Tanu tells Pragya that they don’t care about her likes or dislikes and says this celebration is for our win. She says Purab will make you wear the ring there, we will congratulate you, your family will cry, but act to be happy, and here your pics will be clicked. I will keep some pics of yours to get happy feeling. She says Aaliya said the right thing, that few things are punishment for someone and enjoyable for other. She says I said so much, and you are silent. Abhi comes and calls Pragya. He asks her why did she come now, and asks where is everyone? Pragya says she came for work and tells about his meetings. Abhi says today there will be only engagement party and nothing else. He asks her to rest there. Tanu tells Pragya that she will help her get dressed and asks her to tell her when she’s ready. Pragya asks about Purab. Abhi says he went to meet Dadi. Pragya says I will go and meet him. She slips and falls on his embrace, thinks why don’t you understand that you are the only one in my heart. Purab thinks about an excuse that could stop the engagement. He asks shall I pretend to be ill, and fall unconscious?
Dadi says Aaliya and Tanu will not let you close your eyes, they will throw buckets of water on you. Purab says I will not open my eyes. Dadi asks him to think of something else. Purab says if we ask Uncle to pretend to be unwell? Dadi says no. Dasi says I will tell them that my liver is damaged. Dadi asks them to give a concrete plan. Pragya comes and says I am tensed about today’s engagement. Dadi asks her to sit and says we will try to stop this engagement surely, but if nothing happens, then think that you are already married with Abhi, and think that ring doesn’t matter. Purab says we will not be fiancé if we get engaged, our relationship will not change, I will always be your brother, you think of ring as rakhi (ornamental wristband given during the Indian festival) Pragya says she believes in the rituals, and loves only Abhi. She says she will not make fun of the rituals and will not get engaged today.
In the party, Aunt asks Uncle, if Purab told him anything? He says I didn’t get a chance to talk to Purab. Aunt says he said that he will not marry anyone, but now Bulbul’s sister? Uncle says he is busy and I will talk to him. Purab comes to him and greets them. Uncle asks we were thinking why you were hurrying up for marriage and says we were shocked seeing the bride now. Aunt asks why didn’t you call us and inform us? She says Abhi called us. His sister tells them Aaliya misbehaved with her and ordered them to come here. Aunt asks if Pragya is divorced? Uncle asks why you are marrying her? Purab asks them to let him speak. He says it was shocking for me also. He says how to make you understand, and tells that Abhi is having memory loss and then Aaliya…..Aaliya comes there and greets Purab’s family. She says you came at the right time. Purab asks her to go and says I was talking to them. Aaliya says you can talk to them later, and asks him to spend time with Pragya. She takes them forcibly. Purab is tensed.
Sarla, Janki and Beeji reach there. Tanu greets them and says now we will enjoy. She says you shall be happy that your daughter will get engaged without any expenses, and your trouble will go to other house without any expenses. Sarla asks her not to worry about her daughter and says one day you will be kicked out from here. Tanu says you are dreaming like your daughter and asks her to come and attend her wedding with Abhi, says we will give you gifts. Sarla tells her that if Pragya gets engaged today, then she will not let her (Tanu) become Abhi’s wife or anyone’s wife. Tanu is shocked.

Sarla says girl like you shall not marry, else you will marry someone and get pregnant with other’s baby. Tanu asks her to mind her language. Sarla insults her. Aaliya comes there. Sarla says good Aaliya came here, and tells that Tanu provoked her to get insulted. Aaliya asks her to keep her frustration for Pragya’s engagement and takes Tanu with her. Aaliya makes Nikhil meet Abhi. Abhi asks if he is your boyfriend? Aaliya is shocked. Abhi says he is joking. Nikhil says it was a bad joke when that salesman called me Tanu’s boyfriend. Abhi says but you were her boyfriend for a moment.
Nikhil tells Aaliya that Purab seems to have accepted his defeat and haven’t called anyone. Aaliya asks him to keep an eye on Purab. Tanu comes there. Mitali is hiding behind Tanu wearing specs. Aaliya asks have you gone mad and says anyone will know that you are spying. Mitali says yes, nobody shall know. Aaliya asks Tanu about Dadi’s reaction. Tanu says she is normal. Aaliya says Pragya went to the room to get ready. Tanu says she will do something with her as if she is lost. Aaliya says her love will lose and hatred will win.
