Sarla gets a nightmare about Pragya and wakes up in shock. She says it’s midnight and Pragya hasn’t returned. She didn’t call her either. Dadi says she has gone for the wedding ceremony and such functions go till late and she had also called from Purab’s phone that her phone is lost and she will be late. Sarla says she will call Purab. Purab’s phone is switched off. Sarla gets more worried that Purab might have switched off his phone to avoid her calls. Dadi tells her to sleep without tension. Sarla calls Abhi’s house. Dasi picks up. Sarla says she was worried and wanted to talk to Pragya. If she could call her…. Dasi says pragya? Sarla asks what happened?
Tanu, Aaliya, Nikhil are together. Nikhil and Tanu praise Aaliya for her masterplan. They make fun of Pragya and Purab’s relationship. Aaliya says Nikhil also helped her and he’s really good at his job. Nikhil says Team Aaliya rocks and Team Pragya shocks. They laugh and celebrate.
Nikhil tells Aaliya to say the remaining plan. Aaliya says she will tell her which even Pragya doesn’t know. She says Purab gave me this idea and challenged me that whenever I try to harm Pragya, he will step in front of her. She says I have taken his challenge and thought about this plan. Tanu asks but why did you do this? Aaliya says I loved him at one point and faced everyone’s hatred. She says even he shall get back return gift, and says my love have become hatred. I thought of how to make you marry Abhi, and remove Pragya and Purab’s names from Abhi’s life? She says she have given the contract to Nikhil and he created such situation. Tanu asks Nikhil how he managed to bring Purab and Pragya so close and who took their pics? Nikhil says he has to become Ravan to kidnap
Pragya, and says this time Lakshman have to cross the line and saved his bhabhi. Tanu asks how he came there? Nikhil says we let her hide and calls Purab. Tanu asks why she didn’t call Abhi? Nikhil says Aaliya took care of all this things. Aaliya says I sent you with my Brother to the dance floor, and I was on phone call with rocky.
A fb is shown, Rocky tells her that Pragya is trying to call someone. Aaliya says okay. She says then I got the call and that Pragya has escaped. When she called Abhi, he was dancing with you and laughs. Nikhil says photographer took such pictures that tricked them. Aaliya says Purab is trapped now, and feels pity for him. She says Pragya was so scared that she hugged him, and our photographer clicked the pics. Tanu gets happy and hugs Aaliya for the wonderful plan. She thanks her again and again. Nikhil says I am also involved in this plan. Tanu thanks him for the help and apologizes for scolding him. Nikhil says anytime. Aaliya tells Tanu that one thing is bothering us, as everything went as per the plan. Pragya cried and screamed that she’s innocent, but why did Purab agreed and took the blame on himself? She says what’s going on in his mind, and thinks if he has feelings for Pragya, as he says he sees Bulbul’s reflection in Pragya.

Dadi tells Pragya that Aaliya has fallen so low and didn’t leave even brother and sister’s relation. Dasi says they have shamed all relations. Pragya says we can’t hope that they will do good. She says why did Purab supported their truth and took the blame? She says Purab said what I can’t think about. What will Abhi be thinking, that he did wrong? Purab comes there. Pragya asks why did you prove that accusation right and asks if you were drunk, you took the blame? She says your one move made me go far from Abhi, and asks him to think about Abhi once. She asks why have you done this, do you want to help Aaliya and Tanu? Purab asks her not to accuse him, and says I am your younger brother and will always be, this truth can’t be changed. Pragya says whatever you have done…there. Purab says you made me a stranger by talking like this. He says Abhi has faith in Nikita that she couldn’t have done this, and asks her to have same trust in him also. Pragya says I trusted you, but you said something wrong in front of them. She says I couldn’t bear your betrayal, and says we are related because of Bulbul, and it didn’t end after she went. We think of you as a family. She says you did wrong. Dadi says you made all of us ashamed. Dasi asks why did you claim that you want to unite them? Purab says you both think that I am wrong? Dadi says you want us to ignore this thing? Purab asks them to listen. Pragya says you are supporting me to separate us? Purab shouts that whatever he did was to unite Abhi and Pragya, and tells that Aaliya and Tanu’s plan was fool proof. She was not letting Pragya speak. Purab says I couldn’t tell that I am your younger brother and brother-in-law also. He says I saw them smiling and realizes that the goons left when I started beating them. He says they might be happy now, but soon they will cry.
They will never try to make pure relations spoil. Dadi asks Purab what he means by failing Aaliya and Tanu’s plans. Dasi asks him to understand. Pragya says now no plans can bring us together. Purab says you are doubting my intelligence? Dasi asks him to share his plans. Dadi asks him to tell clearly. Purab tells them that Abhi’s feelings for Pragya will come from his mouth. Pragya looks on.
