The bullet hit Komal on the chest side, she is stunned, She pushed Poonam away, Poonam falls on the side of her belly and screams in pain. Komal says you shot me? Lakhan says I killed you, yes I killed you, you loved me from 10months, but I’ve loved Poonam from when I was 10years old, nobody can snatch her away from me, he sees Poonam lying and wincing in pain, Lakhan comes to her and says nothing will happen to you, She says Manjeeta? Lakhan says Mithlesh will take him, Lakhan lifts Poonam in arms and leaves, Komal sees them going, she is heavily injured and closes her eyes.
Lakhan is driving, he asks Poonam to have strength. Lakhan brings Poonam to the hospital, Doctor checks Poonam and says her pulse is dropping which is not a good sign for her unborn baby, she takes her in ICU and says don’t worry, she is under our care now, Lakhan waits outside.
Goon comes to Komal and sees her unconscious, he checks her and says her heart is still beating, I can save her. Goon heats knife and takes out the bullet from Komal’s body.
Lakhan comes in mandir of hospital, he prays to lord that we are getting happiness after much time, don’t snatch it from us, save my Poonam and my child, otherwise I will give my life too.
Komal wakes up, goon asks if she is fine? who shot her? Komal recalls how Lakhan said that he loved Poonam from time when he was 10years old, She says I won’t spare Lakhan thakur, he cheated me again, if I don’t get him, then he won’t be of anyone else too, she tries to get up but winces in pain. Goon says be careful, your wound is deep. Komal says my wounds are deep and it will never fill till I get Lakhan thakur.
Doctor says to Nurse that Poonam can give birth to the baby anytime, Nurse says but she’s 7months pregnant, baby will be immature. Doctor calls Lakhan and says seems like your wife was stressed up, she can give birth to immature child, make sure she doesn’t stress herself, we will try to not do her delivery at immature stage. Lakhan says I will take care of her, doctor leaves. Lakhan puts his head on her belly, Poonam wakes up, Lakhan says my child is saying that his father will set everything right, I have killed Komal, now all problems have ended, there is no issue now, Poonam cries. Lakhan says don’t cry, you have to smile for your child and for me, take care of yourself, I will call Badi Amma. Poonam holds his hand and says don’t leave, I don’t feel right. Lakhan says nothing will happen, I am with you, he pecks her on the head and leaves, Poonam sees him leaving.

Lakhan calls Badi Amma and tells her everything, Badi Amma says it means She can deliver the baby anytime? Should I come there? Lakhan says no you are more needed at the house, Poonam’s Mom doesn’t know that Manjeeta is dead. Badi Amma says Mithlesh is bringing his dead body, She asks about Komal? Lakhan asks if Mithlesh didn’t get her deadbody? Badi Amma says he didn’t tell me anything about Komal. Lakhan says I shot her, she can’t be alive now, he ends the call. Nurse comes to Lakhan and asks him to bring medicines, Lakhan says to two male nurse to guard his wife’s room and nobody should go into her room except for the nurse and the Doctor, they nod, Lakhan leaves.
Nurses are guarding Poonam’s room, female nurse goes into Poonam’s room. She says to Poonam that I am giving you injection, you sleep peacefully after it, she injects it in her arm, Poonam faints after it, Lakhan is coming back to her room. Nurse calls goons in Poonam’s room, goons lift Poonam and takes her from there. Lakhan comes to male nurses and asks if someone went inside? Nurse says a female nurse went inside. Lakhan comes into the room and doesn’t find Poonam there, he is stunned and looks around for Poonam, he calls wardboy and asks where is my wife? Did that female nurse take her from here? Male nurse says she didn’t come out of the room. Lakhan says this means my wife is kidnapped, he points a gun at them and asks where is my wife, they said we don’t know, Lakhan gets a call, Komal says don’t scold them, Lakhan says Komal? Komal says you recognized my voice so quickly, Lakhan asks where is Poonam? Komal says as much as you want to meet Poonam, I am dying same way to meet you, I will meet you at same place where you left me, come there, I am waiting for you, come fast, Lakhan ends the call and leaves. Komal looks at her wound and thinks.
Manjeeta is brought back to the house, his dead body is ready for last ceremony. Mithlesh gets Lakhan’s call, he is stunned, Mithlesh says don’t worry, I am coming soon, he ends the call and tells the family that Komal is alive and she has kidnapped Poonam from the hospital, don’t worry, I am coming. Bindya says stop, I will come with you too, she gives her baby to Badi Amma and says till I comeback, he is your responsibility, Badi amma says your child needs you. Bindya says no I am needed there, Mithlesh says I am promising you, I will bring them back, you stay here, Bindya says it’s good to be two than one, let me come with you, it will increase our strength. Poonam needs me right now, She asks Badi Amma to let her go. Badi Amma takes the baby from her, Bindya says bless me, Badi amma says I pray that you win, but be careful Komal is an injured lioness. Bindya says now Komal is going to face women who already lost everything and then found family after so much difficulty, I promise you I won’t let this family be destroyed, she leaves with Mithlesh.

