The Luthras all get shocked when Rakhi sees Preeta along with Karan in the hall, Karan’s Grandma immediately tries to distract the Inspector by asking him to look into her eyes, which angers the Inspector.

Kareena jumps in, saying that she means that she’s a nice person and would never dare to hide any criminal in her room.

Karan and Preeta run to hide, but the Inspector gets suspicious ,they both hide, but in an attempt to see if the Inspector is coming towards them, they are lose their grip on Bobbi, whose wheelchair rolls backwards and comes to the centre of the hall.

Risahb gets worried and thinks that Karan should pull him back, otherwise the Inspector will come to know that they are keeping Bobbi as hostage, and are also safeguarding Preeta as well.

Preeta and Karan hide just in time, Risahb then asks the Inspector to come inside the room, then he orders his Constable to break the wardrobe and when Karan’s Grandma asks why he said it, he explains that she would have refused to give him the keys if he had asked her, but she brings the keys to his surprise and when they are satisfied that Preeta isn’t there, then the Inspector asks Kareena to show them her room, they then wonder why they aren’t able to find Preeta, as the source was really correct.

They see Sameer jump from a window, they stop him and ask why he did this? Rakhi says that he has this disease of jumping in his sleep. The Inspector doesn’t believe her story, she explains that it’s the same as sleep walking, but has some other symptoms like jumping in his sleep, Sameer also acts in accordance with the story Rakhi is explaining.

Karan’s Grandma and Kareena are really worried about the reaction of the Inspector, she tries to assure him that it’s really a disease and Sameer has gone to sleep on the bed, and he won’t even remember a thing that has happened, she goes to wake him up, and he also acts with her, then the entire family comes to ask them to leave, as it has gotten really late, then the Inspector says that they have cooperated with them and they will check the terracẹ now.

Sherlyn plans to call Mahira, as the Police will surely catch the both of them.

Karan and Preeta are on the terrace and they are wondering where they will be go, and just when they are about to come on the terrace, Karan takes Preeta, then shows her a bottle of oil, he explains that they will spill it on the water, and when the Police tries to look at it, they will only see the reflection, and by the time the Police comes to the terrace, they won’t be able to find anything.

Mahira also comes and asks Sherlyn where they might have hidden, then Mahira thinks that they might have both hidden in the water tank, so she decides to inform Kareena but it’s of no use which makes her wonder. Kareena thinks that she doesn’t want to get her Son arrested, as it will cause great shame to their family.

The Inspector apologizes to Risahb, he’s about to leave, but sees Sherlyn pointing towards the tank, he comes back, saying that they will also check the tank, but when the Constable tries to see through the water, he’s not able to see anything, he also sees with the help of a torch, but isn’t able to find them, but when he informs the Inspector, he isn’t able to believe it.

Risahb says that he already mentioned it to them, Sameer asks to accompany them. Risahb is worried and wonders where they might both be?

Kareena says that they are in the water tank, Karan then comes out of the tank and also pulls Preeta out, they then take Bobbi out of it. Mahira and Sherlyn aren’t able to believe it.

Sameer asks Karan how they were able to hide when the Inspector checked the tank? He says that he has the cleverest brains in the house. Rakhi also orders Kritika to give her clothes to Preeta. Karan tries to tease Rishab, but he isn’t convinced, he then orders Karan to change his clothes.

Karan is with Rishab who says that the night was ruined and is a complete mess, they both go out to see if there is still any Policemen at their door?

Karan injures himself while trying to go out of the door, there is a lady traveling in an Auto, who is constantly fighting with the Driver, she sees that Karan is injured, then comes to explain the consequences that he might face and he’s adamant on treating Karan, she explains that she took an oath to treat his wounds, she mentions that the only person that she loves more than herself is her father for whom she can even give her life, and after treating Karan, she mentions that they must take care of their lives.

Both the Luthra brothers are really impressed with her attitude and wish her best of luck for the future journey to become the best Doctor, Karan is really lost in her words.

Sherlyn mentions that even after Preeta has been considered a runaway criminal, she was still saved by the Luthra’s who were once against her. Mahira then plans and advises Sherlyn that they should both arrange for the Driver to run away, then they will think of Preeta as the Court has already decided, and will sentence her, but if the Driver gives a statement on her behalf, then their plan would be ruined. Sherlyn asks Mahira for the plan to which she explains that they will make sure that everyone goes to sleep, after which they will make Bobbi away.

Karan’s Grandma asks Rakhi what happened to Kareena, as she felt that she was really angry, but Kritika tries to calm her down.