Pragya comes to the hall. Abhi forwards his hand towards her and says I want you to meet your in laws first. Pragya thinks today you will know with whom, my happiness lies. Abhi makes Purab’s family meet Pragya and says he is feeling jealous of Purab, says he is joking. Aaliya says music. Tanu asks Abhi to come and dance with her. Abhi says no, and tells that Purab and Pragya will dance. Pragya says no. Abhi asks them to dance. Pragya and Purab go on to the dance floor to dance. Aaliya dances with Nikhil. Pragya and Purab dance together. Tanu takes Abhi to the dance floor. Mitali asks Raj to dance with her He says he is not in the mood, but she insists. They go and dance together. Purab asks did you think of any plan to stop this engagement? Pragya says not yet, but will stop it anyhow. Purab says if we can’t win, then let the day flow, we will lose today, but will ultimately win at the end. Pragya says she won’t let Aaliya win. While dancing, partners are changed. Pragya comes to Abhi, Aaliya to Purab, Tanu to Nikhil. Aaliya hugs Purab. Purab stamps on her foot and apologizes.
Tanu takes her with her. Pragya asks Abhi if he is happy? Purab tells Pragya that he stepped on her foot intentionally as she was getting closer to him. Aaliya tells Tanu that he is frustrated and that’s why he did this. She says I will take revenge for my pain, and tells that she will preponed (hasten) their engagement. Tanu asks what are you going to do? Aaliya goes to the Priest and gives him money silently. He asks why? Aaliya says it is a kalyug (Age of downfall). She tells today’s bride and groom are not having patience, and can’t wait for 1 hour more. She takes him to side and asks him to take out mahurat within 10 mins. The Priest says I will not do this, this is wrong. Aaliya tells him that he will get more new 2000 notes. The Priest agrees. Tanu says now medicine or prayers will not affect this.
Pragya comes to the kitchen and sees boiling water. She looks on. The Priest tells Abhi that mahurat shall start after 2 mins and engagement will happen within 10 mins. Abhi says you said that mahurat will happen after 1 hour. The Priest traps him in his words and makes him scared of rahukaal. Abhi says okay and announces that Pragya and Purab’s engagement will happen in sometime. He asks the guests to welcome them. Purab is in Dadi’s room. Sarla comes there. Purab says I can’t tell anything. I am ashamed, and feels apologetic. Sarla asks him not to apologize and says I know that you must have tried to stop this engagement. I was sure that Aaliya and Tanu will not let you succeed, and says her heart is saying that Pragya will stop this engagement somehow. Dadi says yes, she is stubborn about stopping this. Dasi says if she does anything wrong.
Mitali comes and asks Purab to come for the engagement. Dasi says mahurat is after 1 hour. Mitali says Abhi said that the best mahurat is after 2 mins. Purab says I will come and asks her to go. Abhi calls Purab and Pragya’s name. Purab comes there. Abhi says my friend, brother and partner came. He asks him to come. He asks where is Pragya? Purab says if she is not here. I will go and check. Abhi stops him and asks Aunt to bring the ring. Ankita brings ring tray. Abhi asks where are you fuggi? He says if you don’t come, then I will cut your salary. Mitali says Pragya is here. Abhi says you are still standing there, and asks her to come. Pragya sadly walks towards them, hiding her hand. Aaliya asks Mitali to give the ring. Abhi asks her to start the rasam. Mitali asks Pragya to sit. Pragya shows her wounded hand. Abhi gets concerned for her and asks where was your concentration? Pragya thinks she was thinking about him. Abhi says someone please bring ice. Tanu says Pragya played a big game. Pragya faints. Abhi takes her to the room.

Purab and Abhi are worried about Pragya’s injured hand. Abhi asks Purab to call the Doctor. He calls the Doctor, but the doctor isn’t available. Purab asks Mitali to bring water to sprinkle on Pragya. Mitali goes to get water. Tanu tells Aaliya that Pragya has splashed water on their plans. Mitali comes to them and tells that Abhi is taking special care of Pragya as if he will never leave her hand. Aaliya gets irked and says she did this to stop this engagement. Sarla says you didn’t leave any option left, if brother and sister get engaged? She says if anything happens to Pragya then I will inform Abhi that Pragya is his wife and will expose you both. She asks them to pray that Pragya gets fine, else she will do something and make them leave from the house. Sarla gets angry seeing Nikhil.
Purab tells Abhi that they shall take Pragya to nearby hospital. Abhi says I have bandaged her hand and she will gain consciousness now. Mitali brings water. Abhi sprinkles water on her face and asks her to open her eyes. Pragya opens her eyes and says she is fine. Abhi says you are fine, but I am not fine. He asks how your finger is cut? Pragya says I went to kitchen to drink water. She says cook asked for help and I tried to cut the packet, but then you called and I got wounded.