Pulkit and Sagar come on their terrace. They see other kids on their terraces too. Pulkit assures Sagar that they will win. The other boys tease Sagar, but Pulkit tells them not to think of what they are showing. Focus on the competition. Sagar tells them to start the competition. They advise him to accept that he cannot win from them, but Pulkit cheers up his brother. Sagar promises to emerge as a champion.
Gangaa is cleaning vegetables when she notices few kites stuck in a tree outside. How will Sagar win? The other boys will taunt him like anything if he loses the game. Poor Sagar was telling that he cannot fly a kite. I got him in this situation. This is the reason why he is so angry with me. Gangaa wants to go to Chaturvedi house for a while to meet her friend. Rashmi’s mother asks her how she will go? Gangaa had seen the route while they were coming here. I will find Sir’s (Niranjan) house. It is very important for me to go. if I don’t go, then my friend Sagar will lose the competition. Rashmi tells her not to argue with her over this matter again. Baby cries so Rashmi’s mother goes inside to attend to her, while Rashmi tells Gangaa to make milk for the baby.
The competition is on in full swing. He is not able to handle it so well.
Gangaa comes to the baby’s room, but finds no one there. She calls out for Rashmi (as Maiyya) but gets no reply. She notices the opened door and smiles. She runs out of the house and in the streets.
Pulkit and Sagar are having a hard time in flying the kite. Gangaa is on her way to Chaturvedi House. Sagar let go of the thread as he is not able to fly the kite properly. There is no chance that we will win now. Gangaa reaches there just then, and holds onto the thread. She pulls the string properly and is able to fly it nicely. Sagar is super happy to see Gangaa and so is Pulkit.
Niranjan and Raghav ji are about to get into a discussion about some case when Amma ji tells him to not work on Sunday at least. We have to do Upnayan ritual of Pulkit. He agrees to do whatever she ask from him. Amma ji explains what all a father has to do.
Rashmi comes running there. Is Gangaa here? They said no. Rashmi pretends to be concerned about “her daughter”. Amma ji thinks that maybe the girl ran away. Niranjan talks about their convo a while ago. Rashmi shares that Gangaa had wished to go to Chaturvedi House. Prabha too comes there with Yash. She has come here after attending Rashmi’s call. Is Gangaa here? Madhvi says no. Prabha looks worried.
Gangaa guides Sagar and he flies the kite really well now. The kids are surprised to see this. She is sitting on the ground so no one notices her. Sagar hurts himself in the process.

Ganga starts flying the kite when Sagar hurts himself. Pulkit and Sagar are surprised. Sagar looks at his friends. He then pretends as if he’s still flying the kite. Pulkit too pretends to continue to guide him. Almost every kid’s kite gets cut. Gangaa almost lies down on the floor while she is pulling the thread. The kids are amazed to see Sagar doing so well. Sagar eventually wins. Pulkit praises Sagar. You are a champion. He goes downstairs to tell everyone. Meanwhile, the other kids clap for Sagar. You have become a hero! Sagar is very much pleased by hearing it. Gangaa says the same thing to him, but he corrects her as she pronounces it wrong.
Pulkit tells his family that Sagar won the kite competition. He defeated all the other kids. He goes quiet as he notices everyone’s worried faces.
Madhvi tells him that Gangaa is missing. He replies that Gangaa is here. Everyone is surprised / relieved. Rashmi remembers that Gangaa has been asking her to take her to Chaturvedi House since morning. I promised to take her later, but then, Why did you send her with us if she got so attached to all of you? We had taken her with us as our daughter, but you all are still everything to her. We don’t understand what to do in this case. Madhvi is confused about the entire situation. Niranjan recalls that Gangaa had a word with Sagar too earlier on. Amma ji says that girl won’t forget this house if you all shower her with so much love, as a kid, Sagar used to cry so much when he used to go to school, but you guys made yourself strong and sent him to school nonetheless. Niranjan loses his cool for a second, but then goes quiet when Madhvi touches his shoulder. She is happy that Gangaa is safe after all. Niranjan resumes his discussion with Raghav ji on the file. Prabha takes Rashmi aside. Amma ji observes them.
Prabha asks Rashmi what happened that prompted Gangaa to come running here. Did you scold her? Rashmi is really angry at Gangaa now. Prabha suggests her to control her anger. Such a situation won’t come when you leave for Delhi. Amma ji comes there so Rashmi goes back to the living room. She asks Prabha if there is something fishy? Gangaa is happy there, right? Prabha lies to her. Gangaa is really lucky. Rashmi and her husband will take very good care of her. She is lucky that she doesn’t have to live the life of a widow. The kids come there so their attention gets diverted.
