Aaliya asks the Doctor to give the best treatment to Abhi and nothing should happen to him. Nurse comes and tells that Abhi’s condition is deteriorating and asks them to get O negative blood. Aaliya says she will make some calls. Beeji comes there and asks about Abhi. Pragya says she doesn’t know. Tanu thinks everyone is behaving as if she is not standing and says Aaliya was hugging Pragya and crying. Purab comes to the blood bank and comes to know that O negative blood is not available. He asks how can blood not be available in a bank? He gets a thought that even his blood is O negative.
Purab get his blood tested. Nurse says your blood matched with him, and says it is good. Pragya thanks him for giving blood to Abhi. Purab says we have become brothers now that I’ve given him blood. Pragya says I can’t lower your favor. Purab asks her not to use heavy words, as he is feeling light now after giving blood.
Aaliya thanks Purab. Purab says he didn’t do anything and tells that she can’t be a good sister. Aaliya says I love my brother very much and haven’t done anything against him, I just hate that Pragya. Purab says Abhi loves Pragya and says if you hurt her, then Abhi will feel pain. He says if you hurt Pragya, then your concern and love is fake. He asks her to start afresh and says your one right move can change your life for good, but if you continue walking on the wrong path, then you will be ruined one day.
Beeji asks Pragya not to worry and says Abhi will be fine soon. Pragya says she is getting strange thoughts in mind. Purab asks her not to worry. Tanu tells Aaliya that Pragya is pretending to be worried about him, and says she is just acting. Aaliya asks her to stop it and says she is tensed about her brother’s life. Tanu thinks what happened to her? Sarla makes Pragya have water and asks her to rest. Pragya says she will talk to the Doctor. Doctor comes and says Patient is out of danger now, and says once, he got scared because of loss of blood, but Purab gave blood at the right time and saved him. He says we have to keep him under observation for 24 hours in ICU and asks Pragya to meet tomorrow. Pragya insists to meet him once. Doctor agrees. Pragya tells Sarla that she will check him once. Aaliya asks Doctor if Abhi will have any complications.
Pragya comes to the ICU and holds Abhi’s hand crying. She thanks him for not losing hope and strength. She says I thought once that I will lose you, but you have brought my hope back. She asks him not to keep his life in danger again and cries keeping her head on his hand. Tanu comes to ICU and asks her to go out, and asks her to stop acting. She asks her to leave and says it is enough. Pragya asks her to talk to her outside. They go out. Tanu says I am his fiancée and you are just his secretary. She asks her to go. Pragya says this is not the right time to fight for rights, and asks her to go. Tanu says I am going to be married to him, and asks her to leave if she wants her betterment. She says Abhi’s family will not leave you, and calls her stupid chashmish (four-eyed) and says Abhi kept you at home for his entertainment. She asks her to leave.

Pragya says I might be his secretary, stupid, and an entertainment for him and so on, but you are his helplessness, who trapped him with bad publicity. She says Abhi is her destiny and asks her not to force her to take any step. Tanu says Abhi would have saved you if you were a stranger. She says you are saying all this as Abhi made you wear this mangalsutra (Necklace). She says I will take it out right now. Pragya stops her. Tanu tries to take Pragya’s mangalsutra (Necklace) from her neck. Pragya stops her and asks her not to dare do this. Pragya in her sleep recalls Aaliya blaming her. She wakes up and thinks Abhi is in trouble because of her. She thinks she can’t think of all this now. She touches Abhi recalling how he got shot by the thieves. She recalls Tanu asking her to leave. Aaliya and Tanu’s words echoes in her ears. She shouts no…and says I don’t want to become the reason for your pain and can’t risk your life. She says I want to increase your life and not your pains. She says your are the reason for everyone’s happiness. You have to be happy and safe and cries. She says Aaliya is right that a wife should be her husband’s reflection, but I….She says whenever you gets feelings for me, something wrong happens. This is no co-incidence, you land in trouble always. She says I can do anything to see you happy and safe always. She says I will never come back and wipes her tears. She holds his hand and cries asking for his forgiveness. She says I wanted to protect you from your enemies, but I became your enemy. She says I will go so far that you will not remember me even in your memories. I am nothing to you. You will forget me soon, as I am just your secretary. She says it is good that you haven’t gotten your memory back, our journey was till here only, only memories will be left. Allah Wariyan plays………………She goes out of the ICU and comes back to him and hugs him crying. She takes out her mangalsutra (Necklace) and goes out of the ICU. She keeps her foot on Beeji’s leg and she wakes up.
Beeji sees her going and asks her to stop. Pragya tells her that she is going far away from Abhi and asks her to let her go. Beeji says who told you this and says you have gone mad. She says Abhi is alive because of you. Pragya says I am inauspicious to him and asks her to let her go. She goes. Beeji is shocked. Dadi is at home. She gets a call and picks it. She says she is coming there. Aaliya is about to pick the call and says the call has been cut. Dadi wakes Dasi and says we have to go to the hospital as Pragya has left for somewhere. Aaliya hears her and comes to Tanu asking her to wake up. She says Pragya left for somewhere away from Abhi’s life. Tanu gets up happily and asks if she will return. Aaliya says we shall follow Dadi and Dasi.
