Abhi is thinking about Pragya and scolds Nurse for bandaging his hand wrongly, and asks her to send a senior nurse. Nurse goes out crying and tells Aaliya and Tanu. Aaliya says he took out his frustration on her. They see Dadi, Sarla, Beeji and Dasi coming to the hospital and laughing. Beeji tells Dadi that she didn’t know that she would act so convincing. Aaliya asks them why they are laughing and tells that Abhi is here in the hospital. Dadi says we were laughing as Abhi got himself a free nurse for lifetime. Aaliya and Tanu are shocked. Pragya takes care of Abhi and makes him wear his t-shirt. She apologizes to him for going away from him. Abhi asks her to become a cock. Pragya says I will act like hen. Abhi asks her what she was, before becoming his secretary. Aaliya and Tanu hears her.
Pragya thinks she wants to make him remember everything, but by himself. Aaliya says if she makes him remember everything, then we will be his past. Pragya asks him to sleep and makes him lie on the bed. They have an eye lock. Allah Wariyan……plays………..
Abhi comes home. Purab makes him sit on his bed. Tanu sits at his side. Purab makes her stand up. Purab and Pragya makes him lie down on the bed. Pragya brings soup and makes him drink. Abhi makes faces as if it is hot. Pragya checks and says it is not hot. Abhi says it was spicy before, but now after you tasted it, it became sweet. Tanu hears him and is irked. Pragya takes care of him and stays in Abhi’s room while he is sleeping at night.
Tanu comes to Abhi’s room with bouquet in the morning, and sees Pragya giving sponge bath to Abhi. She gets annoyed with them. Abhi and Pragya enjoy each other’s company. Tanu asks Pragya to be in her limit and says I am his fiancée. Pragya says I am already in my limits, he is my husband. Tanu is irked. Days passes by. Abhi is having difficulty in moving or lifting his hand due to the bullet injury. Pragya helps him and makes him do exercises. Tanu is jealous. Doctor checks Abhi and says he is recovering.
2 weeks later….
Tanu takes tray from Pragya’s hand and says she will make Abhi drink soup. Pragya says you didn’t care about him since 2 weeks. She says this soup is bitter, you can go and make him drink soup and get scolded. Tanu asks her to make him drink soup and gives tray back. Pragya says you couldn’t see love hidden behind scolding. Purab collides with Aaliya and tells that he is happy as Abhi and Pragya are getting closer. He says Abhi will not marry Tanu. Aaliya says if Abhi gets fine, then marriage will happen. Purab says once Abhi gets his memory, Abhi will marry Pragya again and you and Tanu will be out of this house. He asks her to keep dreaming. Tanu comes to Pragya and asks her to take care of Abhi. She says when I start taking care of him, he will not talk to you. Pragya asks what? Tanu says I will show you, and says she needs to say good night to Abhi. Pragya is tensed.
Aaliya talks to a client and tells that Abhi will do album with his fiancée, Tanushree in Lonavala. Client agree. Aaliya asks Mr. Khatri to book a suite for Abhi and Tanu for the night and asks him to wrap up the work by evening and make him free after that. Mr. Khatri asks what is the work? Aaliya says he will spend time with someone with whom he is going to spend his life with. Mr. Khatri says I don’t understand. Aaliya asks him to do as she said. She thinks Tanu should do the work properly now.
Tanu mixes drink in Dadi’s milk and thinks Dadi will sleep tonight peacefully and will wake up in the morning. Dadi comes and asks what she is doing? Tanu says I brought milk for you. Dadi asks her to do cat walk and go. Tanu goes out of the room. Dadi drinks the milk. Tanu thinks half work is done and full work will be done too.

The Doctor checks Dadi and tells that her BP and Sugar level has gone up and asks her to have rest. Abhi is concerned about her. Pragya asks didn’t you take your medications? Aaliya tells Dadi how will Abhi go to the shoot now in Lonavala because of your health? Abhi too asks her to cancel the shoot. Aaliya says you cancelled the shoot last time, and if we cancel it again, then it won’t be good. Dadi asks him to go and do his shoot. Tanu tells Abhi that she will take care of Dadi here. Aaliya says you have to shoot with Abhi and asks her to go. Pragya says she will take care of Dadi here and asks them to go. Abhi says he can’t go without her. Pragya says she will do his packing and will help him. Aaliya thinks here you can take care of Dadi, while Tanu cares for Abhi so that he doesn’t remember you anymore. Pragya does his packing and asks him not to eat anything wrong. She says it will be cold there, so make sure to wear your jacket there. Abhi takes it out. Pragya asks why you are unpacking your bag? Abhi says I was checking. Pragya says I have seen with my eyes and asks him to pack by himself now. Abhi says I was joking and says you are always angry.