Rishab comes in and he’s really angry to see that Bobbi is wearing his Shirt, he asks Sameer the reason, who explains that Bobbi wears a large size, so he gave him his shirt, but Rishab is really angry.

Preeta then comes in, and Sherlyn asks Mahira to see how much behaved her husband (Rishab) will act with Preeta here now, but Rishab says that Preeta must rest, as there is no problem, there is a knock on the door just then and everyone is shocked wondering who it might be?

Preeta immediately hides, after which Sameer looks to see who it is, he is overjoyed after seeing that it’s Shrishti, they are both about to hug when he opens the door, but Kritika stops them, so Shristi seeks permission from Risahb to stay with Preeta, as she knows how to make such criminals talk, he grants her the permission, then everyone’s leaves to get some rest.

Risahb asks Karan to come with him, as he has something to say to him.

Shristhi sits with Preeta, she is shocked to see that the Luthra’s are supporting her and even Kareena and Karan’s Grandma, but Preeta mentions that it’s all because of Karan.

Karan asks Risahb to tell her everything, as he’s in a hurry, Risahb says that he has something to say to him, and mentions that he heard Sameer talking with Shrishti, so he took the phone call from him, but she asked him some questions, to which he didn’t have the answer to, and they both know that he said that Bobbi accepted his crime, and if he took the payment for the planned accident, then how could Preeta have planned it all, so he feels that they should both do something about it.

Kritika comes to call both Risahb and Karan, mentioning that kareena is really tensed, but when they both get to her, she explains that she knows that they are both helping Preeta, as they feel that she’s innocent, but the thinking of the family members do not match at the present time, so she feels that Karan should talk with Mahira and convince her that he’s helping Preeta, but doesn’t love her.

Karan agrees to her orders, but Risahb has something to say, but isn’t able to. Mahira mentions that she has a spray that they will use to make everyone unconscious for 10 minutes, before it wears off, and she got it from her teacher, they also plan to wear masks and put a mask on the truck driver, so that they can help him escape when everyone in unconscious. They go to fulfil their plan by spraying the rooms, they also spray it where Preeta and Shrishti are in the living room, they spray it when both of them are relaxing.

Sherlyn and Mahira unties Bobbi, who tries to run, but he isn’t able to, as he cannot feel his numb legs for having sat for long, they both help him in escaping and also order him to run as fast as he can!

Karan and Risahb are on the terrace, they think of going downstairs when they sight both Mahira and Sherlyn talking to Bobbi, so he throws paper on the floor, Sherlyn asks Mahira not to look up, and Sherlyn plans to explain to them that they tried to catch Bobbi, but couldn’t, so they force Bobbi to run away.

Bobbi is running, but both the Luthra brothers runs after him, and they are both able to catch him, once he almost got hit by a car, Rishab beat him up, after which they take him back to the house. A Police Constable, who saw them taking Bobbi away calls the Inspector, informing him that he saw the Luthra brothers take Bobbi back.

The Luthra brothers both take him back and try to question him for the name of the person that sent him to kill Preeta, but Bobbi only talks when Karan threatens to kill him, he says that he was given money to kill Preeta, and when he was about to run into her with his Truck, her Sister (Shristi) came to help her which caused Majira to fall, however,  Preeta did not have anything to do with her accident, it was someone else’s plan to kill Preeta. Shristi however, has everything recorded on her Phone. The entire Luthra family is shocked to hear that someone was planning to kill Preeta.

Karan and Rishab demand him to tell the name of the person that hired him, so Bobbi tltries to run away, but the Police returns to the Luthra House, and just as he’s about to get to the door. The Inspector comes and his Constables hold Bobbi, he is shocked to see Preeta there, so he ordered for her arrest as well. He mentions that it’s his responsibility,  as a Police officer and the Court will decide who is at fault, he even mentions that the Luthra family are also at faul.

Preeta then mentions that no one knew that she was in the house, as she came here after the Police jeep got into the accident, so she came to hide in their house without letting anyone know a thing.

The Police Inspector takes the both of them away, leaving everyone worried. Mahira plans to make sure that Karan and Preeta are never able to stay together!

Sherlyn comes to her room wondering how terrifying the night was. Rishab comes to her, demanding that she shows him her phone, as he wants to see the video. She asks him to stop blaming her for everythin, as it’s not her fault, as she is a good person and if she hated Preeta, then she would have obviously told the Police that they were hiding on the terrace.

Risahb gets angry hearing this, and asks her how she knew about this, since he didn’t know anything about this himself, untill they both came out of the tank, she makes an excuse of changing clothes, he also leaves saying that they will meet in the Court.

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