Karan is shocked to hear the news, he explains that Mahesh is not well, Kareena points to the fact that this is the only chance they have now. She mentions that there was a time when they were all together, but now, they all think differently, and they are no longer a family, so this is the only way to make them reunite as a family together again.

Kareena explains to Rishab that he mustn’t worry for the twenty over matches of Karan, he can go and play and do whatever he wants, but must give her one single day of his life. Kareena makes him emotionally tensed, asking if he will do it for her?

Sherlyn signals to Mahira to go and further instigate them, she goes explaining that she will agree with any decision that he makes, but thinks that Kareena is right, and if they are to stop Preeta from entering their house, then they must both be married, Karan agrees to everything.

Rishab gets angry with him, so goes upstairs, but Karan’s Grandma alongside others are really happy with Karan’s decision, so they hug each other in excitement.

Shrishti and Preeta are sleeping when there is a knock on the window, they both get worried, Shrishti explains that she thinks that it is Karan, so she will go and check, she tries to open it, but it is jammed, she says to Karan to come from the main door, but it is Sameer, she again tries to open it, but couldn’t do it, then they ask him to come from the main door.

When they open the door, Preeta immediately asks if everything is okay, and if Mahesh is okay now? He says that they are all fine, but something is about to happen which isn’t okay, but he isn’t able to say anything which creates suspense, so Preeta asks him to spill everything. He then informs her that Karan and Mahira will get married tomorrow.

Preeta isn’t able to bear it, after hearing the news, and goes into relapse, thinking of all the moments spent with Karan when they were both together, she starts weeping after thinking of how he promised to hold her hands for their entire life, she looks at Sameer, then says that there is no problem, as it’s a good sign that they will both get married, which they can do if they really want, she turns back, then hits the vase and it breaks, which wakes Sarla up, who thinks that it might be a cat, she goes to check it out.

Shrishti picks up the vase, Sameer asks her to convince Preeta, as he also doesn’t like Mahira, he feels that Mahira isn’t a nice person, she will create a lot of problems when she gets married to Karan.

Shrishti mentions that they cannot do anything about that anymore, because whenever they try to help them, they are the same ones that get blamed for it, she mentions that they came today to protect Karan, but were blamed for what happened to them.

Sameer tries to explain that they must do everything to protect their relationship. They are still talking when the lights light up.

Sarla says that he shouldn’t have come here, she then asks Shristi if she doesn’t think of her Sister (Preeta), that took care of her when she was not with them? Shrishti tries to explain that Sameer is with Preeta.

Sarla says that if he’s with them, then he must go and say it to his family members that they are all wrong, while Preeta is right, but she mentions that he can’t do this, as he doesn’t have the courage to do it.

Sarla then consistently asks him the reason he came to their house? Sameer says that he only came to say that Karan and Mahira will be getting married. Sarla starts scolding him, saying that they don’t care if they both get married to each other, as they have already insulted them a lot of times, but they will not come to them this time, and he must now leave their house.

Preeta seeing her Mother’s condition tries to tell Sameer to leave, so she again asks him to leave, but Sameer pleads with Sarla to allow Preeta to come to their house just this once, but Sarla starts shouting that he cannot do anything, and wants Preeta to come to their house, and give his family another chance to play with their emotions?? Preeta pleads with Sameer to leave, so he goes.

Preeta requests Sarla to calm down saying that they do not feel anything about the Luthras anymore, and it wasn’t Sameer fault, since he only came to warn them, but they are not in the least worried, as she’s really strong.

Sarla hugs Preeta very tightly, thinking of how wrong the Luthra family are. She remembers how Karan left Preeta and she came back alone at night. Sarla says to Preeta that she must forget everything that she taught her, as it has only caused pain.

Preeta says that she mustn’t worry and they will begin a new life, starting from the very next morning, forgetting the incidents that happened because of the Luthra family. They again start to weep, so Shrishti asks them to stop, since they’ve had enough of everything now.

Rishab goes to Mahesh, he kisses his forehead, then sits beside him, asking if he felt angry when he sent the Nurse away? He explains that he felt worried because he knows that his father is really handsome, and he might try to flirt with the Nurse, so he must wake up and talk to him and he should at least place his hands on his forehead.

Risahb mentions that Karan has agreed to marry Mahira, but he will not say anything to him, as he doesn’t want to get into a lecture with his family, and to be honest, he only likes Preeta for Karan, as she’s the only one that can make him come on the right track, besides, she’s best suited with him, and only Preeta could cure him.