Niranjan calls Gangaa. Rashmi fakes concern for her. Amma ji too wants to know why Gangaa came running here. Niranjan asks her to answer. Gangaa says, my Bappa used to say that one should never break their promises. There was a kite competition today. I had promised Sagar that I will help him in winning it. I came for that reason only. Sagar refuses to give her any credit for his victory. Now you can go with your new mummy. Gangaa looks at him sadly. Niranjan tells Gangaa never to do it again. Everyone is so concerned about you. Your Mom had to come running here to find you. You could have called us to come over if you were missing us. But this is wrong. Don’t do this again. Gangaa nods.
Rashmi is about to leave with Gangaa when Niranjan stops them. He asks Gangaa if everything is fine at her new house? Rashmi gets tensed. She tells Gangaa to tell Niranjan how happy she is at her new home and how much we take care of you. Gangaa turns to Niranjan. I am very happy there as I have got a new Maiyya, a new Bappa and a little sister too. Rashmi and Prabha are shocked, while everyone else is confused. Rashmi lies that Ganga is talking about her doll. The doll is very small and cute. Niranjan is not so convinced. Gangaa affirms it, so Niranjan nods. Rashmi leaves with Gangaa. Prabha and Amma ji heave a sigh of relief as they leave.
Once at home, Rashmi scolds Gangaa for running away like that. I won’t spare you if you do something like this again. Gangaa stares at her blankly. Mr. Gupta tells his wife not to be upset with the little kid. He gives Gangaa the task of putting the baby to sleep. Gangaa takes the baby inside with her. Rashmi’s husband explains to his wife to think before scolding Gangaa. She might go to Chaturvedi House again if she gets scared of you. What if she calls someone and tells them everything? It will become a problem for us. Rashmi cannot bear this little girl having her way. He says everything will be in our favour once we reach Delhi. Niranjan won’t come there for Gangaa then. Rashmi’s mother agrees with him. Rashmi decides to show Gangaa her right place once they are in Delhi. She will never think of flying a kite ever in life.

The colony boys apologize to Sagar and make friends with him. They have also brought a friendship band for him. You are not just our friend, but our leader too. No one in this entire locality can fly a kite like you. Sagar smiles, while Yash is shocked. Sagar can fly a kite? Amma ji too walks in with Prabha and a plate full of stuff with which she can ward off all the evil eyes from Sagar. Why didn’t you call me upstairs? Sagar stands there confused as his Dadi does the ritual. Sagar sends his friends out, but Madhvi brings sweets for all of them. Sagar proudly shows his friendship band to his mother. She is happy for him. Now everyone will want to be friends with you. We all are very proud of you. Sagar sends all the ladies out. Yash is still in thoughts. I have never seen Sagar fly a kite. How did he win the competition then? Sagar recalls how rude he had been with Gangaa. He picks up a watch from his cupboard and runs out. His brother is confused to see him thus.
Prabha sits down to get her hands and feet massaged by the maid. Sagar comes running downstairs. Amma ji asks him where he’s heading to? He wants to go meet Gangaa as he wants to give her something. Please tell the driver to take me there. She suggests to him to give it to her later, but he insists. Madhvi too refuses. The Guptas’ are already worried for her after what had happened today, we will go there some other day. Sagar gets angry. No one ever listens to me. Prabha tells him to play with Yash, but Sagar only wants to play with Gangaa. He rushes upstairs angrily. Amma ji blames Madhvi for spoiling Sagar. Prabha sends Yash upstairs to play video games with Sagar. Keep an eye on him. Don’t let him go anywhere. Yash nods.
Gangaa is helping Rashmi in packing all their stuff. Gangaa asks them how far Delhi is from here? She gets to know that they will reach by morning if they leave from here in 2 hours time. Gangaa looks on.

Rashmi sends Gangaa to pack her stuff. Keep a water bottle too.
Sagar is lying on the sofa. Yash tries to make him play, but Sagar leaves for his room. Pulkit notices his brother’s sad face. Sagar wants to give a thank you gift to Gangaa, but both Dadi and Mom said no. Pulkit is happy that he has finally realised that he should thank Gangaa. She came here without telling anyone, just to help you. Sagar nods. This is why I want to go, but no one is letting me go. They said that I can go later, but I want to go now. Pulkit offers to go with him. Sagar is super happy. Pulkit points out that they will have to leave stealthily without telling anyone or they will be scolded. Sagar says we cannot go as Prabha has told Yash to keep an eye on me. He is outside. Pulkit has a solution. Pulkit blindfolds
Yash. They leave him outside in the corridor to count and are successful in escaping from the house. Prabha comes upstairs to check on the kids. Yash catches her, but then they both realise what both the kids are up to. Prabha is worried thinking what if they see Rashmi’s daughter there? My game will be up. They will find out everything.
