Dadi thinks why did she agree to Purab’s plan, thinks about his sacrifice and wonders what will happen now? Dasi says his sacrifice will be advantageous. She says she heard Aaliya and Tanu saying that Abhi and Pragya are together. She says anything can happen between them. Dadi asks what do you mean? Dasi says when two people in love are together, then what can happen between them? Dadi asks what? Dasi says they can speak their heart out, can talk and get closer too. Dadi is happy for them. Dasi says they will not be afraid of anyone there, and will sing a song. Tanu hears them and thinks I can’t wait even for a minute here, what is Abhi and Pragya doing on the road? Pragya and Abhi are sitting near the bonfire. Abhi says your phone is broken and we can’t call anyone now. Pragya is sad. Abhi thinks her mood is off. Pragya thinks when he hugged me, I felt like he is having feelings for me, this means Purab’s plan is working and feels bad for him.
Abhi thinks to find out why she is sad, if it’s because of him or Purab? He asks why are you sad? If you felt anything bad about my words? Pragya says no, and says if she is upset, then she would have needed words to express her sadness, as love doesn’t needs words to express itself. She says she is thinking about Purab. Abhi says you are looking stressed since Purab had done this, and says he will hit Purab. Pragya says you will hit your best friend? Abhi says you are my best friend too. Pragya says I will talk to him. Abhi says if you are not happy with him, then you should meet another boyfriend, who is loving, caring and who will keep you happy. Pragya asks where will I get such boyfriend? Abhi says this called boyfriend, is in front of you and you are searching for it elsewhere? He says me..Pragya looks at him. Sanam Re plays……………..They have an eye lock.
He says you have not replied me. Pragya says what’s the use? You are already with Tanu. Abhi says you can’t find someone else like me? Pragya says why someone like you, I will try you in next birth. Abhi says why next birth, if you want, you can get me in this birth. Pragya asks will you leave Tanu for me? Abhi says no, but I will search for a boyfriend that’s like me for you, and says if not, he will train Purab to be more like him. Pragya says if you scold him, then he will take out his anger on me. Abhi asks her to get up and asks why do a girl and a guy take rounds around the fire? Pragya tells about the promises made during marriage by the husband and the wife. Abhi says they will take rounds as two friends today, and asks her to do 3 promises. Pragya says she can do any promises for him.
Pragya says do you believe in these vows? Abhi says you believe it. He says he will fulfill the promises/vows made to her, and says he can take 1000 vows with her. He asks if she will take vows with him? Pragya says she can take vows for next birth too. Abhi says do you trust me? Pragya says yes.

Abhi and Pragya takes rounds around the fire. Abhi says I, as your friend promise to protect you and your respect you always. They take a first round. Pragya smiles. Abhi says second vow…and asks her to help him. Pragya says what to say? Abhi asks what is the second vow in marriage. Pragya says you are taking friendship vows. Abhi says it is one and the same. Pragya says second vow is to fulfill husband’s duty. Abhi promises her that he will fulfill his duty as her friend and will never thank or say sorry to her, just support her always. They take 2nd round. He asks what is the third vow? Pragya says your pain is mine and my happiness is yours. Abhi says your pain is mine and all my happiness is yours, in short, your responsibility is mine. They take 3rd round. Pragya says 4th round is… Abhi says I will say it. He says my 4th vow is that our friendship will be my first priority after Dadi. Pragya smiles. Abhi says when you are in front of me, I couldn’t see any face. Pragya smiles. They take 4th round happily.
Abhi asks her to step in front of him now and take the lead. Pragya says I forgot, and promises to be with him and support him always. Abhi says you kept all the promises in this vow. They take 5th round. Abhi gets flashes of his marriage with her. Pragya holds his hands and promises to be with him in all his ups and downs of life. They take the 6th round. She says now with the last vow and the last round, our relationship will be stronger and would be the kind that would last forever.
