Sagar enters the roof just then, and was shocked watching Raahat go down. Sagar accues Zoya of pushing her mother in quest of snatching the camera. They all hurry downstairs where Raahat was badly hurt, she tries to speak, but could only point a finger upwards.

The Police arrives with the gun pointing at Rudra. Sagar comes to explain that Zoya pushed her mother. Zoya denies accusing Rudra, Gangaa comes upstairs and also accuses Rudra. Sagar says Zoya tried to snatch the camera from her and pushed her mother. Gangaa accuses Sagar for lying to save Rudra. Zoya hides the camera behind, Gangaa takes her downstairs. Sagar insists on the Police arresting her, she is the culprit!

Niranjan tells Raahat that he now got her letter, he didn’t trust her but ge’s now aware of the truth. Zoya is his daughter, he is ready to adopt her with Amma ji and Madhvi. Zoya was shocked to hear this! Raahat tries to speak.

The Police doesn’t accept Sagar’s witness, and considers Rudra to be the culprit. Rudra points at Sagar to get the camera and chip from Zoya.

Zoya hugs Raahat and whispers at her not to share her reality. Raahat struggles to tell Niranjan about the reality, but loses her life. Zoya cries beside her. Niranjan says he is well aware Raahat was concerned for Zoya, he will take care of Zoya and go to any extent to get her rights. Zoya hugs Niranjan, who shuts Raahat’s eyes.

At home, they were sitting beside Raahat’s body for her last rituals. Gangaa comes to take Niranjan out of the room, she hands him the last box of Raahat left items. She had returned the rest to poor girls. Niranjan finds all the letters, the cinema tickets and other memories in it.

The Police comes outside, Niranjan and Gangaa come outside, and the Inspector says he came to file an FIR and needs their signatures. Niranjan asks Sagar why is he here? Sagar tells Niranjan that Rudra is innocent,
Zoya pushed Raahat down. Gangaa reminds Sagar that Rudra kidnapped Zoya to kill her. Sagar requests Gangaa to rethink before signing.

Niranjan says he just got to the truth. Sagar asks Gangaa to trust him, Rudra is innocent. Niranjan was silent, Gangaa signs the FIR and hands it to Niranjan. Niranjan signs it too. Sagar says it has been proven again, he always listen to Gangaa, but Gangaa never does. He questions Niranjan if he can’t trust his son? Niranjan reminds that Zoya is also his daughter and her mother suffered a lot.
Sagar asks if Zoya became so important to him, as he always considered him an ideal father, son and a husband, but he has shown today that all his relations were fake. He consider it useless to speak to the both of them!

Amma was restlessly waiting for Niranjan, she asks Maharaj to call Niranjan. Supriya comes downstairs tensed that Madhvi locked herself inside the room. She wanted to stay alone, but now, she isn’t opening the door! They all rush towards the room, Sagar comes home and hear their calls. He asks Pulkit what happened, both sons try to break the door. Madhvi lay on the floor, white floss oozing out of her mouth. Sagar asks Pulkit to call the doctor!

Zoya cries at the funeral of Raahat. Gangaa assures her that her father is there. Zoya complains that her mother has lived alone for years. His presence doesn’t matter to them.

The Doctor inspects Madhvi and says her BP is really low. Pulkit questions Maharaj what he was doing at home? The Doctor sends them all out. Amma asks Sagar to call Niranjan. Sagar was curt and not ready to beg Niranjan. He was sure Niranjan left inspite of Madhvi’s resistance, he won’t return!

Niranjan comes inside, Zoya was crying about how she will spend her life. Niranjan comes to console her, and disconnects Sagar’s call. Amma insists he calls him again, Sagar is angry! Amma makes him up to think about his mother. Niranjan disconnects the call again, but Sagar retry. This time, Niranjan shouts at him asking him what happened that he couldn’t wait? Sagar tells him to come home, as Amma ji is calling him. Niranjan was annoyed and decisively tells him he can’t return right away.

