Abhi and Pragya gets romantic, while the fire is around them. Raj says he has called the fire brigade. Dadi says Abhi and Pragya haven’t come back. Dasi says he is a rockstar and will save Pragya. Dadi says Abhi ran to save Pragya, even though he doesn’t know that she is his wife. Reporter covers the news about the fire incident at the Mehra house, and how Abhi had jumped into the fire to save Pragya. Abhi does poetry about fire. Pragya asks how to go out from here? Abhi says window and tries to open the window, but couldn’t. He feels suffocated and falls. Pragya gets tensed. Tanu tells Aaliya that Abhi went to save Pragya, and says her destiny is bad. Aaliya says we could have done proper planning and stopped Abhi from going there. Mitali says she is right. Tanu says if I get trapped, then you will also be trapped. She asks why didn’t you stop me? Mitali asks what? Aaliya asks them to shut up and says Media will hear them.
Abhi faints. Pragya asks him to open his eyes and cries asking for help. She recalls giving CPR to him before and thinks to give her breath to him. She gives him mouth to mouth respiration and pumps his heart. Abhi gains consciousness. Pragya thanks God and says you got consciousness. Abhi says I came here to save your life and my life. If anything had happened to you, then what would I have been alone? Pragya thinks destiny brought them together. He asks her not to leave her hand. Pragya rests her head on his shoulder.
Dadi tells that Sarla is calling and thinks what to say? Dasi asks her not to answer her call till Abhi saves Pragya. Fire brigade comes. Raj asks them to save Abhi and Pragya first. They go towards the kitchen. Tanu hopes pragya is dead. Abhi calls Pragya. Pragya says yes yes? Abhi says when you say yes yes, I feel like you are my wife. Pragya says yes, I am your wife, silently. Fire Brigade guys ask Raj to go out. Abhi and Pragya faints. The fire brigade guys come near the kitchen and assumes that the kitchen caught fire due to petrol or diesel. They bring fire extinguisher and set off the fire. They look on. Dadi worries they haven’t come till now. Taya ji says they must be fine, don’t worry.
The fire extinguisher guys bring unconscious Abhi and Pragya out. They were still holding hands. They make them wear oxygen masks. Tanu is angry. Aaliya is relieved seeing Abhi fine. Dadi cries and asks what happened to them? Fire extinguisher guy tells that they are unconscious as the smoke went into their lungs. Dasi says they are still holding each other hands and haven’t left each other even till this time? Dadi says they will never leave each other. Abhi and Pragya gain consciousness. Everyone smiles. Abhi sees Pragya and asks are you fine? Pragya says yes and asks are you fine? Abhi says yes.
Dadi tells Abhi and Pragya that someone kept black eye on them as they danced. Dasi says fire have taken black eye off them. Tanu is irked.

Abhi wakes up in his room. Dadi asks Dasi to give water and asks Abhi what happened to him? Abhi says he saw what happened yesterday and says Pragya gave him breath and revived him. Dasi asks him not to make Pragya go far away from him. Abhi asks where is Pragya? Dadi says she is in the guest room. Abhi asks her to go and check Pragya, if she is fine. Dadi tells Dasi that she would have told Abhi to start a relationship with Pragya and marry her. Dasi says I kept silent knowing about his health. Dadi prays Abhi and Pragya unite soon. Abhi goes to the guest room and sees Pragya sleeping. He says Good Morning fuggi (fatso). He sneezes. Pragya turns her face while sleeping. Abhi thinks she is not waking up. He makes air bubbles with bubble gun and tries to make her get up. He says I will count till 3 and then throw water. Pragya gets up asking him not to throw water. Water falls down on the bed. Abhi laughs. Pragya says I would have been drenched. They argue.
Pragya says you came there and got trapped in fire too. Abhi says if I was happy to get caught in fire. He says when I fainted, you could have gone away from there. Pragya says how could I have left you in trouble? Abhi says Who am I to you? Pragya says even I can ask same question and says Who am I to you? Abhi says we shall let this question go, and says this room, feather and kurti which you are wearing is mine. He says my next question is, What have you done to bring my breath back… What have you done to save my life? Pragya says I forgot. Abhi thanks her.
