Prabha tells Amma ji to stop Gangaa from staring. Maharaj ji brings sweet for them. Madhvi brings sweet for Gangaa, but she refuses and leaves from there. Maharaj ji is concerned seeing Gangaa’s sad face. He offers her milk to drink, but she refused as well. Gangaa recalls what Prince and Prabha all said about her and feels sad. Sagar sight her from upstairs and comes to the room to pick his favourite train toy. Pulkit asked where is he taking it to? He said he’s giving Gangaa as she’s sad. He brings it to where Gangaa is sitted and shows her how the train works, and told her the train is for her as he’s giving her as a gift. Gangaa looks on.
She says no to Sagar. She agreed that I haven’t seen such a toy in my life but I don’t want it. Sagar is confused. She says I am alone, I have no one so you are showing pity on me. I don’t want anyone’s pity. Take your toy. Sagar remarks that everyone is right that you are stubborn. Plus Dadi is right, whatever happened with you was right. No one is at fault. It is all because of your actions. She leaves from there hurt. He shouts after her to go. I won’t play with you now even if you come to me. I won’t even talk to you.
Pulkit finds his socks in Sagar’s cupboard once again. he notices the same toy train there as well and asks Sagar about it. Why did you bring it back? Didn’t you feel like giving it to her in the end? Sagar denies. She refused to take it. She is very stubborn. Why do I care if she doesn’t want it? He keeps it back in his cupboard. Pulkit smiles thinking that atleast there is someone in this house now who can do what he (she) wishes to.
Madhvi is tidying the bed. Niranjan can see that she wants to say something and tells her to go ahead. I can notice other things too except my work. She talks to him about Gangaa. She is a very simple and a lovely girl. Gangaa is outside the door and watches / hears them from a distance. Madhvi continues, the longer she stays here, the more she will grow fond of everyone. I was so touched. Niranjan says Sagar talks about her all the time. Niranjan finds it good but she says, Gangaa is someone else’s kid. Is it easy to raise a girl? it is such a big responsibility. She is young but she will eventually grow up. Times are not so good. What will we do if something wrong happens to her? Prabha was also talking about it. I too like Gangaa, but we cannot overlook the facts. I agree that Prabha exaggerates things a bit, but even Amma ji is not happy with Gangaa staying here. She is worried day and night that there is no obstacle in her religion and her prayers. They are not wrong in what they are saying regarding Gangaa. We will have to make some other arrangement for Gangaa one day. You will only have to see where she goes and what she does. Amma ji has clearly told me to send Gangaa away as soon as possible. Niranjan says I have already spoken to Raghav ji about it, We will find a way out. Amma ji also doesn’t mind it till the time Sagar is happy. He packs his stuff as he has to reach court. Gangaa leaves from there quietly.