Abhi also promises her that their relationship would last forever. They take the final round. Tanu comes there and is shocked to see them taking rounds. Abhi gets flashes of his marriage again…some mantras is being played…Tanu goes being upset. Pragya asks Abhi if he is fine and makes him sit. She goes to bring water for him and asks if he is feeling better now. Abhi says I felt like this had happened with me before. Pragya says you meant that you had given this vows to someone before. Abhi says I couldn’t see the face and could see only rounds. Pragya asks him to try and remember. Abhi says I couldn’t remember. Pragya says it’s okay, and hugs him.
Aaliya searches for Abhi in the house. Mitali collides with her. Tai ji says your friend Tanu is roaming in the house like ghost and ran out of the house in a hurry. Mitali says she ran so fast as if her chudail avatar will be back if she doesn’t see the moon. Aaliya asks where she went? Tai ji says she didn’t tell you? Mitali says they are both witches. Aaliya thinks if Tanu went following Abhi and Pragya. Abhi drops Pragya home and says I brought her safely. Beeji scolds him politely and says you are bringing her now at this time? Sarla says she is joking.
Beeji laughs and says I would be more happy if you had brought her in the morning, as I mean we would be sleeping and not waiting for her. Abhi says he will leave now. Beeji asks if he will take Pragya again and says bye. Sarla tells Beeji that he got scared. Beeji asks Pragya, where did she go with Abhi and asks about her outing. Pragya says he said his heart talk, but indirectly. She says he gave me promises indirectly and told that if he was not engaged to Tanu, then he would have proposed to me. Beeji says it means Purab’s plan is successful. Abhi thinks if he has done wrong even after knowing that she’s Purab’s girlfriend? Tanu gets angry at Abhi and sees him outside Pragya’s house. She thinks their romance is never ending, and thinks to insult Pragya.
Tanu comes to Pragya’s house. Pragya asks why did she come here? Tanu calls her shameless to romance with Abhi, even after having accepted her relationship with Purab publicly. She says you and your family should drown in water with shame. Sarla comes to her rescue and tells Tanu that everyone knows about her relationship with Nikhil, and says you know very well what shame is.

Sarla tells Tanu that Pragya was with Abhi and that he was her husband and love. Tanu says I am going to be Abhi’s wife soon. Sarla says you have an illegal relationship with Nikhil and you’re staying at Abhi’s house. She says perhaps your Mum trapped your father when she was pregnant with you? Tanu asks her not to talk bad about her parents. Sarla says even Pragya felt the same when she tried to malign her reputation and respect and named her legitimate relationship as illegitimate. She says you have tried to spoil Pragya and Purab’s sacred relationship of a sister and a brother, and that’s why Purab accepted to be in a relationship with her, and it was his plan to unite Pragya and Abhi. Tanu is shocked. Sarla says Abhi is inclined towards Pragya because of their love and once he gets back his memory, then she (Pragya) will throw you out of that house. Tanu shows her finger. Sarla says she will break her finger if she points it at her, and tells Pragya that she has to kick this shameless girl. She kicks her out of the house and asks her never to come back again. Tanu angrily leaves.
Purab thinks Bulbul would have been happy if she was alive. He hopes Abhi and Pragya unite soon.
Later, Tanu comes to Abhi and calls him, saying she made coffee for him. Pragya comes and thinks to talk to Abhi about freeing Purab. Tanu says Abhi will drink her special coffee first, and says she searched the recipe on net. Abhi comes out and says hello to them. He drinks the coffee and spits. He asks her not to experiment with his coffee and says bad coffee has spoiled his day. Tanu says you said that you will not see Pragya’s face. Abhi says I saw your work and took this decision. He gives all responsibility to Pragya. Pragya smiles. Aaliya thinks if Purab’s plan is successful. Abhi reminds Pragya of their promises, and says as from today, you have to do all my work, and I will do everything to keep you happy. He says I am going to bail Purab put as I can’t see tears in your eyes. Pragya smiles. Tanu is irked and jealous. Aaliya comes. Pragya gives her winning smiles and goes.
Abhi comes to the Police station with a lawyer. Purab thanks Abhi for freeing him. Abhi says I have done this for Pragya, I was your friend, but now I have no relations with you. Purab asks him to forgive him for this one mistake. Abhi says it is a big mistake and goes. Purab thinks I am not surprised to see your anger, I want you to get closer to Pragya.