Zara ties the curtain between them and asks him to first cool himself down. Kabeer first wipes the floor. Zara offers him tea, he says I don’t want it. Zara says then I won’t drink too. Kabeer takes the tea. They both drink it. Later, Kabeer says it’s time for morning prayers, I should leave, close the door. Zara says I won’t, thanks.

Kabeer says you challenged me, to make me lose and break my promise, so why didn’t you show your face to me, then? Zara says my mission is not to win, but to make you win, I wanted to spend time with you, you got wet, but still helped me, and even made sure the floor waw clean, you showed so much care, the wife who has husband like you can never lose, I will make you win for sure. Kabeer looks on.

Zara says to Kabeer that I will make you win for sure. She asks him to take back his shawl, but he leaves without it. Zara says Kabeer made me realize how nice he is, when he’s away from Shahbaz.

Shahbaz stops Kabeer and says you promised to not look at Zara’s face, you broke it? Kabeer says no, I would have looked at her face, but she didn’t allow me, she lost to me all by herself. Kabeer says her pipe broke, so I had to take out the water for her. Shahbaz recalls how he broke it in the hope that Kabeer would come out. Shahbaz says so now, you are helping her out? Kabeer says she’s my wife, I married her and I would do that for some other person too.

Kabeer offers prayers and says I don’t understand why she didn’t me show her face, she could have done that, but maybe…, she is my wife, we have togetherness for life, maybe I was wrong to promise to not see her face, I will rectify it and apologize to God too.

Zara sees an envelope with money inside on her side table.

Kabeer gifts valuables to people. Ayesha asks him to have breakfast. Kabeer says I have fast today. Ayesha says but you have fever. Rukhsar hears it. Shahbaz says he was wet in the water the whole night.

Kabeer says I am fine, he leaves. Ayesha says Kabeer is trying to rectify his mistake, he’s fasting and also helping the poor. Shahbaz recalls how Kabeer took Zara’s side last night.

Rukhsar comes to Zara and says Kabeer was giving food and clothes to poor people, why? Zara says people do it to rectify their mistakes, they fast too. Rukhsar says Kabeer is fasting too, what mistake did he do? Zara thinks that he was awake the whole night, he didn’t eat anything, and he’s fasting now? Rukhsar asks her to have something to eat. Zara says no, I am fasting too. Rukhsar goes to eat. Zara thinks that I am fasting to solve all my trouble with Kabeer.

Kabeer is working in the house. Shahbaz asks him to take rest and not go to the Sharia board. Kabeer says I have a lot of work to do. Shahbaz asks if he thinks he did a mistake by promising to not look at her face? Kabeer says yes. Shahbaz says you are impulsive, you get angry, then you become this soft, you do know she can take advantage of that, right? Kabeer says no, I did a mistake, she could have broken my promise, but she made sure that I didn’t see her face, I will break my promise, he leaves.

Shahbaz thinks that this is the result of staying in the out house for just one night! Zeenat brings tea for him and says if you are worried, then you can talk to me, Zara is clever, she is using Rukshar too, she’s trapping Kabeer, if you need any help to bring Zara on track, then I am here. Shahbaz says I never took any help from anyone, and I don’t need it now. Zeenat says I know, but I have to teach Zara a lesson too, so if you perhaps need my help, then ask me. She tells that Kabeer is fasting for three days and he might bring Zara back after that, so you only have three days to do something about it.

Kabeer comes out to see his Car and he’s stunned to see it back at the house. Zara hides and looks on. Kabeer smiles and recalls how he sold it for 250,000. Zara recalls how she found the envelope with Kabeer’s letter, it said that I can’t accept this 250,000 you gave me, I sold my car and I am your husband and it was my duty, so please keep this money with you. She sees the money in the envelop.

Zara comes behind him and says I listened to your request, Kabeer asks how she got his Car back? Zara says I requested for it from the Car dealer, after so much persistence, and he gave me in the amount you sold it, she offers him a shawl. Kabeer looks at her shadow and smiles.

Kabeer is in the Office, he coughs. The Manager asks if he is fine? He sees that Kabeer has a fever and asks him to go home.

Zara is making mattress from Cotton. Rukhsar comes there and starts playing with it. Zara prays that Kabeer listens to her.

The Manager asks Kabeer to go home, Kabeer says I have to give status to the people that gave us Zakat, He gets up, but falls down and faints. The Manager rushes to him and calls Zara. Zara is stunned to hear that.

The Manager calls Zara and says Kabeer fainted. Zara says I am coming. Rukshar says I will come too. Zara asks the Servant to take care of Rukshar. She leaves.

Shahbaz is leaving the house and calls the Doctor for Kabeer. He strikes with Zara, Zara runs from there. Shahbaz tries to start his Car, but it breakdowns.

Zara runs and comes to the Sharia board. The Doctor is checking Kabeer, he’s about to give him injection, but Zara comes there and says let him wake up, he is fasting, so we have to ask him.

Shahbaz comes there and says no, give him the injection, he is my son, I take all his decisions!

Kabeer wakes up and murmurs no, I won’t break my fast. Shahbaz says you have high fever. Kabeer says I am fine, I was just tired. Zara thinks that he is fasting because of not looking at my face. She sprinkles water on his face and turns his face away, she says you can fast later too. Kabeer says no, look away. Zara does.

Shahbaz says you have high fever, Kabeer says I am fine, I just didn’t have enough sleep last night, I will break my fast if I think it’s needed. The Doctor says okay, he can take his medicines later.

Zara says I will pray for him. She recites some Dua (a prayer of supplication or request) for him. The Doctor offers her water, but she says I am keeping fast for three days. Kabeer asks why? Are you repenting for something? Zara says we will talk later. Kabeer says let’s go home.

Zara comes home. Rukhsar shows her the Rotis she made with the Servant. Zara gives her toffees. Rukhsar says I learned phone numbers too, I get bored here at night.

Kabeer calls. Rukshar takes it and says okay, she leaves. Zara looks on. Rukhsar is playing games on Kabeer’s play station. Kabeer tells Rukshar that she can play here, so she won’t be going back to the out house, right? She nods. Kabeer smiles.

Kabeer is reading prayers book. Rukhsar comes there and takes it away. She says I am going to the out house. Kabeer runs behind her. They come to the out house. Zara turns away, as she sight Kabeer. Rukhsar sees that she has dates and biscuit.

Kabeer says you will open fast with this? Zara says I don’t have kerosene. Namaz starts, Zara offers him water, he says okay, I will open fast with you, but you have to go out on dinner with me. Zara smiles. She doesn’t show him her face. They both break their fast, Rukshar leaves from there.

Zara offers him biscuits, they both eat it. Kabeer says I am going to pray. Zara says we can pray together. Kabeer nods. Zara prays behind Kabeer, so that he doesn’t have to see her face. They both pray.

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