Pulkit and Sagar leave in a rickshaw. Amma ji too gets worried when Prabha tells her about Sagar and Pulkit fooling Yash so they can go to Gangaa’s house.
Rashmi, her husband and her mother go out with their luggage and the baby. They tell Gangaa to bring her own bag. Gangaa picks up her bag, but then stops. Should I call Chaturvedi House once before leaving for Delhi? I think I should inform Sagar and Sir (Niranjan) about it. She checks her bag, but couldn’t find the slip on which Niranjan’s number was written. Rashmi comes back to check on something and finds Gangaa looking in her bag. Gangaa says we should tell Sir (Niranjan) that we are going to Delhi. Rashmi closes her bag saying we might miss out The train in that case. Call once we reach Delhi. We are getting late.
Sagar and Pulkit are still on their way. They keep telling the rickshaw puller to hurry up. They ask a passerby about the Guptas’ and get to know that there are 2 people by that surname in this locality. They are not so sure, so they decide to head to A-block first.
Rashmi’s mother talks sweetly to the baby. Gangaa looks on. Rashmi’s Mother is sad that they are leaving so soon. You couldn’t even meet your father as he was out on a tour. Rashmi’s husband says now, we won’t be able to come back before a year’s time. We won’t get any off before that. Gangaa is taken aback. I won’t be able to even see Sir (Niranjan), Ma (Madhvi) and Sagar for an entire year! It would have been so good if I could have met them once before leaving for Delhi.
Pulkit checks the A-block Gupta ji but that’s the wrong house. They tell the rickshaw puller take them to D-block.
Rashmi’s mother tells the couple to take care of her granddaughter. Gangaa says me too, right? Sad title track plays… Everyone goes quiet. They simply sit in the car instead of saying anything. Gangaa too sits in the car sadly. Sagar and Pulkit reach Gangaa’s new house, but they miss their car by a second’s time. They find out from the guard that Gangaa has left for Delhi. She just left for the station. Sagar is sad that he wont be able to meet Gangaa now. Pulkit boosts him up. Sagar keeps on looking at the watch in his hand. Let us go to railway station! Pulkit denies as their Papa won’t be happy with them for coming all the way to this house. He won’t be happy if he finds out that we went to the Railway Station on our own. We will be punished. Sagar continues to request for his help. He says I want to meet her one last time.
Prabha mutters as she paces worriedly in the room. She is not able to reach Rashmi, so she decides to go to the station too. Amma ji is tensed as Niranjan too is at home.
Sagar reminds his brother of his promise. No one will find out. Pulkit gives in.
Madhvi comes looking for Prabha. Amma ji makes up an excuse. Madhvi asks Yash about Sagar and Pulkit. He almost blurts out the truth, but Amma ji covers up on his behalf. She prays that Gangaa leaves way before Pulkit and Sagar reach the station.
Rashmi and her husband get inside the train, but Gangaa is left behind. A Coolie helps her inside, Gangaa sits with Rashmi. She gives her daughter to Gangaa. Gangaa asks her about her phone. Can I talk to Sagar?
Pulkit and Sagar reach the railway station.
Rashmi again tells Gangaa to talk to them once she reaches Delhi. Gangaa only wants to tell Sagar that she is sitting in the train for the first time. I am enjoying it. Rashmi’s husband lies that his phone’s battery is dead. You can talk as much as you want once we reach Delhi. He gives her the bottle of milk to feed the baby.
The station is overcrowded because it it’s Ganga big festival today. Pulkit tells Sagar not to let go of his hand. They hear the announcement of Kashi Vishwanath Express which will be leaving soon for Delhi. They start looking for Gangaa immediately. Sagar is worried what if we miss her? They walk past the seat where Gangaa is sitting, but couldn’t see her as a lot of people are standing there.
Niranjan finds the house very quiet. Where are the kids? Madhvi tells him that Yash is in the kid’s room while they both are playing outside. She goes out to call them as it is time for them to drink milk.
Sagar lets go of his brother’s hand and walks to the opposite side while shouting for Gangaa. Pulkit cannot find him anywhere and panics.
Pulkit calls Madhvi, but Niranjan picks it up as she is not around. Pulkit tells everything thinking that it’s his mother. Pulkit is shocked to hear his father’s voice. He then tells everything to his father. Niranjan scolds him for going to the station without asking or informing anyone. He then calms down. Stop crying. I am coming. Meet me near the ticket window. Meet me there only after you’ve found Sagar. Pulkit agrees.
Prabha finally reaches the station. She spots Sagar in the crowd and notices Gangaa too.

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