Gangaa S1 to be replaced with the new series, Zara’s Nikah on the 28th of June, 2020.

The new series is about a Couple, Kabir Ahmad (Adnan Khan) and Zara Siddiqui (Eisha Singh) who are devouted followers of Islam, but interpret the Quran differently. Kabir abides by the traditional code of conduct and Zara applies the teachings of Allah in a practical way.

Kabir and Zara take us on a journey of their world, where they are grappling with issues like Triple Talaq (Divorce in Islam). They get married due to an argument, but gradually fall in love. However, they face a series of obstacles in their life.

• Catch ‘Zara’s Nikah’ on Zee World (DSTV Channel 166) at 8pm C.A.T