Karan comes in, Risahb sees him and immediately changes the topic. Karan asks Rishab what he’s doing, to which he mentions that he’s complaining to their father. Karan mentions that Preeta has once again harmed Mahesh, the entire family believes and knows that she’s the one to be blamed for it, she has once again deceived them.

Rishab asks him to look into his heart and think within himself if Preeta is really capable of doing such a thing? Karan mentions that he knows she’s the culprit. Rishab says that he’s unable to believe that she’s capable of doing such a thing, as she was the one to call him to the place of the accident. Rishab tries to convince him that she is innocent, but Karan mentions that he only knows one thing, that Mahesh has again gone into coma and leaves.

Rishab mentions to Mahesh that he has heard what Karan said, he now feels that something really wrong is about to happen.

Preeta is sitting in her bed thinking of how she was once again blamed for harming Mahesh, she felt really painful when she came to know what the Luthras really think of her.

Karan also enters his room, he remembers the moment he spent with Preeta earlier on the same day after seeing the scatterings that are all over the room. Preeta also thinks of how he kissed her on the cheek. Karan too knees, and lifting the droppings, thinks of how she hit him with the pillow, he starts to weep.

Preeta also sitting on her bed remembers when she woke up beside Karan feeling really nice, and how Karan threw Preeta out of his house. Shrishti comes hugging Preeta, they both start crying.

Karan isn’t able to control his emotions, then picks the pillow again, reliving the moment that they had both shared in the morning. Preeta also couldn’t control herself.

In the morning, Sherlyn instructs the workers to set the lamp on the upper side, Ramona asks the guests to arrive as soon as possible to the Luthra mansion. Ramona asks Sherlyn why is she not ready yet? Sherlyn mentions that she has already gotten ready, but she asks why she hasn’t prepared the tray for Mahira, she also pleads to accompany her as she’s really excited to see the dreams of her daughter getting fulfilled.

Ramona gets a call and Sherlyn thinks that she doesn’t know her daughter is really a smart person, which is why she’s really happy. Ramona ends the call then asks Sherlyn what she’s thinking about? She explains that she’s really happy to know that Mahira will soon become a part of their family.

Ramona and Sherlyn enter Mahira’s room, but she’s not in her room, then they also check Kritika and Karan Grandma’s room, but she isn’t there as well.

Rakhi comes with jewellery, and she’s shocked when she also doesn’t see Mahira, both of them explain that she’s not in the house, Rakhi explains that she might have gone to the Temple, as she told her in the night that she would go there. Ramona feels that she might be in some sort of trouble, after which she leaves the room. Rakhi thinks that she gets tensed very easily.

Shrishti asks Preeta to come and heave tea, but she explains that she is dusting, but seeing her sister, she then says that she will first drink tea with her.

There is someone at the door, Shrishti is shocked when she opens it to see that it’s Mahira, she tries to throw her out of the house, but Mahira forcefully enters, then she explains that she wants to talk with Preeta, Shrishti is not convinced, but Preeta gives her the chance to talk, as she has mentioned that she had something important to say.

Kareena and Karan’s Grandma are looking after the guests when Ramona comes running in, asking if they have seen Mahira? They both explain that she must be in her room, to which Ramona answers that she is not in the house.

Kritika hears the conversation, she thinks if Mahira has left the house, she ask if Mahira has left any note, she explains that whenever anyone leaves their house without informing anyone, then they leave a note, which is why she asked that.

Karan’s Grandma and Kareena both scold her, saying that she shouldn’t have said anything like this! Rakhi also tries to calm the both of them down. Ramona inquires from Kritika what she meant?

Sherlyn mentions that she shouldn’t worry, as Mahira wanted to marry Karan, but would never do anything of the sort, she hints to the fact that Mahira might have been kidnapped, Ramona thinks that she might have been kidnapped by Preeta, but Rakhi tries to say that Preeta can’t do this.

Ramona keeps on insisting on the fact that Preeta would try to harm Mahira,  as she also did the same with Mahesh. She wonders if her daughter is even safe now, everyone gets tensed hearing her exclamation. Ramona keeps on insisting that Preeta must be responsible for this, as she has already tried to ruin her daughter’s wedding by stealing the engagement ring.

Kareena says that she knows them all too well and when they have already scolded them, then they shouldn’t have taken the chance tp do this, so she will have to call the Police on them to go arrest Preeta.

Rakhi stops her explaining that she shouldn’t be in haste on taking drastic action, and they would first check in the temple, as Mahira has already informed her of going to the Temple.

Kareena asks her why she’s always taking the side of the Auroras? She asks Kritika to go and check the Temple, then she explains that if Mahira isn’t found there, then they would do what they deem fit!

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