Tanu collides with Purab and asks why don’t you kill me? Purab says I hope I could do that and apologizes to her. He asks where is Pragya? Tanu says I just hate her and goes.
Purab goes to Pragya and asks what is the matter? You have burnt Tanu’s hand. Pragya says she burnt her hand herself and tells that my plan is burnt because of your heroism. She says Abhi wanted me to teach coffee making to Tanu, and says now, she will be with him. Purab asks her to relax and says she can’t do his work. Abhi says he will not talk to me now and will not fight too. Purab says it is our day and says let him do what he wants, but after our work, he will take your name. Abhi comes there and gets jealous. He asks Pragya to tell Tanu about his schedule, and told her to give the drink(coffee) and food to Purab instead. He goes. Pragya says he was so rude. Purab says isn’t he cute? Pragya says cuteness. Purab says we will make him jealous to make him realize his feelings. He goes to talk to Abhi. Abhi thinks he shouldn’t have gone to the kitchen. Purab comes to his room and says I came to talk to you about your new album. He asks shall I say yes to this project? Abhi refuses. Purab says it’s a good project and asks him to give reasons.
Abhi asks why are you behaving as if nothing happened? Purab asks why are you behaving as if so much happened? He asks why you are mixing professional and personal life? Abhi says Niku is my secretary and you are having an affair with her. Purab says if he also doesn’t have a personal life? Abhi says I don’t have a problem, and tells that he is angry as she has hidden the fact about her boyfriend. He says I told her everything. Abhi asks what do you mean? Purab asks what is your attachment with Nikita, that you felt bad about her love? He asks if you have any soft corner for Pragya? Purab says Nikita’s real name is Pragya. Abhi says how can this be possible? Purab says she has changed her name to Nikita for some reasons, but her family call her Pragya. Abhi is surprised. Purab makes him sit and asks if he has any soft corner for her or something in his heart? Abhi accepts to have a soft corner for her. Purab asks Abhi if he has any feelings for Nikita? Abhi says yes, I feel for her, but as a friend. Purab says as a friend whom you want to be with, day and night? Abhi says she is my secretary and she stays with me day and night. Purab says you held her hand and asks her to be with him. He says I thought you would cancel your wedding ceremony if she doesn’t come. Abhi asks him to sit and says my feelings are genuine. Our relationship is more than friendship, but there is no love. I can’t give a name to this relation, it is not necessary we give name to all relations. He says we can’t make a person a wife or girlfriend just to be with her. He says if I give name to our relationship, then our relation’s purity or peace will go. He gives examples and says our relation is like a flower and a bean.

Purab thinks he is expressing his love, but not agreeing to loving her. He thinks probably because Tanu brainwashed his mind. Abhi says our feelings and relations are pure. Purab says I will understand as I am your friend, but Pragya….she can think of you wrongly and misunderstands your feelings. Abhi says I will clear my point and she will understand soon. He tells Purab that he is lucky to get the world’s best girl and says your luck is good. Purab asks what do you mean? Am I not good? Abhi says I was worried about her, but now she got you, you will take good care of her and praises her. Purab says I know well how she is. Abhi asks him not to get upset. Purab hugs him. Abhi says I am not upset with you and don’t mean to hurt you and Pragya. He says I have planned a double date with Tanu- him, and Purab –Pragya. Purab agrees.
Abhi calls Niku…Pragya is surprised and the papers fell from her hand. Abhi says I should have understood that you were afraid of my reactions. He apologizes for not trusting her again. Pragya says in fact, I am sorry. Abhi says you did one more mistake for which you haven’t apologized. He says you haven’t told me about your name…which your family gave you and call you by that name. Pragya asks what? Abhi says Pragya…Pragya is surprised to hear this. Abhi says the name is good and asks what is the meaning? Prakash or Prabhat. Pragya says genius, understanding person.
Abhi says your name is good and asks why did you hide this name from me? He says you will be punished and asks her to arrange the papers back. He throws the papers in the air, while she asks him not to do that. She tries to stop him and falls in his embrace. Allah Wariyan plays……….
They have an eye lock…Abhi says sorry. He says I forgot to tell you something and asks her to get ready, as they are going tonight for a double date. He says I will go with Tanu and you will come with Purab. He says can I call you Pragya? Pragya nods and thinks what is this double date and whose idea is this?
Dasi and Dadi ask Purab about the dinner date. Purab says it is a dinner date and it was Abhi’s plan, but I will take its advantage and it will be my next move. Pragya comes there and says she was with Abhi. Purab says we have to make Abhi realize that he has so much love for Pragya and we will try to make him confess love. He says I have to become bad in front of him and make him realize that I am not a better match for Pragya. He says when he thinks I am a mismatch for her, then he will think of himself with Pragya. He says we have to make him jealous so that he confesses his feelings. Pragya is skeptical. Purab says our plan will work and we are two steps ahead of Aaliya and Tanu.
Aaliya comes to Tanu and says you are relaxing here. Tanu says I am making my back right. Aaliya asks her to keep her eyes on the surroundings and happenings when she is on the double date. Tanu says you always scold me and makes me bad. She says you are not much smart as you appear. Aaliya says we should be together and know their plan. She asks her to be at alert and says this dinner date is important for you. Purab says whatever we do, will be right in front of them. He asks her not to forget that they are a couple in front of Abhi, and asks her to say yes to him whenever he asks something. Pragya looks on. Purab hopes for the best for Abhi and Pragya.