Sarla asks Beeji, why didn’t you stop her? Beeji says I tried to stop her, but she didn’t listen to me and it seems she was lost. She says Pragya was blaming herself for Abhi’s condition and called herself inauspicious. Dadi says who told her this? Dasi says those cats must have told her, who changes her way and sometimes stops her. Sarla says I would have stayed with her and blames herself. Dadi says it won’t be easy to bring Pragya back. Tanu goes to Abhi and says now Pragya has left. She says she is so happy and excited, nobody can stop her marriage now. Aaliya comes there. Tanu says we have done it. Aaliya says I haven’t done anything. She says she left, but we have to make sure that Abhi doesn’t go in search of her. Tanu says I will handle him and smiles, asking Aaliya not to worry.

Sarla, Beeji and Dadi comes home and asked Janki about Pragya. Janki says she must be in the hospital. Sarla says no. They get worried about Pragya. Abhi gains consciousness and asks the nurse for his family. Nurse says they are all outside worried about you. Abhi thinks Dadi and fuggi will come first. Dadi must be worried and thinks Nikita will ask me why did I become a hero and got the bullet. Aaliya and Tanu comes there and act worried. Abhi asks them about Nikita. Tanu asks Abhi to have a strong heart now and tells that goons killed her after shooting you. Abhi is shocked. Sarla tells Dadi that Pragya must have went to the temple. Dadi says she is upset with God. Sarla says that’s why I am saying that she must have went there. She tells about a childhood incident when she had beaten Pragya and she went to the temple. Dadi scolds Sarla for beating Pragya in childhood. Dasi says you had beaten Abhi also in his childhood. Abhi asks what are you saying Tanu? He says I remember everything and says Police came there and caught the goons. Tanu says maybe the Police shot her. Aaliya asks Tanu to tell the truth and says Abhi is a matured adult and will handle it. She says nothing had happened to her.
Tanu says I thought this is right. Abhi asks why you said this? Tanu says when goons shot you, she got scared and ran away from there. Abhi says so she didn’t come here? Tanu says I brought you to the hospital with Purab’s help. When I asked her to come here, she declined saying she doesn’t want to get involved in police case. Aaliya asks Abhi why did he save Pragya, who doesn’t care about him? Tanu says she didn’t come here to see you. Aaliya calls her selfish. Abhi says maybe she’s having some helplessness. Aaliya says she doesn’t care about you and says she will get the best secretary of this world for him. Tanu says she will become Abhi’s secretary after their marriage. She asks him to get well soon fast and then they will marry. Abhi feels pain. Aaliya says we shall tell the Doctor that you got consciousness and asks Tanu to come with her.
Aaliya scolds Tanu for saying that she will become his secretary and says Pragya is more efficient. She asks her to hold on her excitement. Tanu says yes. Abhi thinks Nikita didn’t come to see me once and asks how can this be possible? He thinks she takes care of me since morning to night, she makes me remember even smallest of things and thinks maybe Aaliya and Tanu are mistaken. He thinks he needs water and if she would have been here then she would have given him water. Sarla, Beeji and Dadi goes to the temple and sees Pragya sitting there. Pragya asks why did you come here and asks who is at the hospital? Dadi says he is alone. Pragya asks why did you leave him alone? Sarla says he needs you and not us. Pragya says he doesn’t need me and says I’ve realised this. She says I will not go to his life again, and says I am decreasing his life, and the reason for all his troubles. Sarla says you are his wife and the reason for his happiness.
Pragya says she is the reason for his troubles and says whatever troubles come to me, I push it on him. She says now, I have seen the truth and couldn’t ignore it. She says last time also, Abhi met with an accident because of me. She says Aaliya was right that I am an inauspicious shadow of his life. Dadi scolds her for listening to Aaliya and not them. Sarla says Aaliya never wanted you to stay in Abhi’s life, and says she is Abhi’s enemy. She says Abhi was saved because of you, and you are a great woman. She says you have saved him many times, death can’t touch him when you are around him. Pragya says you can’t change my decision now. She says I can’t come back to his life ever again.
Sarla says where will you go? And asks if you will go to Palghar and says you had become a lifeless person without him. Pragya says I will live without him and will never return, and nobody can search for me. Beeji says she’s very stubborn. Dadi gets Purab’s call and says he called at the right time. Dadi picks the call and asks him to listen to her drama silently. She shouts asking how did his breath stopped and asks him to ask the nurse to check the oxygen mask. Pragya gets shocked and asks what happened to him? Dadi cuts the call and says he is fine.
Dadi says I was checking if she can stay without him. She says you are going by pushing him in troubles and asks her to come with her as Abhi will ask about her. Pragya agrees and tells Dadi that she got scared. Dadi happily gives a thumps up signs to Sarla and Beeji.