Karan says he will never marry Mahira until his father Mahesh comes out of his coma. Mahira tells Sherlyn that Karan doesn’t want to marry her. Sherlyn gives Mahira bhaang (Indian hemp) and asks her to drug Karan and get him to the bedroom. She says that Karan will be forced to marry her when his family sees them together in the same room.

Sammy overhears this and asks Preeta and Shrishti for help. Preeta and Shrishti reach the Luthra House saying that they want to spend Holi with Rakhi. Karan misses Preeta at the Holi party and he’s happy to see her there.

Prithvi calls up Sherlyn and tells her that he will be the first person to put colour on her face.

Sherlyn tells her mother that she is looking for Prithvi to put colour on his face. When her mother tells her to stop meeting Prithvi, Sherlyn tells her to stop interfering in her life affairs! She goes and asks Mahira if she gave Karan the bhaang? Mahira says she is trying to get some time with Karan so that she can make him drink the bhaang.

Karan tells Preeta to go play Holi with Rakhi.

Sherlyn finds Prithvi in the crowd when no one else could recognise him. Sherlyn goes to Prithvi and puts colour on his face.

Karan goes to Rakhi where Mahira and Preeta are both standing. Karan wishes Mahira Happy Holi, but when she expects him to put colour on her face, Karan puts colour on Preeta instead.

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