1. Death of the main cast (Hero/Heroine).
2. Reincarnations/Sudden come backs.
3. Memory loss.

4. Look alikes.

5. Do or die affair (One person would be fighting over another person’s lover/spouse).

6. One person would terrorize the whole family for a month or so, before the person is eventually caught.

7. The producers all use City Hospital.

8. One or more persons in the movie must disguise as either a Nurse/Doctor.

9. There’s always bribing of Medical Personnels, Priests, and Lawyers.

10. Constant hiring of Kidnappers.

11. Constant Manipulations.

12. Constant Accidents.

13. Their family problems always seems to outnumber their happy moment together.

14. Voice Phishing.

15. The bad ones always get bailed out of Prison immediately compared to the innocent ones. (More like evil always prevails over good).

16. Both Middle Class and the Upper Class family all uses iPhone in the Movie.

17. There’s always a constant Leap in time. (I.e., 2 months, 6 months, 10yrs, or 20yrs, later in every series).

18. Both the good and the bad people most times, disguise wearing a burqa (An Islamic garment that covers the whole body) to either rescue or avoid been seen respectively.

19. Whenever the families are surprised, the camera is placed on everyone’s shocked faces (all in black) at that particular moment.

20. Their Women generally, always sleeps with their Makeup on.

21. They never lock their doors, and anyone could easily barge into their rooms, even without knocking.

22. They believe Outsiders over their own family.

23. A drink must be spiked (especially, that of the main cast).

24. They consummate their marriage towards the end of the movie and give birth that same time, and then live happily ever after.

What other scenes’ve you also noticed that are not listed above?