Amma inquires why he didn’t tell Niranjan that Madhvi committed a suicide. Sagar asks why should he tell him to come to a wife he doesn’t want to meet?
Zoya allows Niranjan to leave, she is no one to stay for. Gangaa takes Niranjan out.

Amma calls Niranjan’s number again, Zoya gets the call this time wondering if Sagar found a proof against him? She picks up the call, Amma was pleading to ask Niranjan to return home as Madhvi attempted a suicide. Zoya smiles and cut the call. Amma announces that he cut the call. Zoya was determined to enter the family and cut the family ties with Niranjan so deep that they won’t reconnect in this life at least!

Sagar was upset that Niranjan no more cares if Madhvi live or die!
Gangaa stood with Niranjan in the room, she accepts that his family and Madhvi will be angry at him. But today, Zoya lost her husband and mother and She’s alone. She reminds that he had taken Gangaa with him when she was left alone. Gangaa was an orphan, but Zoya is his daughter and he must take her to his own home.

The Doctor writes medicines for Madhvi. Maharaj goes to drop her, while Supriya leaves a space near Madhvi for Pulkit. She wakes up to see Sagar and Pulkit nearby and assures her that she is fine. Amma complains, Pulkit says they are all here because of her and they and this house needs her. Madhvi was upset that her life was spent in a lie. Sagar questions if she didn’t think about them for once, they can’t live without their mother. Madhvi asks where is Niranjan, if he know about her condition?

Supriya makes up an excuse that they couldn’t speak to him. Sagar informs them that Raahat is dead. Maharaj comes worried and takes them all out to see what Niranjan is doing.

Niranjan came with the luggage and calls Zoya inside. Sagar stops his way. Niranjan tells him to give way, but Sagar forbid Zoya from entering this house, and that, if she comes in, he and his mother will leave this house forever! Niranjan questions what he just said? Madhvi replies from upstairs that he said exactly what he has heard.

Supriya helps her downstairs, Madhvi tells Niranjan if this girl comes to this house, then their relationship, house and family will all be finished! Luggage bag drops off Niranjan’s hand. Madhvi asks him to decide now, this girl or family! She has given her life to this house, and can take any decision. Niranjan inquires if this is Madhvi? Sagar interferes yes.

Amma scolds Niranjan and says this is her house. Niranjan complains to Amma for hiding all this from him, and today, when the truth has been revealed, his daughter will stay here! Amma curses Zoya to be shameless, Sagar says this girl has come to take revenge from them. He drags her out, but Niranjan saves her. Sagar insists on them to tell Zoya leave this place right away.

Gangaa arrives to help Zoya, Sagar says Gangaa has come at the right time, she must take Zoya away from here, forbidding her to keep an eye over this house again. Gangaa insists this family is Zoya’s as well, when Niranjan wants to keep her here, who is he to resist? Sagar questions if it’s right for Zoya to enter the house, and if Niranjan can betray his mother, then what are they here for? Sagar calls Zoya a cunning, disloyal and a betrayer!

Zoya insists on Niranjan letting her leave. Niranjan stops her,but Sagar tells her to leave right away! Gangaa argues with Sagar, but Sagar says Zoya accused Rudra for rape, but what happened in the court? Zoya can even kill someone for her interest!

Niranjan slaps Sagar, Sagar says Niranjan has proven that he only cares for this girl! He holds Madhvi’s hand to go inside. Gangaa was worried if Sagar and Madhvi woukd really leave this house? Niranjan was determined not to lose anyone and goes behind Madhvi. Sagar was packing the bags, and asks Madhvi to pack her bags!

