Irfan calls Zara and asks her to stop Kabeer from leaving this City, he has guts to become a Qazi. Zara says I made him work for a job, and he has to understand the position of himself. Irfan calls Kabeer and asks him to meet him.

Sameer says to Alina that fill this form, tell me about your figure, what shampoo you use, what you like. Alina says I don’t like people like you, she pushes him, but Sameer grabs her hand.

Kabeer comes there and starts beating Sameer and his friends. Kabeer says to Sameer that she’s my Sister, you will get this if you tease my Sister! He calls his father and says your Son eve-teased my Sister, I will send him to jail for that!! Salamat says I am coming to your house today with my Son today, I know the address. He ends the call. Kabeer asks Alina to come with him, Sameer leaves. Alina says to Kabeer that I am fine.

Zara brings the TV remote for Ayesha. Ayesha thanks her for always keeping her happy. Zeenat comes there and asks Zara to make tea, Zara leaves. Zeenat asks Ayesha to pray for her Son, he loves you a lot, he will not get a job, then he will come back to us, he will stop for you, it’s better if you let him go if there is a job offer.

Irfan says to Kabeer that if you leave, then who will handle the Sharia board? Kabeer says you will handle it. Irfan says what about after me? Kabeer says I can’t get a job here and work for the Sharia board too. Irfan shows him a letter. Kabeer says you are resigning from the City’s Qazi? Irfan says I am giving my post to you.

Salamat calls Kashan and says Kabeer beat my Son, I want my revenge! Kashan says don’t worry.

Kabeer comes to Ayesha and smiles. Kabeer says I have gotten a job from Madarasa, their offer is really good, and there is nothing here, it’s just Kashan and Zeenat’s insults here.

Shehbaz says Ayesha will decide now. Ayesha says we will go with you wherever you may go. Kabeer hugs her. Zara thinks how to stop them now?

Salamat and Sameer comes to Shehbaz’s house. Kashan greets them.

Kabeer says to Ayesha that Alina can study there. Ayesha says I am worried about her wedding. Kabeer says we will find a good relationship for her, God will give us a path to follow. Zara says we will find a perfect boy for her.

Zeenat comes there and says I have found a guy for Alina, come and meet your prospective Son-in-law. Shehbaz is tensed and goes with her. Ayesha and the others leave too.

Sameer greets Kashan. Shehbaz comes there. Salamat makes him wear a garland. Sameer makes Ayesha wear a garland as well, he greets Zara too. Kabeer stops him and glares at him. Sameer smirks. Kabeer says stop! Salamat says we are here with proposal now.

Kabeer says to Sameer that how dare you bring proposal here?? I beat you earlier on and you didn’t understand? Kashan says move back, I will do the talking! Kabeer pushes Sameer and says leave, otherwise you will not have legs to go away from here!

Salamat says Kashan have accepted our proposal and Shehbaz has called us over. Kabeer is stunned. Kabeer asks Salamaat to get lost. Salamat says Shehbaz called us for proposal.

Zeenat says they are Shehbaz’s guest, right? Shehbaz is tensed. Ayesha says you confirmed my daughter’s relationship with them? these people? you didn’t even tell me. Shehbaz recalls Kashan’s words that he can send him to jail.

Zeenat says you didn’t tell Ayesha anything? Ayesha says why did you do it? Kabeer says we will talk later. He asks Salamat to leave. Salamat says Kashan has mortgage the house for 12 million and a tip of 3 million for this wedding.

Kabeer says to Kashan that you are stooping this low? Kashan asks Salamat to calm down. Salamat says I am going. Zeenat asks Kabeer to stop! Salamat says I don’t care, I will pay only when this Kabee come to us and beg for this relationship! He leaves.

Ayesha cries and says Kashan can’t play with my daughter’s life, I have gotten a Son like this? Zara says Zeenat is doing all this. Kabeer says I won’t let anything wrong happy to Alina.

Zeenat comes there and says you people do not have money to eat, and Alina will live like Princess. Kabeer says enough! Zeenat also shouts enough!! Shehbaz took this decision. Kabeer says you must have forced Shehbaz into doing it.

Kabeer asks Shehbaz what did they do? they threatened you, right? tell Salamat that we will not give Alina to them. Zara says it’s about her life, call Salamat and say NO. Shehbaz is tensed.

Zeenat says you are clever Shehbaz, Kabeer says I will call the Police! Zeenat says Zara already gave a statement that she slipped from the window, so you can’t send me to jail, and even If you call the Police, the marriage will still happen, but Shehbaz will be in jail by then.

Kabeer says what crime did he do? Zeenat says you call him an Angel, but ask him how many times he did corruption? Kabeer says enough! Zeenat shows him the papers and says look at them and ask your father about his crimes.

Zara thinks that Kabeer will know about Shehbaz’s truth today. Kabeer looks at the papers and asks Shehbaz if this is true?

Zeenat says do you want Shehbaz to get insulted publicly or get Alina married? Shehbaz says I made a mistake, I am sorry, you all should forgive me, I took money for a Project and it failed, I have been trying to get money but did more mistakes, forgive me.

Zara looks at Kabeer and says to Shehbaz that you did everything for this house, I was waiting for when you will repent, and God is always with whoever accepted their mistakes. Ayesha says I know my husband, he always took care of us, I am standing with him. Kabeer says I am no one to forgive, but Shehbaz has shaken me to the core, but my faith in my father can never break. Shehbaz hugs him and cries. Zeenat looks on. Zara hugs Ayesha.

Shehbaz says I realized today that my other Son might be trying to destroy me, but I am lucky that my own people are standing with me, so I’m taking the decision that this marriage will never happen. Zeenat glares at him. Shehbaz says to Zeenat to go and call the Police, if I did a mistake, then I am ready to go to jail, but I won’t destroy my daughter’s life, my family is with me.

Kabeer says to Zeenat that I give you challenge, do anything, but you can’t destroy my Sister’s life! Zeenat says I challenge you to stop this wedding! They all look on.

Kabeer says to Zara that I am leaving this house with the family. Zara says I am with you, but what about the family?

Ayesha cries. Kabeer comes there and says it’s enough, we will leave with Alina and protect her. Alina says to the family that I will do this marriage. They are all shocked. Zeenat says she is ready.

Alina says I will marry wherever Kashan and Zeenat wants. The family is shocked. Alina tells the family that I will marry whereever Kashan and Zeenat wants, and I will marry for sure, she leaves, they are all stunned.

Kabeer says I am not going to leave this City, my Sister needs us here, don’t worry, I won’t let this marriage happen, and break this relationship forever. Ayesha and Shahbaz smiles. Zara holds his hand says this house’s Son and daughter-in-law will make the fate of this house. Kabeer’s Parents smiles.

Kabeer and Zara comes to Alina’s room. He asks her to open the room. Zara says she’s not opening the door. Alina is crying inside. Kabeer says talk to me, why did you say YES to the marriage? dont be scared. Alina recalls the flashback. Zeant came to Alina and says that you want your happiness or send Shehbaz to jail? She tells her everything and says Shehbaz is ready to go to jail, but will you be yruly happy? he raised you up, he fulfilled your dreams and you won’t fulfill your own duty as a daughter now?? Sameer’s family is good, they are rich, and if you dont marry him, then this family will be insulted and Ayesha might die from sadness, you want that for this family? Flashback ends.

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