DD is busy with yoga session with her family. Naani messages Roshni to escape, while she gets DD busy. Resham falls inside the swimming pool. DD scolds Kesar and asks him not to leave Resham outside while she is at home. Kesar also falls into the swimming pool. Naani thinks it is good with their drama. Roshni would have escaped by now.

Roshni escapes and reaches Sid’s hotel construction area.
Resham goes to a beauty parlour and asks for a hair stylist with letter N.
A girl comes and Resham asks her to give her a new hair style.

The Goons chase Roshni and surround her. Her NGO students reach there and rescue her from the goons. A Goon holds a NGO kid, while Roshi tries to rescue the kid. The other kids drop water on her, instead of the goon. She is about to fall, but Sid holds her and rescues her. They both look at each other romantically.

The Goons run from there seeing Sid. The Kids comes there. Roshni sees that the kids are safe and gets angry at Sid. She says she will not leave Sidharth Khurana because of whom her kids are getting out of the NGO! Sid realizes the issue and that the Manager is behind all this. He thinks he will teach the Manager a lesson and will get the kids back to their NGO!

Sid’s employee comes there and calls him Sidharth. Roshni angrily asks if he is Sid? Sid thinks he should not spoil his love life before it starts and lies that he is Sid, but not Sidharth Khurana. The Kids says he is lying! Sid asks Roshni to believe him and asks her to reminisce about the meetings they had. Rohsni says she will believe him and says he is an ass kisser of Sidharth Khurana who plays with people’s lives and says she will never forgive him!

Sid scolds his Manager in front of the whole staff for trying to destroy the NGO for his own benefit and dismisses him from the job. He thinks he will speak to Roshni and clear all her doubts. The Manager thinks he will teach Sid a lesson by destroying the NGO, and kick out Roshni and the students from the NGO!
The Manager reaches the NGO with a bulldozer and his henchman. He drags the students and Roshni out and runs the bulldozer over the place. Roshni pleads to stop!

Sid reaches the place in his car. He reached the NGO on time and rescues it from the Manager’s goons. He beats the Manager’s goons to a pulp. The Goons ran away from there, but Sid catches the Manager and asks him to get out and stay away from the NGO!

Roshni comes with the NGO kids. The Kids say that the goons has destroyed the NGO’s wall and books. Sid says the Manager did this and he has been kicked out now. Roshni scolds Sid, but apologizes after the NGO kids said that it was Sid who has rescued them. She says she will not forgive Sidharth Khurana and takes the kids from there.

Sid angrily tells his dad about the Manager trying to run the bulldozer over Roshni’s NGO and says how dare he do that to Roshni! His Dad asks who is this Roshni?

Naani is busy doing Prayer. She sees Resham and gets afraid. Kesar asks why is she afraid? Naani signals to
him towards Kesar. He also gets afraid and thinks it is a ghost. Resham says she is Resham and it is her fashion. Kesar drags Resham and shows her face in the mirror. Resham shouts seeing her ghost Make-up.

Sid’s Dad congratulates Sid for falling in love with Roshni. Sid says he told Roshni that he is Sidharth Kukreja and not Sidharth Khurana, he will tell her the truth later. His Dad asks him to continue as Sidharth Kukreja and to gain her love first. Sid agrees and tries to leave. His Dad says he should go in an auto and gives him 50 rs.

DD is in her car and asks the driver to drive fast as she’s getting late. The Driver says there is traffic jam and it is one way the other side. DD asks the driver to drive via the one way. The Driver agrees and starts driving, but crashes with the auto. DD gets out of the car and scolds the driver for the accident. The Driver says she came in on one way instead, and she’s the one that’s meant to behave nicely, not him.

Sid comes out and sends the auto driver away. He sees DD and asks her to get into his auto. DD agrees thinking she has to reach the meeting on time. Sid and DD start verbal tussle in the auto. She calls Sid middle class and useless and says country runs on her money! Sid says country runs on middle class people and people like this auto driver. She asks him to shut up, or else, she will file a harassment case on him! Sid says She’s already late for the meeting as he tried to signal to her, but she was busy fighting. She asks the driver to stop the auto and she gets down without paying. Sid asks her to pay the auto fair. She gives 1000 rs. The Driver tells her to take her change. Sid says Aunty meets him often, he will return her change. DD gets irked and asks him not to meet her again! She thinks whenever he meets her, something wrong happens!

DD’s client got angry about her being late and says he will not work with people who doesn’t care about time and leaves.

Sid reaches the NGO and gives her a cheque from Sidharth Khurana as apology. The Kids gets happy. Roshni also gets happy and hugs Sid. Sid thinks his dad was right that he should win Roshni’s heart as poor Sidharth Kureja first, and then inform her that he is Sidharth Khurana.

Roshni thanks Sid for helping them and scolds Khurana. Sid says Khurana is not a bad man. Roshni says he is Khurana’s employee, so he is praising him and says she will kill him if he comes in front of her. Sid excuses himself and leaves from there. He comes out and asks God why didn’t he let him spend time with Roshni and asks God to show a miracle. The rain☂ starts and Sid gets drenched in the rain. Roshni sees that and calls him in.

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