In the room, Jhumki hits Pratab. She takes him inside and asks Pratab what Shiv knows about Krishna that he isn’t sharing with Gangaa? Pratab was about to tell her when Savitri comes there. She tells Jhumki to prepare for a visit to Aashi’s in-laws tomorrow, as they have to take an auspicious gift there.

The next morning, Shiv was preparing medicine for a man when Kushal comes to him with a herbal ointment and insists on him applying it on his wound, else it would leave a mark.
Shiv watches Gangaa come there. Shiv says a few marks can never be erased. He watches Gangaa slip with the bucket and go to hold her. She silently straightens up and goes to take her clothes. Kushal asks Shiv for his hand to put the ointment over it, but he gets a call and leave. A cloth piece fly to Shiv’s feet which he holds back to her. She doesn’t take it, but Shiv stuffs it over the pile. Gangaa walks inside thinking she hates the man who always enforces her into his will!

Jhumki comes to Gangaa with the auspicious tray. She says Aashi’s in-laws want her and Shiv to come to their place with their auspicious gift. Gangaa refuses to go anywhere with Shiv, but Savitri asks if Gangaa would always be selfish, won’t she do this for Aashi? Gangaa agrees to go to Aashi. Jhumki was determined to make Gangaa fall in their eyes by preparing a false auspicious gift.
Shiv watches Gangaa place the tray in the car. He notices her empty hairline, and hits his hand to make it bleed and fills her hairline with his blood, then covers her head with her saree, serving as a veil. Gangaa gets into the car.

At home, Savitri assures Aashi they are sensible enough not to create a drama infront of outsiders. Jhumki says they would soon find out how sensible they are. At Aashi’s in-laws, The Grandma hits Shiv’s head with Gangaa saying this is how couples are blessed. Grandma notices Shiv has fever, but Shiv makes up it’s hot outside. She prays for their companionship for ages. Shiv places a hand over Gangaa’s shoulder, but she fumes and stares at him. He takes his hand off.

The grandma insists on Shiv having sweet and asks Gangaa to prepare a plate for Shiv and herself. They come to fulfil the ritual. Gangaa presents them with the auspicious gift. The Grandma is shocked and says there must have been a silver tray, where the coconut is in. She was further shocked and complains she already told them to bring red or green saree, so why did they bring black one? The mother complains there wasn’t any turmeric over the rice. Shiv apologizes for the misunderstanding. Gangaa says she prepared the tray and kept whatever Savitri told her to bring. She gets to Grandma’s feet. The mother was concerned and says they must rethink about this proposal, and tells Shiv to look for some other guy. Grandma asks her to forget about it. The mother asks what the guarantee is, that it won’t happen again? Shiv and Gangaa promise her to take care from now on. Grandma conditions that everything must happen according to their traditions and someone from their family should go to Shiv’s place. She agrees to go with Shiv. Shiv welcomes her with a smile.

On their way back, Shiv gets dizzy. Gangaa notices he had high fever. Grandma watches the bruise on his hand, saying it has worsened, a reason behind the fever, and they must first treat his bruise. Gangaa holds Shiv out of the car and helps him sit near a tree. She rubs his feet and sprinkles water over his face. She was worried that Shiv wasn’t gaining consciousness. Grandma asks Gangaa to take his clothes off and wipe a cold water cloth over him. Gangaa was confused and reluctant, initially, but she later took his clothes off. She then goes to find some herbs for Shiv as he lay their unconscious. She finds the leaves and puts it over his feet. Shiv begins to shiver. Grandma tells Gangaa to hold his body, as he’s feeling cold now. Gangaa places her face over his chest, out of concern, and Shiv relaxes at once in his unconscious state. Gangaa turns to leave, but Shiv had held her hand. Grandma compliments her love to be magical. Shiv murmurs for water. Gangaa gives him water. Shiv wakes up. Grandma tells Shiv Gangaa loves him dearly, she is the one who brought him back from his illness. Shiv says everyone must be waiting, they must go back. Grandma asks if he would be able to drive in this condition?

At home, Aashi had sprinkled oil over herself and was about to commit suicide, having heard the incident with Shiv and Gangaa at her in-law’s place. Someone comes to pour water over her. It was Grandma who scolds Aashi for committing the suicide! She tells Aashi that Shiv and Gangaa took care of the situation, she doesn’t need worry about it. She announces she would stay here until Aashi gets married and tells Aashi to go and change.

Early morning, Shiv comes to find Grandma preparing tea. He makes her comfortable on the bed and says he would prepare tea for her. Gangaa comes out of the room praying around Tulsi. Shiv asks her for tea. She doesn’t reply. Grandma stops her there and says Shiv is ill, Gangaa must prepare the tea!

Shiv lights the stove as Gangaa sat there to prepare the tea. She withdraws herself as his hand touches hers. She soon gets a cough due to the smoke. Shiv tells her to pour the milk in the tea and bring it to the shed. Gangaa stands up arguing if she is his servant! Shiv holds her close to himself forcefully, and smiles as she resists the hold. Shiv says when he prepared the tea for her, was he a servant of hers? The previous Shiv has died, but she must like the previous one who was always ready to help others. Shiv looks towards Grandma and loudly tells Gangaa to bring his tea to the shed. Gangaa was going inside but Grandma stops her and asks her to prepare the tea. She laughs watching Gangaa do blunders.
Gangaa brings the tea outside and was going to pour it away, when Grandma comes behind her and tells her to go to the other side where Shiv is, in the shed. Gangaa was curt that Grandma won’t give her any privacy!

In the shed, Gangaa hands the tea to Shiv. Shiv says she’s so late, he has been working now. Even his hands are filthy. Gangaa tells him to have it after work. Shiv says it would get colder by then. Shiv warns Gangaa that Grandma is watching them. Gangaa forwards the glass towards Shiv, and Shiv encircles her with his arms and demands her to look into his eyes. Gangaa pours the glass of tea away.

Radhika comes there cheerful, and hugs Shiv and Gangaa. Gangaa takes Radhika inside.

In the shed, Gangaa hands the tea to Shiv. Shiv says she is so late, he has been working now. Even his hands are filthy. Gangaa tells him to have it after work. Shiv says it would get colder by then. Shiv warns Gangaa that Grandma is watching them. Gangaa forwards the glass towards Shiv, Shiv encircles her with his arms and demands her to look into his eyes. Gangaa poured away the glass of tea. Radhika comes there cheerful, she hugs Shiv and Gangaa. Gangaa takes Radhika inside.
Inside, Radhika asks Gangaa to play with her. Gangaa tells her to wash herself. Radhika tells Gangaa to take a bath herself, she has been stinking of cow dung. She spots Aashi and goes to play with her.

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