excited. Sarla says when a girl becomes a Mum, it is a great day for her, but her husband is not with her. She says what will I tell people, as they know she is divorced.
Sarla says when she doesn’t stay with her husband, then from where did she get pregnant? She blames Dadi for doing wrong with her. Dasi asks her to shut up and asks Dadi to tell her the truth. Sarla goes to Abhi and asks didn’t you know how this has happened? Abhi says even he was not aware of her pregnancy and is equally upset. Sarla says she didn’t get pregnant herself. Abhi looks on confused.