Sherlyn is trying to call Prithvi, but it isn’t connecting, she wonders what she will do now, as Mahira thinks that Preeta’s release doesn’t matter to her, but what she doesn’t understand is that it means the most to her.

Ramona and Mahira also come and they are both really worried about the Lurhra’s behaviour regarding them, then they explain that Preeta has been declared as a runaway criminal.

Sherlyn says that it’s really bad for Preeta. Mahira then calls the Police, informing them that Preeta is in the Luthra house. Ramona inquires why she did this, to which Mahira responds that it’s the right thing to do.

Sarla questions Shrishti about Preeta, but she makes an excuse, Sarla is not convinced, then Bi jee sends Shrishti to her room, she explains to Sarla that she must understand her daughter, and if Preeta was in any sort of harm, then her daughter would not be standing in front of them, so she mustn’t worry about a thing.

Rishab is searching Bobbi’s entire body, since he’s still unconcious, both Sameer and Karan try to tease Rishab, but he explains that he was looking for some proof that he was planning to harm Preeta, they both abruptly asks if he found anything, to which he refuses, then Karan tells that he will eventually voice out everything, when they starts questioning him!

Karan’s Grandma comes to them, explaining that she doesn’t think that the Kidnapper, who is a professional at his job, will say anything. Rakhi responds to her, saying that she is sure that her Sons will do everything in their power to make him confess the truth.

Kritika says that she feels really bad for Shrishti and her family, as they have been suffering a lot. Kareena thinks that even though Kritika is her daughter, she only listens to Rakhi and has started acting like her.

Shrishti runs to her bed, thinking that she should call Sameer and inform him of the current situation, she does and he gets really worried.

Risahb comes in just then, asking what the matter is? He answers that the Police came searching for Preeta. Risahb pleads with Shristi to calm down, as Preeta is in their house and nothing can happen to her, he asks her to not worry, as the Police should be the worried one, since they have arrested Preeta without any cause. She then asks him if he thinks that the video Sherlyn presented in the Court was fake, as anything can happen in the twenty first century?

Rishab gets confused asking her to say it clearly, she says that she feels that the video was not checked and that there is some severe planning to it. Rishab requests her to give him some time, while he raise a lot of questions regarding that.

Mahira and Ramona are walking in the hall, Ramona is worried that some problem might occur. Sherlyn explains that they shouldn’t have called the Police.

There is a doorbell and everyone gathers in the hall, Karan tries to go and look at who it is, but he’s stopped by Rakhi, who is shocked to see the Police standing at the door from the window. Risahb asks her what the matter is, she then comes to explain that the Police are at outside. 

Rishab asks everyone to remain quiet, meanwhile the Police are restless. Sameer takes Bobbi, and Karan also goes to Preeta.

The Police again calls them, ordering them to open the door! Rishab plans to make the Police believe that they are all against Preeta and not with her, but Sherlyn tries to convince Rakhi that they should inform the Police of the truth regarding Preeta. Rakhi however, doesn’t support her suggestion, saying that if she cannot help them, she should go back to her room instead!

Risahb opens the door, and the Inspector asks why it took so long for them to open the door? He answers that they have come to his house without saying anything or informing him, and at the middle of the night for that matter, so everyone in his family got scared.

The Inspector explains that they got a clue that something wrong was happening in their hous, so they just had to come after an invitation.

Karan is walking towards Preeta’s room. Sameer is however struggling to move Bobbi, Karan asks him what the matter is, to which he responds that the Kidnapper is really heavy, but refuses to take any help, but he isn’t strong enough to lift him alone, and couldn’t move him anymore, so Karan advises that he brings their Grandma’s wheel chair.

Sameer plans to hide Bobbi behind the curtain and quickly bring the wheelchair in, but Karan decides that he will go inside the room from the window.

Rishab inquires the Police to think about the wrong thing are doing, so the Inspector explains that it might be a shock to them to know that Preeta has escaped from their hold, no once reacts to this, except for Kritika, who acts as if she’s in complete shock.

The Inspector however doesn’t believe them, then Rakhi says that it’s because they were sleeping, and they had no idea about the escapade.

