Pragya thinks she got weak. Sarla asks to call her after reaching her. Abhi thinks about her. Pragya’s taxi stops, seeing injured man on the road. Driver gets down to check the injured man. Some goons sit in the taxi, they kidnap Pragya and elopes. The fake injured man also gets up and elopes. Driver is shocked. Abhi waits for Pragya and thinks if he should call her again.
Aaliya comes to him and compliments him that he looks handsome. Abhi is worried about Pragya. Aaliya says she will come and asks him to come and meet someone. Tanu’s Mum greets Abhi and says my age has increased 10 years more. Abhi says you are looking good than your daughter. Tanu comes for her wedding ceremony. Abhi looks at her. Her Mum compliments her on her beauty and calls her gorgeous. Mitali and Tai ji gossip about Tanu wearing costly dress and jewellery. Abhi thinks when will Niku come?
Goons talk to each other and says if she co- operates then she will be saved, else they will cut her neck. They push Pragya to the floor and removes black cloth from her face. Other goon tells that they will throw acid on her face…Abhi thinks why hasn’t she come till now?
Pragya is in the kidnappers’ captivity. Pragya is scared and asks the goons to let her go. Goons says we will do your pooja. Pragya says I am married and asks them to let her go. Goons laugh and asks her to keep them happy, give flying kiss and laughs. Pragya is scared and screams for help. Goon tells Pragya that he can kill her and put a knife to her neck. He asks her to agree silently, else
they will force her. Pragya asks them to let her go. Pragya’s purse falls down. One of the goon throws it outside. Pragya kicks the goons and thinks to escape from there. She runs and tries to open the door. Goon sees her in the other room. They said that girl has ran away, start searching for her. Pragya is still hiding there and thinks nobody will come to search for me here, and thinks to call Abhi. The goon tells that she must still be here and searches the place. Pragya is hiding there.
Abhi poses for pics with Tanu. Reporter asks how he’s feeling during his wedding ceremony? Abhi says he is feeling good and wants to dance. Tanu says it’s their wedding ceremony and they are marrying as they love each other. She says she is becoming a star wife and Abhi loves her very much. They ask Tanu about her marriage date. Tanu says it will be a surprise. She flaunts her dress, jewellery and sandal. Reporter asks her to pose.

Aaliya takes Tanu’s Mum to make her meet Nikhil. She asks do I know you? Nikhil tries to introduce himself as her grand child’s father, but Aaliya stops him. He greets her. Abhi worries about Pragya and calls Purab. He asks where is Niku? Purab says I don’t know and says I am very angry at you. He says you don’t care about me as Nikita is more important than me. Abhi says I didn’t ask you as I know you will come. Purab asks him why he’s getting tensed as his family is with him. Reporter takes Tanu’s pics and asks her to dance with Abhi, so that they can snap her pics for cover page. Tanu calls Abhi. Abhi is still talking to Purab. Purab asks do you want Nikita to select a dress for you? Abhi says all work is done. Purab asks him to go and enjoy his wedding ceremony and asks if he will not enjoy his wedding ceremony, if Nikita doesn’t come? Tanu comes to Abhi and asks him to dance. Abhi says he doesn’t want to dance. Aaliya comes there and asks him to dance, she says the guests wants him to perform. Abhi says I don’t feel like dancing now. Aaliya asks him to perform for her at least. Tanu asks him not to spoil her mood. Abhi agrees.
Pragya is still hiding and thinks why are the goons not going from there? She finds signal in her mobile and tries to call Abhi. Abhi and Tanu dance to the song Mahi Nach……..Dadi thinks why hasn’t Pragya come till now? Aaliya smiles evenly. Pragya thinks why is Abhi not picking her call and calls Purab. Purab thinks to go, else Abhi will take out his anger on him. He gets Pragya’s call. Pragya tells him that she is in big trouble as she is kidnapped by some goons. Purab asks who are they and where is she? Pragya says there is some jogeshwari factory, and tells that she heard train sound and wood cutting factory sound. Purab says I will reach there in sometime and asks her to track her location and send it to him. He says I will reach in sometime.
Nikhil is furious seeing Tanu dancing with Abhi. Abhi thinks hasn’t Niku come till now and thinks why am I waiting for her and asks himself why he couldn’t enjoy his wedding ceremony? He says when I am marrying Tanu, then why am I waiting for Nikita? He steps on Tanu’s foot and she shouts. Aaliya looks on tensed. Abhi says sorry. Tanu scolds him. Tanu’s Mum asks what happened? Mitali asks her if her sandal from Paris is fine or not?