Abhi comes to Pragya’s house. Beeji asks him to sit. Janki brings cold drink and asks him to drink. Abhi refuses, but Beeji insists he takes it. Abhi drinks it, and says you people might be feeling strange as Pragya is going on a date tonight, but believe me, she is my responsibility today. I will take her and drop her back. Janki says why is she taking so much time? Beeji says she is going on her first date and will take time to get ready. Pragya comes out wearing a beautiful new dress and looks gorgeous. Abhi opens his mouth and is surprised to see her beauty. Beeji coughs and asks Janki to apply bless her. She says she will not get any bad eye effect as her loved one is going with her. Pragya shyly asks Beeji, can I go? Beeji says yes.
Abhi and Pragya are in the car. Abhi compliments her on her beauty and says you are looking very beautiful. Pragya thanks him. Abhi says one thing is missing and asks her to turn her head. She obliges. Abhi lets her hairs open. Pragya smiles. Abhi tells her that this colour(Red and White) is suiting her well. Pragya thanks him. Abhi asks her to say something else, and says if nobody talks to me while I am driving, then I get distracted. Pragya says what to say? Abhi says okay, I will ask you. He asks what do you like and dislike the most about the person you love? Pragya says I don’t like as he talks too much while driving. Abhi says Purab doesn’t talk while driving. Pragya says I know. He asks what do you like about him? Pragya says when he winks his eyes while laughing, I like him. He looks so cute and handsome. Abhi says oh…and is surprised. Pragya says his eyes, smile are cute. She says when he thanks me after drinking my special coffee, I feel he is cute. Abhi thinks Purab is copying his style.
Pragya says when he holds the coffee mug….Abhi asks her to stop and says I am jealous. Pragya asks why? Abhi says why he got you? Pragya says why are you feeling so bad? Abhi says I don’t know. Pragya asks him to ask his heart. Abhi says he can’t take care of you like me. He says I feel good talking to you, then why should others talk to you? He says when you tell others cute, I don’t like it. He says I want to stay with you always, don’t ask me why? He gets Tanu’s call and she says she is waiting for him at home since 30 mins. Abhi says I am coming home. Tanu says you said that you will pick up Nikita and then me. Abhi says he is stuck in traffic. Pragya asks why did you lie to Tanu? Abhi says you know her, she would have started her talk. Pragya says you never lied to me. Abhi looks on.
Abhi, Pragya, Tanu and Purab comes to the restaurant. Abhi tells them that it is the best restaurant and it’s a fusion of traditional and modern.
Abhi, Pragya, Purab and Tanu are seated on the chairs. Tanu orders her food. Pragya and Purab also order the food. Hotel Manager Ram welcomes everyone for the new year celebrations and asks about their new year resolution. Everyone hears him and smile. He announces a game and says it is called Perfect Couple and invites everyone to play. He says we will make you meet your partner today chosen by God. This game is in our hands, but result is not in our hands. He says a machine Master jotish will decide the Couples, but not randomly. It will make your Partner matching the qualities in a couple. He says whoever wins will gets best couple trophy and that couple will dance on the stage. Tanu says the game is interesting. Tanu says this is going to be fun. Manager jokes and tells that answers related to their partners will be questioned. Tanu thinks she will get the trophy only. Manager/ Host asks what you see in your life partner? Purab thinks, smiling face. Abhi thinks a heart who loves me. Pragya thinks someone who loves me as I am. Tanu thinks rich guy like Abhi.
Host asks another question, where do you want to go with your romantic date? Tanu thinks Paris. Purab says he will meet her in heaven only. Abhi thinks to be with her on a moon light. Pragya thinks if he is with me then all night is romantic. Host asks what is marriage for you? Purab thinks it is a promise for life. Tanu thinks marriage is sharing for me, whatever belongs to him is mine. Abhi thinks a relation made by destiny which is with you all your life as Dadi said. Pragya thinks it is a relation which is tied by the souls which will be with you, and will be with you like a destiny. Host asks about their lucky numbers. Abhi writes that his lucky no is 3. Pragya thinks her lucky date is their marriage date. Host asks them to give their post cards. Abhi asks Pragya what she has written? Pragya says she has written her heart feelings, and if she says anything then someone’s truth will be exposed. Abhi says I haven’t understood it. Tanu says let’s say something else.
The Manager announces that thr winning Couple result is in his hand. He says the winning Couple is Abhi. Tanu gets happy and says we have won. Manager asks her to wait and tells that Abhi’s Partner is from his same table who thinks same as him. He takes Pragya’s name. Purab cheers happily. Abhi asks what you are doing, I would have been jealous if he made my girl friend partnered with you. Manager asks Tanu not to lose hope and says her Perfect Partner is with Purab. Tanu is angry. Abhi asks Purab, can I dance with Pragya today? Purab asks him to go ahead. Manager asks Abhi to make Pragya wear tiara with his hand. Abhi makes her wear the tiara. Manager announces that their Match is made from heaven…The perfect couple! Purab tells Tanu that they are made for each other and will never separate. He asks her to forget her dream of marrying Abhi.