Pragya says you have fulfilled my wish. Abhi asks what? She falls over him and shouts. Abi says the fan is dirty and thinks to scold Robin. He makes air bubbles with bubble gun. Allah wariyan plays……Pragya asks why you are tickling me? Abhi says it is a phone call. He picks up the call and says the Doctor had called to inform him about Purab. The Shop owner identifies Nikhil to be the person who hit Purab. Nikhil runs and sits in his car. The Shop owner asks someone to call the Police. Nikhil thinks he is trapped as he escapes.
Fire brigade Inspector asks Pragya about the fire incident. He asks if the fire was already in the kitchen? Pragya says no, and says maybe, it was due to short circuit. Inspector says they have the proof that the fire broke out due to diesel and says somebody wants to kill you. He asks her to file a police complaint. She asks him to keep the info a secret as she doesn’t want anyone to get tensed.
Pragya sees Tanu lighting the candle and comes to her. Tanu gets shocked and asks why she scared her, what if she (Tanu) had burnt herself? Pragya says she spoke to the fire brigade and they informed her that somebody tried to burn and kill her. Tanu says I have many work to do. Aaliya asks Tanu what she was saying? Tanu says she was doubtful about the fire. Aaliya says I asked you to keep quiet for sometime and says your troubles will start now. She asks her to make plan with her boyfriend. She says if Purab had been here, then he would have made Abhi realize that Pragya is important in his life. The Doctor informs Abhi that Purab is now out of danger and if he wants, he can take him home. Abhi says he will take him home.

Nikhil thinks Tanu have rejected his call and comes home to meet her. Tanu asks why did you come here? Nikhil says he is in trouble. They hide. Dasi and Dadi comes there. Dasi senses someone is there and checks, but Nikhil and Tanu hides. Tanu takes him to her room and asks why did you come here? Nikhil says I am trapped and tells everything that the shop owner has identified him. Tanu gets shocked. Nikhil tells that if Purab gains consciousness, then nobody can save him. Tanu tells him that even she is trapped as Pragya is doubting her for the fire accident. Nikhil laughs. Tanu hears something and goes out. Abhi brings Purab home. Dadi asks if he got fine? Dasi says so this is your surprise and says you made everyone fine. Abhi says the Doctor said that he will be fine very soon. Abhi drinks water.
Aaliya comes and gets happy seeing Purab. Abhi says the Doctor said that Purab is out of danger and is recovering. He said I can take him home and can take care of him. Taya ji says there are so many nurses in the hospital who can take care of him. Abhi says he will take care of him. Dasi says he will be fine hearing my jokes. Abhi laughs and asks her not to crack some particular joke. Everyone laughs. Tanu comes and sees Purab, and gets shocked. Abhi asks if she is not happy? Tanu says she is very happy and don’t know what to say. Abhi says I was thinking of where to keep him? Dadi says the guest room. Pragya says everyone’s room is upstairs and if he needs anything, then…..Abhi says we will give Aaliya’s room to Purab. Aaliya says she doesn’t have any objection. Tanu thinks Nikhil is there and tells him that she has an objection. She tells that even she stays in Aaliya’s room. Abhi asks Tanu formally if she can give her room to Purab? Tanu says she has recently set her wardrobe.
Aaliya asks her to let Purab go and rest. Abhi asks Pragya to help him. They take Purab. Aaliya asks Tanu what is her problem? Tanu tells her that Nikhil is in that room and asks her to stop Abhi and Pragya from going there. Abhi and Pragya brings Purab upstairs. Pragya tells him that she will call Janki to help Purab. Nikhil sees them coming towards the room and hides. Pragya sees and checks, but he hides. Abhi asks Pragya to hold glucose bottle. Pragya asks why do you call me fuggi (fatso)?
Abhi says it is a good name and only I have copyright of it. Nikhil thinks their romance have started again. Abhi makes Purab rest on the bed and feels bad seeing his state. Pragya asks did that Inspector tell anything? Abhi says Inspector is searching for that man who is behind the accident. He says the shop owner knows that man and tells that if Purab gains consciousness, then he will tell who was that man and I will not leave the man.