Gangaa comes to Sagar and Pulkit’s room. Sagar asks Pulkit to sharpen his pencil, but Pulkit is getting late. He notices Gangaa and asks her Did you both have a fight? He leaves for school. Gangaa thinks of Niranjan’s words. She offers to sharpen Sagar’s pencil for him, but he continues trying on his own. She begins to pack his school bag, but he tells her not to touch his stuff. He shouts go away. She notices his cricket kit in a corner and gets an idea. How many runs have you scored in a cricket match? Did you ever score a 100? He denies. She says we will play once you return from school. You can make 100 runs then. He invites her to his school in the recess time. Meet me outside the school. He makes a route sketch for her so she can reach there. He also gives her some money so she can reach the school. He tells her to reach there at 12pm prompt. Don’t tell this to anyone as it is a secret between the two of us. Gangaa asks is if he is still angry with her? He shakes his head and then leaves for school. She says Amma ji won’t send me out of this house ever if you are happy. I will stay here only.
Gangaa runs inside Sagar’s room after making sure no one is around to notice her. She tears the page in which he had made the route map for her. She realises that it is written in English. She concentrates a little and then recalls his school’s name (Lawrence School). Next, She picks up his cricket kit and heads downstairs. She hides away from Maharaj ji and Madhvi who are working in the kitchen. She finds the main door locked when she finally reaches there. She smartly throws the Cricket kit to another corner so no one questions her. She casually begins to walk towards it when Amma ji comes there. Gangaa hides. Amma ji reminds Maharaj ji to make kheer for Sagar. Amma ji sits in the courtyard itself. Gangaa is worried as she looks at the wall clock. Sagar told me not to tell it to anyone that I am coming to his school. How can I go now when Amma ji is sitting here?
Gangaa very carefully and quietly picks up the cricket kit and starts walking backwards holding it. Maid is coming from the other side. she is looking happily at the locket in her hand. they both don’t see each other and collide. The locket lands quite near to where Amma ji is sitting. Maid is tensed. She asks Gangaa what is she doing here with this kit? Amma ji asks Gangaa if she was going outside? Maid gets tensed as Amma ji walks towards them. Amma ji walks past the locket without noticing it yet. Amma ji and Maid question Gangaa. Gangaa smartly replies that she is only taking it in the courtyard outside as Sagar would want to play as soon as he is back. Amma ji declines. She told her to stay at home since everyone got so worried when you went missing last time. Amma ji walks past the locket when Gangaa notices it. She points it out to Amma ji. Amma ji picks it up. This is Madhvi’s locket. She calls out to Madhvi and tells her to Keep her gold carefully as it is considered inauspicious to lose gold. Madhvi is glad that they finally found it. Amma ji gives credit to Gangaa. Luckily, she found it and your locket was saved.
Madhvi touches Ganga’s face lovingly. You only found it last time too. You deserve a prize. Amma ji gets irked hearing that. Gangaa tells them that she does not want any gift / prize. Madhvi insists, so Gangaa requests her to let her go out for a while. I will be back soon. Amma ji asks her questions. Madhvi tries to take Gangaa’s side, but Amma ji stays put. You have kept an outsider girl at home, so think about your responsibilities too. She says Gangaa, you won’t go anywhere. I spoke to you nicely for 2 days but it doesn’t mean you will do what you like. Don’t even dare to step out of the house. Madhvi goes to make list of groceries as per Amma ji’s orders. Maid too heads to do her work. Amma ji tells Maharaj ji to keep an eye on Gangaa.

Maharaj ji makes Gangaa sit in a corner as he has other work to do as well. Gangaa thinks of Sagar’s words and Niranjan’s words. It is 11:30 already. What should I do now? Maharaj ji washes veggies nearby. Gangaa looks at the wall clock worriedly.
At school, teacher gives the class an essay to write as soon as the lunch period is over. Kids take out their books sadly. Sagar gets busy reading a comic book. A girl (Shruti) tells him to do his work; but he replies that he won’t be here after lunch break. I am going to play cricket. His friend asks him how he can play when his cricket kit would be at home at this moment? Sagar tells them about Gangaa. I have told her to bring my cricket kit here. She will surely come. She listens to everything that I say.
Maid eyes Gangaa irritatedly while she washes clothes. She thinks, I had finally got that locket, but I lost it because of her. Maharaj ji advises her to be slow and careful. He gives her more clothes to wash which irks her all the more.
Gangaa asks the Maid for the time? She says it’s 12:30pm. Gangaa gets worried. She looks around from the terrace and goes back in quietly to pick the Cricket kit and throws it down from the terrace. Sagar’s friends were making fun of him calling him a fool for waiting for Gangaa. The girl (Shruti) tease him and says he would be purnised as it’s break over and he hasn’t done the teacher’s assignment. They run back to the class leaving Sagar there (sitting close to the gate, still waiting for Gangaa) and says he would report her to Dadi so she could get scolded for lying to him.
Gangaa ties two of the washed clothes together to make a thick rope. She tied it around the rails of the terrace and throws the other side down. She then prays for God’s protection. She climbs down and sight Amma ji murmuring in her sleep. Gangaa is tensed and prays to God that Amma ji doesn’t open her eyes or sight her. A security Man came to meet Sagar and tells him to go back to his class as it’s break over already. He leaves. Just then, Gangaa ran towards the School gate and sees it locked. She looks on.

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