Tanu thinks where is Abhi, if he is with Pragya. She thinks Abhi will do something for Pragya. She gets Rocky’s call and asks why didn’t you come home this early morning? Rocky scolds her for talking to him like that and says he was very much insulted by Abhi. He says Abhi hates me now, and he has nobody in his life except Pragya. He asks her to move on in life and forget Abhi. Tanu asks him to shut up and switches off the phone.
Purab comes and tells that her truth and fear is one, which is Pragya and Abhi’s union and asks her to accept the truth. He says what do you think that Abhi will come in Rocky’s talks and says Abhi will not even listen if God comes and tells him against Pragya. He says with Rocky’s interference, they have come more closer. He asks her to count the days and go back home without marrying Abhi.
Abhi drops Pragya back home in the evening and says bye and good night. Pragya tells that her dupatta is stuck in his car and tries to take her dupatta, but it tears. Abhi gets down from the car and hits his car asking how can it tear Pragya’s dupatta? Pragya asks are you teasing me? Abhi says no and says he wants to make her smile. He asks her to stay back. Pragya says it is late, if I don’t go home, then my Mother will file a missing complaint. Abhi asks her to come and starts walking with her. He says girls look best in bridal dress, and covers her head with her dupatta. He says but every dress looks like bridal dress on you. Allah Wariyan plays………………Pragya smiles.
Pragya says good bye. She thinks he makes her see new dream daily and thinks how to know that he loves her. She thinks to test him saying, if he turns back, that shows he loves her. Just then, Abhi turns which makes Pragya realize his love and makes her happy.
Next morning, Beeji wakes up Pragya and asks if she is off the hangover? Pragya asks what? Beeji says you returned home at 3 am. Pragya asks what? Abhi checks Tanu’s wardrobe and thinks he will make Pragya wear the dress and thinks Tanu will not know if one dress is missing.
Tanu comes there and asks Abhi what he is doing in her room? Abhi says he came there searching for her, and saw the cupboard opened. She says she was in the living room. Abhi says I didn’t see you and asks if she lost weight. Tanu gets glad that he was searching for her and hugs him. She asks if he became fat and asks why his stomach is uneven? She takes off the dress from his jacket and asks what is this?
Beeji smiles. A fb is shown. Pragya comes home late in the night, Beeji hides thinking Pragya will get scared seeing her. She thinks to talk to her in the morning. Fb ends. Beeji tells Pragya that she must not be having a bank account, but she is having accounts on facebooks, instagram and twitter, and has 500 followers. Pragya says I accept. Beeji tells that Sarla got worried and that’s why I lied to her that Pragya came and made her sleep. Sarla comes there and asks Pragya to tell her the story. She says I was not sleeping, but saw from the window, how Abhi was holding your dupatta. Pragya feels shy. Sarla says he is saying something else, which I didn’t understand. She says he wants me to look hot and cool. Beeji says okay, I understand and says now see what he does to make you look hot and cool.

Tanu asks Abhi, why is he stealing her dress? Abhi says why will I steal it? He says I wanted to feel this dress. Tanu says I will wear this dress and then you can feel it. She says you might be fantasizing about me in this dress and asks him to lie down on the bed. She says I will wear it and do cat walk for you. She goes inside to wear the dress. Abhi thinks she will come and will try to entice him, someone please come and save me. Tanu comes wearing the dress and asks how am I looking? Abhi says nice….Tanu asks him to feel the dress. Abhi says black black black sheep…He says I was checking the size. Tanu asks if you want to buy the dress for me? Abhi thinks the idea is good and thinks to go on a shopping with her and buy a dress for Pragya.
Pragya is still at home. Sarla asks why didn’t you go? Pragya says he said that he is coming to pick me. Door bell rings. Janki opens the door. Abhi greets them and asks the girls to come inside. Sarla asks Pragya if she ordered anything online, seeing shopping bags. Beeji says Abhi brought these stuff. Abhi introduces them to the girls. Sarla asks about the stuff and girls. Abhi says I was shopping for 2 hours and asks Janki to give him water. Janki goes to bring water. Sarla says I will bring tea. Abhi asks her not to give them tea, else they will come daily. He tells that he went for shopping with Tanu and brought dresses for fuggi. Beeji says you were with Tanu, but was thinking about Pragya.
Abhi says right. He shows the dresses. Sarla says it seems these clothes are for small kids. Abhi says this is mini skirt. He says I will show you the best of the best dresses to you. He shows the dress and says it is the best of the best. Pragya looks on. Beeji asks what is this? Abhi says this is LBD, the little Black Dress. Beeji says Pragya will look MDG, My Darling Grand daughter. Abhi says she looks that daily, but now she will look hot and cool. Beeji asks Pragya to wear this dress and asks Sarla to come with her.

Sarla tells Beeji that Pragya doesn’t look like her daughter being in western clothes. Beeji says she will wear just as her husband wants. Abhi tells Pragya that these girls are the best stylish and will teach her everything. Beeji and Sarla comes back, and asked Pragya to wear it. Pragya is surprised. Pragya comes wearing mini skirt and covers her legs with a cloth. Abhi asks what is this? Pragya says this dress is short. Abhi asks her to remove the cloth and asks her to look cool and hot. Janki says how can hot and cool be together? Beeji says just like Gulabi winter. Abhi says I don’t want to force you, but now I have to. Pragya runs and hides behind Sarla. Sarla says enough, she doesn’t want to remove the cloth. Beeji says he is not a thug, but her best friend. Abhi says I am doing this for her betterment. Abhi asks her to remove the cloth. Pragya says she is feeling shy. Abhi asks her to shout so that the neighbours could come and beat him up. He says I will go. Pragya stops him. Abhi asks her to remove the cloth. She asks him to turn his face. He turns his face. Pragya hides behind the girls. Abhi turns and asks The girls to move. Abhi is stunned and surprised to see Pragya in western look. He says you are looking graceful, hot, cool, and so on. Beeji says she is looking good. Sarla smiles.
Abhi says now second round…he shows the pencil heels…and says she will walk like cat and do cat walk. Pragya wears the pencil heels. Beeji says she couldn’t stand properly. Abhi says I will make her run. Pragya falls in his embrace….Allah Wariyan plays………………They have an eye lock….Abhi asks the girls to clap and asks them to do the last thing. They do Pragya’s make-up and hairdo. Sarla asks Pragya to open her eyes slowly. Beeji asks if she is operated, then why are you asking? Abhi asks Pragya to get up and opens her eyes. Pragya opens her eyes. Abhi is surprised and says wow…she is looking good. Pragya looks at herself in the mirror and says che…She tells that something fell in her eye and rubs her eyes spoiling her make up. Abhi scolds her and says I was mad to even try to change you. He gets a call and goes to attend it. Pragya looks at herself in the mirror.
Abhi goes to Pragya’s room and asks why she is crying, just because her make-up is spoiled?