Niranjan enters the room, announcing no one will leave! Sagar insists that they will leave! Niranjan decides that Madhvi won’t leave! Madhvi says she will go with Sagar. Niranjan asks Madhvi if she will leave this house, household, this relation and family? Madhvi replies that he has broken everything by himself, trust, love, relation and house! Niranjan says he never turned to his past. He clarifies that he didn’t know about Zoya by himself, Amma had hidden this! Madhvi asks why he brought his past into this house, does he want her to witness his past all day long? She loses her control. Niranjan holds her but she push him back. Niranjan explains it was about 2 or 3 days, and he shares a 31 years old relationship with Madhvi. Madhvi argues if he would still prefer Zoya over her? Niranjan confirms if she has decided to leave then?

Sagar thinks about his past. Gangaa was walking on the road thinking about the developments. Sagar and Madhvi were travelling in an auto, Sagar lost all in his past.


Sagar had settled in London with his mother. Gangaa was expecting her first child, while they prepared for prater. In the midst of event, Gangaa feels pain. The ladies around help her sit on a chair nearby.

Gangaa is travelled to the hospital in severe pain.
Niranjan recalls Pulkit, Supriya and Amma all insisting, but Sagar and Madhvi had left. Gangaa requested him to stop them. Amma sat upset, she recalls asking Madhvi who would look after her house? Madhvi replied that Amma would stay here to take care of Pulkit, this house and Niru! Sagar took her blessings. Pulkit asked Sagar to speak to Niranjan. Sagar called it useless and demands them to take care of Amma! Supriya requested him to rethink about his decision, but he requests not to ask any of such thing now.

Gangaa gives Raahat’s box to Niranjan. Niranjan tells Gangaa that he is aware she is going to give birth to Sagar’s child, Gangaa apologizes not being able to stay here, and it’s about her and her child’s self-respect.

Prema calls Niranjan to inform
him they are taking Gangaa to the hospital. Their car gets stuck in a religious celebration procession, the driver says they must walk from here. The ladies get off the car to make some way. Prema comes to request a lady to give way to the car, she comes towards the car with Prema and watches Gangaa in pain.

Gangaa recognizes the lady as Mamta. Mamta asks Gangaa to try and breathe deeply, and instructs the other ladies to make way for the car. She comes to sit beside Gangaa, who was now out of breath. She smiles watching Sagar appear from the middle of the procession and gives her hand to call him, it was an illusion only as a lady comes to hold her hand. Gangaa looks behind her for Sagar, but her pain worsens again. The Lady assures them that nothing will happen to Gangaa, she goes to spread some cloth pieces on the floor, then brings Gangaa down the car. She introduces herself as Sarkhi.

Mamta was worried how they should get Gangaa to the hospital. Sarkhi asks her to lay down. Men in the procession carry Gangaa on the temporary bed over their shoulders to the hospital. They carry her to the truck of the procession. The ladies send the men outside, and help her with the labour. They soon hear the cries of a baby.

Mamta announces it’s a girl and hands it to Gangaa. Gangaa looks around, then asks Mamta about the lady who was here with her, she named herself Sarthi. Mamta tells her she doesn’t belong to their Ashram. Gangaa wanted to thank her, but Mamta says maybe God had sent her to save her and her child’s life. Gangaa asks why she was only sent to a widow if it was from God? Mamta explains she has been brought up amongst widows, and share a different relations with them.

Niranjan hurries there, he cheers hearing it’s a girl and says she is just like Sagar; only her eyes are like Gangaa’s. He was about to call Sagar, Gangaa forbid him.

Sagar gets a call from Niranjan. Niranjan asks him to listen to this voice and brings the phone closer to the baby. Sagar was indifferent, saying it’s Gangaa’s child and he has nothing to do with it! Niranjan and everyone was upset. Gangaa announces she is just her daughter and only hers, and kiss her forehead. Niranjan takes her in his arms.

Gangaa spots Sarthi disappearing in front of her. Niranjan asks Gangaa if she has thought of a name for her daughter? Gangaa says Krishna. They all smile, as Niranjan caresses the baby calling her as Krishna.

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