Preeta asks Karan to not be so angry, as it’s not nice and he must remain calm, Karan mentions that he doesn’t get angry all the time and the reason he asked the the Photographer to delete it was because he would have made it a news. Preeta then calms him down, but she suddenly gets a call from Sarla which she goes aside to answer.

Karan also gets a call from Mahira who is pressurizing him to answer the call, as if he doesn’t come, then her friends will think that he is ignoring her which will ruin her reputation, so she will be waiting for him on the ninth floor, so that she is able to see his Car, she ends the call.

Karan wonders what is he doing, as he should be with Mahira in her party, but cannot understand why he wants to stay with Preeta all the time.

Mahira inquiries from Sherlyn about the next step in their plan? Sherlyn mentions that she is not able to attain any small injury, but might also lose her life, which makes Mahira a lot worried.

Preeta comes back, but Karan is looking at her very strangely. She asks the reason, to which he says that she just returned after improving her Makeup, Preeta denies this saying that she did not have any make up items with her, so how could she do it? He is shocked, the waiter comes with the simple meal.

Mahira disagrees to do anything that would harm her life, Sherlyn says that she told Karan that she will be waiting on the ninth floor, so they both will go there to set fire. Sherlyn explains that she has just informed Karan that she will be on the ninth floor, so they will both go and set fire to that floor. Mahira is left stunned, to which Sherlyn explains that she just said that Mahira must make herself a fire that will also burn Karan in that same fire. 

Sherlyn says they will call Karan and he will come running, because if he doesn’t, then she will die, she convinces Mahira that they will set the fire within their limits, and if he doesn’t come, then they will run away, they both go to set fire to the floor.

Karan and Preeta are having dinner where he starts to tease her, asking why she’s behaving like a woman and is so shy? He pushes her hand which ruins her clothes, so she runs to clean it up, he asks her to not apply any makeup.

Sherlyn prepares the room, explaining that she has set everything and she must only set fire to a single portion and pleads with Karan to come and save her, as she is locked on the ninth floor, and if he doesn’t come, then she will die there, so she will also call and he will come in panic to help, and if he doesn’t arrive, then she must run to save her life.

They call Karan according to their plan, he gets tensed and immediately runs to the hotel. Preeta wonders why he has gone to the hotel in such a panic, so decides to follow him.

Sherlyn hands Mahira the kerosene and advises that she must set fire to only half of the circle and when he comes to her, then she must set fire to the other half, Sherlyn says that she must go and call Karan to further pressurize him.

Karan is driving very fast towards the venue wondering why has she gone to the ninth floor to begin with? He gets a call from Sherlyn who asks him about Mahira, then tries to act, as if she’s shocked to hear about Mahira, then says that she will also go and try to save her, but when she turns, Kritika who has stood behind Sherlyn all this while, unbeknownst to her quickly runs to save Mahira, thinking that she might be in some real trouble.

Sherlyn decides on what she must do, so she texts Mahira who after reading it starts to pour the kerosene in the room, she then lights the match and drops it setting fire to the furniture, Mahira starts to call for help, but Kritika comes. Mahira was shocked, so he asks her to go and call Karan.

Sherlyn also comes and takes her away, Sherlyn plans to do something to stop Kritika from informing the hotel management, so she makes her fall, then acts as if she is trying her best to call the management.

Preeta arrives at the hotel and immediately asks Kritika what has happened? She runs after hearing that Mahira is trapped on the ninth floor.

Preeta reaches the ninth floor where she calls out to Mahira, who hearing her voice sets another fire, then seeing Preeta, she asks her to leave, as she doesn’t need her help, then hearing that Preeta is adamant about helping her, she asks her to go and get Karan, as he will be the only one to save her!

Preeta then runs to the room from the backside, where Mahira is sitting on the Chair, Preeta is shocked to see that she is sitting there so calm.

Karan enters the hotel where Sherlyn asks him to run to the ninth floor where Mahira is trapped and seeing that Kritika is also going after him, she acts as if she is about to faint, so Kritika goes to help her.

Preeta pulls Mahira asking that they must leave, but Mahira says that she will not go with her and she must leave, as she will only leave here, when Karan comes to save her, She stops Preeta, then asks her to leave, as she always calls for karan herself by pretending to be in some sort of trouble, and Karan always saves her everytime, so she will do the same now.

Mahira tells that she has set the fire to call Karan to herself as well, and warns Preeta to stay away from Karan! Who says that she will not do anything by her orders, and will not meet Karan? Preeta says that she will meet Karan whenever she wants to and so will meet him whenever she likes and she doesn’t need any sympathy to uphold her relationship with anyone, as they are made with respect and understanding.

Preeta explains that she has no problem if Karan marries any girl, but she will not let him marry her, as she’s a mad girl, so she must leave. Preeta opens the door, but Mahira stops her from going, as she thinks that if Preeta goes to him, then she will tell the truth about the fire and try to convince Karan that she (Mahira) is not an honest person, and she will not let her do anything of the sort, so she will make sure that Preeta doesn’t leave the room, hearing this, Preeta is stunned to witness the madness in Mahira’s plans.

