In the morning, Manya is on the road, she calls her husband asking what is the situation? He explains that the situation is a lot worse and the Contractor is saying that it will not happen. She asks if he can handle it, which he says that he can, and she should relax. She however, feels that she knows her husband and has changed the plan, so she will go and meet him at the site.

Shaloo’s husband calls Santosh. Shaloo says that he’s not mentally present, he asks what has happened, so she goes to him, explaining the entire situation of how he ran away and got married due to which his family is not accepting their relationship. He suggests that they get them both married the same way they will marry their daughter. She is at first hesitant, but agrees to his wishes, as it’s for a noble cause.

Pankaj is sitting with the Manager of MOB, and suddenly, they see that Manya is coming, he is not happy, as he had informed her that he will handle it, and she overthinking said it at once, that she’s not happy with the progress, they then take the Doctor into confidence that they will complete the work.

Shaloo is in her house, preparing things for her daughter for when she will get married. Pooja comes to meet her with a gift, she came, as she got a chance to sit with her and got to realize that she was a lot like her. Pooja is shocked to see how messed up her house is, as she’s not able to understand what she’s doing. Shaloo asks her to promise that she will not laugh. Shaloo explains that she has since brought things for her daughter since she was born. They both start to look at the things, and Pooja is really impressed with her collection, saying that it’s really nice. Shaloo explains that her Servant has married a girl and so, m she has decided to get them married properly. Pooja offers to help her and then she explains that she’s also affiliated with an NGO, so she wants Shaloo to come with her.

Guneet reaches a Clinic to have her stomach tucked in, as she has an event coming up, which she needs the procedure. She’s really nervous before the start of the procedure, but she’s taken into confidence that nothing will happen, and she’s really happy with the procedure and feels that now, she will flaunt the procedure in front of everyone, she leaves hoping that she will come back for the next procedure.

Shaloo’s Servant is calling her to come, as he’s here. She explains that she has called them both to meet her, as she wants to do something for them, she asks what he thought before doing it? He explains that he loves the girl a lot and she also feels the same for him, but his family did not give them the opportunity to explain to them and they were immediately thrown out of their village, he is disheartened because they are not able to live comfortably in the city of Mumbai. Shaloo says that she will call his grandfather, since he works for then as well, just to know if he’s comfortable with them marrying each other and arrange it for them both. She calls him, but he’s not happy with what her Grandson has done.

Shaloo explains that they have been working for her, she says that she along with her friends, will do what they can for them so that they are married with all the rituals of the world, bearing no other expense. He finally gives in because Shaloo is his boss, Shaloo is also relieved that she was able to convince him and now, she will make sure that he gets married the way his family wanted.

Pari goes to meet her mother saying that she hasnt been able to get a lot of time, her mother ask what the problem is? She explains that her maid has left, her mother ask what happened? Pari explains that she held a dinner at her house, so she asked her maid to prepare the dinner, but when she woke up the next morning, she was gone. Her mother assures her that she will look for a maid for her and will also teach her cooking, she takes Pari to the kitchen where they both cook Pankaj’s favorite dish, she works under the directions of her mother who is supervising her cooking, she is not able to stand the heat and so she’s really anxious as to when the dish will be complete, and she’s really nervous as she’s not sure if Pankaj will like her cooking.

Shaloo is explaining that she got the chance to host the kitty, so she will do it at her own house, as she’s really a homemaker, she is getting down from the glass stairs and gets scared. Her husband says that she should come down without her shoes, but she explains that she fears she might fall, he is using his mobile phone and doesn’t even get up to change. She is still preparing when Deepshika and Pooja comes.

Shaloo is surprised as she’s really late, she welcomes them and then shows them the wardrobe, where they also walk up the glass stairs. She instructs Santosh to take care of everything, as there are still some guest who are to come.

Pooja and Deepshika are really impressed to see the basement where the kitty is going to take place, she explains that she is mesmerized by the basement, she makes them comfortable after which Manya comes and then she’s followed by Reena and Seema. Bhavna feels that Seema has no dressing sense and she’s really awkward.

Some of her friends are not able to come, as they have some problems which they have to take care of.

They start the kitty and play a game where they have to start by telling the past struggles. Shaloo explains that she had no time which was constant and it was always high and low, she says that her husband also had a heart attack which broke her, but she never gave up on her husband, then they also faced loses, but they are always faithful.

Reena takes her turn to say that she along with her husband both belonged to a rich family and however, decided to make something off themselves, she explains that she also had to face a lot of miscarriages which broke her.

Pooja explains that she was really shy in her teens and got married at the age of nineteen, she was really shy, but her mother-in-law supported her, but she got into an accident in the month of march and passed away, she has a bracelet with her which was gifted to her by her mother-in-law. They all praise her for having such a beautiful relations with her.

Bhavna does not feel like talking of her past events, as she has gone through such a tough time, she explains that she started to work when she was studying, she during her work, met her in-laws and after meeting them personally, they complained that she couldn’t come with anything, she explains that when they were sitting after the marriage, she had nothing to show them at which point her father-in-law gave her the jewelry to showcase them.

Seema explains that her past is really daunting which makes her cry, she explains that she belonged to a middle class family, but her father always made sure that she got everything, her in-laws were rich enough, but after the marriage, she came to know that her husband had been into gambling, he lost everything and they were thrown out of the house, she also had to work in a call center and came home late at night, she always had a fear in her mind if her children were safe, she struggled through it and made everything which she has today, she discloses it for the first time that the debts which they had to pay eleven years back are still intact.

Manya feels sympathetic for her, explaining that she has now come to realize why Seema is so guarded for her company and cannot stand it if anyone says something else. Seema also responds that whatever she has belongs to her children which is why she is sometimes so angry.

Manya explains that she also did not have the same bond with her husband, he was soon after their marriage made to leave his own company, she then had to work to support him and her own wishes through the struggle after which, they created MOB and now it is really successful.

Deepshika explains that she has gotten a really caring husband who has always pampered her throughout their entire married life, he does not even like if she does the household work, which is really the depiction of his loving nature.

They then start to joke where Reena mentions that she has to leave early, as some guest are arriving to meet her daughter, they then plan to take out the name of the person who will host the next kitty, as Reena has to leave.

The next person who will have the kitty is Reena. Bhavna is really excited to go to her kitty, she also explains that she has a surprise, and they ask what it is, and then she explains that she will show them at her kitty. Reena then leaves after meeting everyone.

Shaloo introduces Santosh to everyone explaining the entire situation that he has married after falling in love, but now, his family members are not letting him live and his family is even not accepting him, so she has decided to get him married to the girl with the rituals that they follow. Everyone is praising her for the gesture which she has shown, she invites them all to help her in this cause. They all promise to do what they can for Santosh, so that he can live the rest of his life happily.
They end the kitty and Shaloo presents gift to all of them, which makes them really happy.

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