Dadi scolds Purab and asks him to share his plan. Purab says Abhi will feel jealous and will express his feelings to Pragya. Dasi, Dadi and Pragya hears his plan. Dasi says you have done wonders and made handkerchief out of a Men garmet, she asks him to keep it safely. Dadi says you have thought so deeply, I wouldn’t have thought of this. Pragya apologizes to him. Purab says it’s okay and asks her not to say sorry. He tells that he has promised Bulbul to unite Abhi and her, and the day they get united, he will think that his promise is fulfilled. Tanu comes to Abhi and asks what is he thinking? She says you must be upset and can’t take this betrayal. Abhi goes and sits on the bed. Tanu says you might be in shock as Purab and your secretary lied to you. She says Purab was your childhood friend and wouldn’t have lied. She says this is not their love, but enjoyment. Abhi gets angry and shouts at Tanu. Pragya hears him and gets sad.
Tanu comes out and asks Pragya, where she is going? She says you gave me a valuable gift and says it was too good. She says you have cleared my way to marriage and this sacrifice of yours is a big one. Pragya asks her to stop the crap and says you know clearly that I have no relationship with Purab. Tanu says so he betrayed you and says fantastic. Pragya says you have ruined brother and sister’s relation and asks until when she will stop?
Purab comes to Abhi and tries to talk to him. Abhi says I am angry. Purab says I am going now, but I will come later. He thinks my one lie will give you biggest happiness of your life. Abhi thinks I am not angry at you, but at myself. He thinks he met Niku and trusted her, and saw this day. He thinks why has Purab hidden the truth? He thinks why have I grown feelings for her, when she loves someone else, and thinks he is getting mad.

Pragya comes back home. Sarla gets angry and asks Pragya why she lied that she is going for Abhi’s wedding ceremony when she went to meet Purab? Pragya says she is thinking wrong and says I don’t know what you are saying and with whom you had talked. Sarla shows the pics and asks about it. Beeji says I will talk to her. Sarla says I trust her and wants to know the truth, but gets angry at her. Janki asks Sarla to stop it. Sarla says I want to know why their pics are captured in this position? Pragya says I was going for Abhi’s wedding ceremony in a taxi and asked him to take a short cut. She says she was kidnapped by the goons and taken to their place. She says she called Abhi to save her, but he didn’t pick the call. She then calls Purab and he saved her. Beeji and Janki ask if you are fine? Pragya says it was Aaliya and Tanu’s conspiracy to trap both of us. Sarla asks why didn’t you tell the truth to Abhi? Pragya says Abhi didn’t believe those pics, but Aaliya and Tanu provoked Purab and that’s why he agreed into having a relationship with her. Sarla asks why did he do this? Pragya says he is thinking two steps ahead of us, and shares his plans. She says I thought this is the only way as Aaliya and Tanu will trap Abhi in marriage. Sarla says this plan will not work and refuses to accept it. Pragya says this way is twisted, but they will succeed. She is hopeful. Beeji gives her strength and says when you have decided to reach your destination of overcoming troubles, you will reach surely. Pragya is happy and hugs Beeji.
Pragya comes to the Mehra house and asks Dadi and Dasi about Abhi. They nod their head. Pragya asks them to say something and says she couldn’t sleep at night. She asks them to reply if she should go to Abhi’s room or not. Dasi says he didn’t sleep since last night and is very much angry. Dadi says he’s really furious, and he asked Robin to bring coffee. He told Robin to ask you to go, and called Tanu to get his work done, which she can’t do. Pragya is shocked. Dasi and Dadi ask her to go and fulfill the responsibility of a wife as well as a secretary. Pragya goes. Abhi asks Tanu to show the sequence. Tanu gives wrong papers. Abhi asks her to give the papers in sequence and scolds her. Tanu gets tensed. Pragya brings coffee for him. Tanu thinks he has woken me up since morning and is making me do all the work. Am I his wife or his helper? Pragya asks may I come in and says I know the sequence. Abhi asks her to do it, and then says I will do it. Pragya says your coffee….Abhi says I needed it, and then refuses to take it. Pragya says you said that you needed it. Abhi says but I don’t need it from your hand. He asks her to take Tanu to the kitchen and teach her how to make coffee. Pragya says I will teach her, but will she learn? Abhi asks if this is a rocket science and asks Tanu to make coffee like her. Tanu says of course and goes. Tanu goes to the kitchen. Pragya asks her to take pan and switches on the gas. Tanu takes frying pan. Pragya takes tea pan, and asks her to add water and sugar.
Tanu asks her to make coffee. Pragya says then when will you learn? Pragya adds water and asks her to add sugar. Tanu asks her to add sugar. Pragya says now, I will add coffee. Tanu says smart. Pragya asks her to add cardamom powder. Tanu says she will add love so that Abhi can forget her. She says today is your last day, you teach me this and go. She says Abhi will see my face day and night and will love me. Pragya says your coffee is flowing out. Tanu tries to switch the gas on and touches the pan. She argues with Pragya and says you are fired.
Purab comes home. Aaliya says good morning and asks him to reply. She says you aren’t having a good morning and asks him not to meet Abhi, as he doesn’t want to meet him. She says I want to hug you with whatever you have done. Purab smiles. Aaliya says I thought to hug you and got my old feelings back. Purab asks her to learn how to control her emotions and says her happiness is short lived. He asks her to stop her premature celebration and waits for his story to reach its climax.