Kareena thinks that Rakhi is not acting, but rather overeacting, and her love for Preeta will ruin their family, she then thinks of what they will do now, as Karan also loves her a lot?

Karan is able to enter the room, he decides to open the door, otherwise the Police might be suspicious that they are hiding something, Sameer brings the Wheel chair to take Bobbi.

The Police are adamant about searching the Luthra’s house, which leaves everyone worried, then they refuse to let them search their house.

Rakhi then answers that they are suspicious of the Luthra’s that they are hiding Preeta, so she will tell them the truth now, which is that they are hiding Preeta to keep her safe, she asks him if he believed her now???

Rishab tries to calm her down by saying that she’s worried as the Inspector has come to their house, he explains that they are the ones who has filed the case, so how could they have helped her? Even his family hates her, Risahb asks them to all explain how much they hate Preeta.

The Inspector then says that she might have come to seek revenge on the Luthras and even though he knows that they are telling the truth, himself and his Constables still has to search the house as they got a call from someone in this house, that told them that Preeta is in the Luthra mansion.

Risahb gets shocked but he’s even than adamant to stop them now, from searching the house, Risahb asks them If they have a search warrant, but he’s shocked when they show them the warrant. The Inspector then orders the Constables to search the entire house.

Karan knocks on the washroom door and Preeta immediately opens it, he enters to say that she must not waste the water and that there musn’t be any noise, as the Police are searching the entire house now, they both get worried.

Sameer is also standing with Bobbi, but when he hears the Police coming towards there, rushes to hide Bobbi, he is finally able to find a place behind the wardrobe to hide him.

Rakhi is worried about the person that tipped the police, then they all try to think of what might have happened. Risahb very angrily looks at Sherlyn, asking her to bring him a glass of water! and also leaves the hall. Mahira wonders what has happened to him, all of a sudden?

Risahb goes to Sherlyn, and after he has taken the water, he asks her if she remembers the video that he wanted to see, and she refused to let him see it? She thinks that he might again start the investigation, she tries to explain that the only reason she left the house was because he refused to trust her, then everything bad happened to their relationship.

Rishab asks Sherlyn that she once said to Rakhi that she would have showed him the video if he had asked her so nicely, right? So now, he is pleading with her to show him the video, otherwise he would be forced to again feel that she’s indeed hiding something, which could only mean that she’s the only one here, that is actually trying to harm Preeta!

Sameer is with Bobbi in the backside of the wardrobe, then the Police enter the room where all three of them are hiding, then he wonders what he will do now, so he texts Risahb who immediately runs to help them after receiving the text.

As the Constable is about to enter the washroom, Rishab comes in just then, explaining that he knows where Preeta is.

Karan is with Preeta in the washroom both hiding when Karan suddenly asks if there is a prize on her head?

Risahb explains that they must all go and check his Grandma’s room, as she loves Preeta with all her heart, and if they should check anyone’s room, then it should be her room. The Police is also convinced and so leaves the room.

Risahb quickly texts Karan to go and hide outside the house. Preeta after reading the text, decides to go out of the house, since it’s Rishabh’s order.

Rakhi is saying that she will talk with the Police after he comes back and talk with her. Kareena and Karan’s Grandma tries to explain to her that she should not talk in front of the Police, because whenever she is nervous, she says a lot of things, and also makes mistakes, they both order her to remain quiet, which she does.

Rishab comes explaining that the Police is suspicious of his Grandma, they all start to blame each other, after which the Inspector says that he’s suspicious of all of them, so he will check their rooms, and will start with Karan Grandma’s room.

Karan comes out with Preeta and he’s shocked to see that Sameer is also there, then Sameer explains that he was the one that texted Rishab informing him of the entire situation, and he came to help them. Karan asks Sameer to go outside with the family, while himself and Preeta take Bobbi to the terrace.

The Police comes to Karan’s Grandma room which they search thoroughly, but everyone is worried, Rakhi exclaims that she is not scared at all, Kareena answers that this is the reason for their worry, as she might say something to the Police out of her nervous state.

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