Tanu’s Mum asks someone to bring ice pack. Mitali says she will throw cold drink on her feet. Tanu says enough and takes Abhi with her angrily. Goons catch Pragya and says they will show their real face and will hurt her. They snatch the phone from her hand. Pragya is shocked.
Dadi thinks where is Pragya and Purab? She thinks she is alone now. Dasi comes there and tells her that Tanu was screaming in pain as Abhi stamped his foot on hers. Dadi laughs hearing this and asks where is she? Dasi says she took Abhi with her. Dadi says she will scold Tanu. The goons tie Pragya to the net.
Tanu asks Abhi what he was thinking while dancing with her? Abhi says I was waiting for some guest. Tanu asks who is that special guest and says she needs to hear the truth. Abhi says I was looking for Nikita as she didn’t come. Tanu is angry and asks who is Nikita? Abhi says my secretary…Niku. Tanu says she is just your secretary and don’t know why you have given her so much importance. Abhi says enough and says she is now my best friend. Tanu asks then who am I? Abhi says you are my fiancée. Tanu says thank God you didn’t forget our relationship in front of Niku, says you have never given me importance. She says give me some importance as I have right on you. Abhi says I am marrying you for your respect. Tanu says you always think about her as if something will happen to her. She says you need her everywhere and asks if you will hold her hand while taking rounds? Abhi laughs.

Tanu asks if he thought it’s a joke and says even our dance was forceful and asks why he has a soft corner for Nikita? Abhi is silent and gets serious. Tanu asks do you love her? Abhi says I don’t know why I do care for her and why I get restless when she’s not around. He says I don’t know why my time doesn’t pass when she is not with me, I just know that she is my best friend. He says she’s the best to me, and says I feel like I know her since years and can’t see her crying. I want her to be with me when I am happy. He says I told you everything I have in my heart. Tanu says what will I get by marrying you, just status? She says today, you have crossed all limits and asks him not to talk to her.
Goons tie Pragya to the net. Pragya asks them to leave her. Goon says I got someone after much time and asks his goons to leave. He keeps his hand on her shoulder and removes her dupatta. Purab comes and holds her dupatta. Pragya is shocked and cries for help. Purab holds goon’s mouth and says nothing can happen to his sister-like bhabhi when her brother is here. Goon calls other goons. Purab beats all goons. He rescues Pragya and hugs her. Pragya cries. Someone takes their pics. Purab asks her to come. Aaliya asks Tanu where she is? Tanu doesn’t answer. Nikhil irritates her. Tanu asks who invited him here? Tanu says it’s my house. Nikhil says you didn’t marry till now and I don’t think you will marry.
Tanu asks Aaliya to kick him out, and tells that Abhi has spoiled all her happiness and function. She says he was asking where is my secretary and kept his eyes hooked on the door and kept his foot on my foot. Nikhil laughs. Aaliya says I will ask my brother to apologize to you. Tanu says I will not forget Abhi this time. Aaliya asks what you have done? Tanu says I scolded him much and told him that I am his fiancée not Nikita. She says he didn’t feel anything about me and was praising Nikita, so I showed him mirror and went. Aaliya says you got a good chance to spend time with him and gets marriage date fixed, but you ruined everything. She asks her to sort out everything with Abhi. Purab asks Pragya not to cry. Pragya says if something had happened then….Purab asks her to wipe her tears and come for the wedding ceremony. Pragya says function might have ended by now, and tells that goons have broken my phone. Purab tells that Abhi called him and asks about her? He says I scolded him and asks why he cares for you more than me.
Aaliya brings Tanu to Abhi and asks why he fought with Tanu? Abhi asks why you are taking opposition’s side? Aaliya says she is on your side and asks him to realize his mistake. She says Nikita is your secretary and Tanu is your fiancée, and asks him to give importance to her. Abhi says my family and friends are same for me, and I can’t change myself. Tanu gets angry. Aaliya says my brother is so good and that’s why he said this. She asks Tanu to understand Abhi and take care of him. She asks her to accept him the way he is and asks them to patch up. She takes them downstairs and asks everyone to begin the wedding ceremony function.
Tanu’s mum makes her wear chunari and gives gift to Tanu and Abhi. She asks Dadi to do the rasam. Aaliya asks Dadi to bless Tanu. Abhi looks for Pragya. Tanu’s Mum tells Dadi that she hopes that she likes the gift. Dadi says I don’t like your daughter and asks her to replace her. Tanu’s Mum is shocked. Aaliya says Dadi likes her as Abhi has chosen her.