Mahira exclaims that she has set one fire in the room, so now Preeta wants to turn Karan against her, Preeta pleads with her to stop talking nonsense, as she never does anything wrong to prove that she loves anyone, she mentions that what Mahira is trying to do is just an act, she explains that she will do now what Preeta has always been doing and pushes her away, which causes Preeta to get unconscious.

Mahira goes out of the room thinking that the fire that was meant for her will now lead to Preeta being burnt in it, she decides to leave it open, but hears Karan’s voice, and immediately goes back inside, acting as if she’s in pain, she goes back outside and tries to act as if she’s about to pass out, so Karan takes her in his arms and runs back downstairs.

Kritika is with Sherlyn asking if she Is feeling okay, then she decides to call Kareena, otherwise she will get tensed, Sherlyn then sees Karan coming with Mahira and they both take her outside. Kritika wonders where Preeta is, so she goes to check on her in the party, but she isn’t able to find her.

Karan is with Sherlyn asking her to do anything that she can to make Mahira regain her consciousness. Kritika is looking for Preeta, but isn’t able to find her, then she decides to call Preeta, but she doesn’t answer the call.

Karan thinks that Preeta might be angry with her which is why she isn’t accepting his call, he then gets a call from Kritika, who mentions that she saw Preeta coming into the hotel before her, but she she’s nowhere to be seen now. Karan hearing this, ends the call, asking Sherlyn to take Mahira home, as he will go and help Preeta. Mahira wonders why he’s going after Preeta when she is unconscious?

Karan enters the room, it is completely engulfed in flames, he starts coughing, but he isn’t able to see Preeta, so he picks her up and Mahira and Sherlyn both see him from the corner.

Preeta opens her eyes to see Karan, who is trying to help her, but she then again gets unconscious.

Mahira isn’t able to stand the sight of this saying that he came to save Preeta after leaving her, Karan isn’t able to find any way out, so Mahira says that they cannot take the circles, otherwise they would be married again. Sherlyn asks her to come with her, as they cannot be seen.

Mahira is walking angrily, she leaves without listening to anything that Kritika is saying, Sherlyn says that she’s walking now, because she’s fine.

Karan comes in with Preeta in his hands, Kritika goes there to help her, she stays back with Karan.

Karan is with Preeta in the Cab, he’s constantly asking the driver to hurry up, as she’s still unconscious, but she wakes up,  and only then did Karan gets a sigh of relief, he asks if she is okay, to which she exclaims that she might have gotten unconscious, but she’s now fine, He asks her to never do anything like this again, as she went into the room, while Mahira had already left the room and she got unconscious from the smoke, she asks him to not take her to the hospital, but her home, as she is fine now, then they stop at her house, where Karan is about to get out, but he’s stopped by Preeta.

Karan says that he has good relationship with all those that she calls his family, but there is only one person that doesn’t like him, she asks him to not say anything against her mother, he agrees and when she is about to leave, he asks if she will come to his house to play HOLI? Preeta mentions that she only wants to stay with her family, because if she’s not with them, then there is no point in celebrating the festival. Preeta turns to thank him for all his help.

Janki is helping Sarla in the Kitchen, Shrishti is really mesmerized by the aroma, she touches the dish, but it’s really hot and she burns her hand. Sarla asks her to go and clean it, as she might get bruised.

Preeta comes, to which Sarla asks her to help her Sister in getting some knowledge, Preeta also teases Shristi. Sarla comes and tries to feed Preeta with her own hands, she asks about the bruise on her forehead, but Preeta makes an excuse that she got it by herself, and it isn’t sore, so there’s nothing to worry about, then Sarla starts to feed the both of them. Preeta mentions that the food that Sarla makes cannot be found anywhere else.

Janki also says that their mother is the best chef and no one can match up to her. Janki mentions that the guests will love the dish once they come to their house.

Mahira is not able to relax, and she’s thinking about what she saw. Sherlyn comes pleading with her to calm down and sit. Mahira sits, but says that she cannot relax as Karan left her to save Preeta even when she was unconscious, he doesn’t care about her at all, just Preeta alone! 

Sherlyn assures her that Karan will only marry her. Sherlyn says that they have not lost the battle and will use all the tricks up their sleeves to make them both together. They both hug each other. Sameer sees the both of them together, he wonders how Mahira could be friends with Sherlyn? He’s not able to understand what they were both talking about.

In the morning, Rakhi is preparing the house, she asks Ganesh to take the tray outside for the guests, she is looking after the preparations when Kritika comes, she asks her if there is enough colour for the guests? Kritika says that there is nothing to worry about.

Rishab and Karan both come behind her, they both greet her and when she asks about Karan, Kritika says that it’s her child who is rude and really stubborn, Karan runs after her, but is stopped by Risahb who says that she is their Sister.

Karan also says that it’s her right, Sameer then brings Risahb’s phone saying that it’s the doctor, so he attends to the call and is shocked to hear the news. When everyone asks him, he says that the Doctor said that Mahesh would be fine really soon, they all greet each other.

Kareena prays that he get well really soon and attend Karan’s marriage with Mahira. Karan exclaims that he cannot go forward with this marriage anymore. Everyone is in utter shock to hear his intention.

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