Lakhan comes to an isolated place and shouts Komal.. Komal!!!! Komal comes there and says it’s so nice hearing my name from your mouth, She says dont look here and there, I live in your heart, Lakhan turns to find Komal standing behind him, he sight her and runs to grab her when Komal’s goons comes and catches him, Lakhan tries to free himself but they didn’t allow him, Komal says don’t be so angry, just look around, my men are everywhere and if I die, then what will happen to Poonam and your child? Lakhan says I am asking you calmly where is Poonam, else I can.. Komal screams else what? she feels pain in the wound, she comes to Lakhan and says give only warnings which you can fulfill, you are in my abduction, so only I can question you, I loved you so much and you shot me, why? You knew that I have you
in my heart then why did you try to stop my heartbeats? Why did you shoot me? Lakhan asks where is Poonam? Komal says seems like you love her a lot, okay I will leave her without doing anything to her and your child, but you have to pay for it, Lakhan says if anything happens to my Poonam, then I will destroy you, where is Poonam? Komal laughs.. Lakhan frees himself from the clutches of the goons, he runs to Komal and grabs her neck, he tries to strangle her, Komal’s goons pushes him away, Lakhan beats them, he fights with the goons, he shouts Poonam’s name and looks around. A goon is about to shoot him, but Komal takes the gun from him, he is stunned to see her saving him, Komal says if I can save your life, then I can take your life too, then what will happen to your Poonam and child? Lakhan says no bullet can stop me from reaching my wife, goons grab Lakhan again. Komal says you are in death zone and you aren’t afraid which is why I love you so much, I can free Poonam for this love but I have only one condition, you have to spend one night with me.. Lakhan shouts Komal.. what kind of a woman are you? if you say this again, then I will kill you, Komal says fine, you have to kill me? One has to die today, you have given me so much pain, I will give painful death to Poonam now in front of you. Poonam is brought there by a goon, her hands and mouth is tied with cloth, Lakhan is distraught to see her like this, Komal points a gun at Poonam, Lakhan says no Komal. Komal says see her for the last time, don’t know if she will be with you again or not, see your wife for the last time, she is about to shoot Poonam but Lakhan shouts Komal’s name, Poonam nods no to Lakhan, Lakhan looks at her sadly. Komal is in tears, She says I knew you are soft hearted, She comes to him and holds his hand, Lakhan is angry. Komal starts taking Lakhan from there, Poonam cries and nods in no to Lakhan, she falls down and cries, she sees Lakhan going with Komal, she is in pain.
Mithlesh comes to Komal’s den and start shooting Komal’s Men. Lakhan frees himself from Komal and comes to Poonam, he frees Poonam, Komal is stunned to see this, Mithlesh beats goons. Lakhan takes Poonam in his arms, he lifts her, Lakhan is taking Poonam from there when he gets shot in back, Bindya and Mithlesh shouts Lakhan, its Komal who has shot Lakhan. Bindya shoots Komal’s goons, Mithlesh tries to stop Komal but goon catches him, Komal shoots Lakhan again, Lakhan falls down this time, Lakhan tries to get up but couldn’t, Komal is distraught too. Lakhan says to Poonam that I can’t come with you, promise me that you will take care of yourself and my child, Poonam cries, Komal shoots again. Mithlesh beats goons, Poonam says to Lakhan that nothing will happen to you. Bindya kills goons. Komal says I was yours Lakhan, but now I got to know that you can’t love me, Komal says I have won this time, I have snatched Poonam away from you now in real sense, she ask her goons to separate them, goons pull Poonam away from Lakhan, Lakhan is injured, he doesn’t leave Poonam’s hand, they both try to be with each other but goons separate them, their hands are separated, Poonam cries. Komal is about to shoot Poonam but Mithlesh comes in front of her and gets shot, Bindya shouts Mithlesh.. She shoots Komal in the hand and the gun falls from her(komal) hand as she screams in pain. Bindya runs to Mithlesh. Lakhan falls down, Poonam tries to reach him but falls down near him, they both try to hold hands but are away from each other, Humari adhuri Kahani plays… they recalls their moments together, Lakhan recalls how Poonam said that they should remain together in each others arms till their last breath.
Poonam looks at Lakhan, they try to hold hands. Bindya comes to Mithlesh and says nothing will happen to you, Mithlesh says I didn’t kill Priyom, please forgive me for Priyom’s death. Bindya says I forgive you, Mithlesh dies, Bindya cries. She goes to Poonam and sees her eyes closed, She shouts her name, she looks at Lakhan, dead too, She cries. Bindya stands in the middle of the deadbodies with Poonam and Lakhan’s child in hand, She says from now on, I will be your Mother and Father. From today, I will not let any women come in between our Sons’ life, One wrong woman destroyed the whole family, I won’t let any Woman come in between my kids, she hugs Poonam’s child. She looks at Poonam, Lakhan and Mithlesh’s dead body, She takes the child and starts leaving from there crossing all over the dead bodies.
Bindya comes out of the den and looks at Poonam’s child, She hugs him.