Pragya asks why? Abhi says I want to spend some time with you. Pragya says I stay with you for 12 hours. Abhi says you won’t be with me for 24 hours and that’s why I thought to take your memories. He says I want to tell you something that I don’t like this bag and wants a cool and happening bag. Pragya asks him to say which bag he wants. Abhi selects a blue bag which is kept on top. Pragya says she will try to take it, and tries to get the bag. Abhi says I would have helped you, but my wound hasn’t healed. Pragya asks him to give her umbrella and says she will pull it off. She pulls the suitcase with umbrella, and falls in Abhi’s embrace…..Allah Wariyan plays……………They have an eye lock……Abhi writhes in pain due to hand injury. Pragya says sorry. She packs his stuff in the suitcase. They look at each other again. Allah Wariyan plays……… Tanu looks at them and says I know you will be romancing with Abhi here, but when I romance with him, I will not give you a chance to romance with him again. She asks Abhi to come. Abhi goes to meet Dadi. Tanu smiles evilly looking at Pragya. Pragya keeps his stuff and sees mangalsutra (Necklace). She recalls Abhi making her wear it and thinks to keep it with herself. She keeps it in her bag and goes to see Abhi. Abhi tells it was good that you came and asks where is my CD players and other things. Pragya says she kept all the things with a list. She asks him not to worry. Abhi says you won’t be there though. Tanu gets tensed. Aaliya asks him not to make her a habit and don’t tell that he needs her even in his honeymoon. Abhi says idea is not that bad. Pragya smiles. Tanu asks Abhi to come. They leave. Aaliya informs Pragya that her notice period will end tomorrow. Pragya says my notice period have ended when your notice period started. Aaliya says I never let him have any bad habit till now. Pragya also taunts her. Aaliya thinks your confidence will break tonight and then you will not come here. Dasi tells Dadi that Abhi can’t stay without Pragya and will be restless. Pragya blushes. Dadi says Abhi doesn’t understand that he loves her, but will miss her. She says Tanu went with Abhi and says I feel like she will take advantage of his goodness. Pragya asks her to have trust in Abhi. Dadi says you are saying the right thing. Pragya asks her to have breakfast. Abhi and Tanu are in the car. Tanu says the weather is so good. Abhi says yes and talks about the shoot. Abhi sneezes and looks for his inhaler. He thinks I asked Niku to keep it, and calls her. Pragya gets his call. She asks have you reached there? Abhi asks her where his inhaler is and asks her to come to lonavala.

Pragya tells him that it is there in his side pocket. Abhi gets it and says sorry. He asks for what she’s doing? Pragya says I am with Dadi. Dasi says she’s with us. Abhi asks if she is taking care of you both. Dasi says yes. Dadi takes call and asks how are you without your secretary and says you would have taken her with you. Abhi says I told her but… Dasi asks him to take Pragya for a long holiday later. Abhi says yes. Tanu thanks God as Pragya didn’t agree to come there.
Abhi asks the hotel manager if this is a joke, when they booked two suites, then why did are they giving them only one suite. Manager apologizes to Abhi. Abhi says we will leave. Tanu tells Abhi that they will adjust as he is hurt. She says we will sleep in the living room and the bedroom. She says we will stay together after marriage, so it will be fine. Someone comes and tells Abhi about his early shoot timings from 5 am. Abhi goes. Tanu gives money to the manager and thanks him.
Tanu and Abhi go to the hotel suite. Waiter comes and asks what they would like to have? Tanu says she will ask if she needs anything. Abhi tells her it’s awkward shooting a slipper’s advertisement, being a rockstar. Tanu says some advert is done to build name in the market. Abhi says okay, I am of everyone. He asks her to go to bed and says he will sleep early since he has to wake up early for the shoot. Tanu says how boring and says she’s hungry. Abhi says okay, and says they will go to food court and have food. Tanu says you are damn tired and says she will order food and drinks. Abhi agrees and goes to freshen up. Dadi asks Pragya to go home and rest. Dadi teases Pragya asking her to get talktime from a shop. Pragya says I am leaving.
Purab comes there and asks Dadi, where is Abhi? Pragya says he went for a shoot. Purab says he got a call from someone (a hotel assistant) who said Tanu bribed the manager and took only one room. She says she’s sharing room with Abhi now, and didn’t go with him for work. He says she asked the hotel staff not to disturb them. Dadi is shocked. She says Tanu wants to do something wrong. Dasi asks Purab to call Abhi and tell that Dadi’s health is serious. Pragya says it is wrong to lie. Dadi says now, we can’t waste time and asks purab to call.
Tanu picks the call and says hello. Purab asks where is Abhi? Tanu says he is resting now as he is tired after drinking. He will rest with me. Purab asks her to stop her nonsense and asks her to give the call to Abhi. Tanu says he’s having his bath in the bathroom and says she will go and give him the call. Purab says I came to know about everything and asks her to stay far away from Abhi. Tanu says she has done all the arrangements and she’s waiting for Abhi to come. She asks him to make the arrangements of their marriage and says she will marry once they reach Mumbai. She tells him that she will convince Abhi for marriage as she will be pregnant with his child unlike the last time. She tells him that she stopped pragya from coming here and that’s why we made Dadi’s health deteriorate. Purab is shocked. Tanu keeps the phone down. She calls the hotel staff and asks him to bring drinks after 10 mins.