Sarla leaves Shrishti locked in her room and decides to stop Preeta herself. Sarla tries to call Sammy and find out if Preeta is actually there, but her phone runs out of power.

Sherlyn tries to get Rishabh on the call and thinks he is purposely ignoring her because he’s in Preeta’s house.

When Rishabh doesn’t answer her call from the landline too, she realises something is wrong. She remembers how Prithvi was threatening to take revenge on Rishabh that day itself. Sherlyn is worried that if something happens to Rishabh, Karan will not marry Mahira. Prithvi refused to listen to Sherlyn.

Preeta catches up to the kidnapper with the helmet who took Rishabh in the car. When the car stops, she gets out of the car and demands the kidnapper opens the door!

Meanwhile, Prithvi is waiting for news from the Kidnapper to know Rishabh is unconscious and tied up. Seeing Preeta, the Kidnapper drives to another location.

Preeta returns to the Car and chases after the Kidnapper.

Prithvi tries to call his man, but he ignores the call. Prithvi gets angry and worried that something went wrong.

Preeta sees the man in the helmet carrying an unconscious Rishabh up a flight of stairs to an empty room. She decides to try and save Rishabh because he has saved her many times before.

Prithvi gets a call from his man confirming that Rishabh has been kidnapped. Prithvi is satisfied and tells the Kidnapper that he will coming there too.

Sherlyn tries to call Prithvi, but he ignores her call.

Mahira calls Sherlyn to the room and talks to her about Rishabh. She says Sherlyn wants the wedding to happen, but Rishabh is doing everything possible to not let Karan and Mahira get married. Mahira also tells Sherlyn that Preeta is going to come to the Luthra House to stop the wedding.

When Shrishti calls up Preeta, she finally answers the call. Shrishti wants to know if she (Preeta) is in the Luthra House or not. Preeta says she’s not in the Luthra House, so but Shrishti suddenly feels Preeta is in trouble. She asks Preeta what problem is she stuck in then?

Karan sees a call from Shrishti on Sammy’s phone and answers it. He finds out Rishabh is kidnapped and decides to go save him. Preeta also gets caught trying to save Rishabh.

Mahira is worried about what Preeta will do to stop her wedding, she plans to take care of her, She then thinks of what Sherlyn is doing, as she did not even come to meet her.

Sanjana, along with Kareena and Ramona are practicing the songs for the wedding when Rakhi comes in asking if they are fully prepared for the wedding? They start to discuss about the performance they had when they were in College and it was at the party where everyone thought that Kareena was a Superstar.

Sherlyn passes by, and they stop her, asking her to come and dance with them, but she insists that she has some work to do. They then ask about Risahb, but she lies, explaining that she has spoken to him and he will come very soon, she reaches the stairs, then thinks that she lied, otherwise they would have called Rishab, which would have only created problems for Prithvi.

Sameer comes out of the bathroom and doesn’t see Karan, he then comes out bumping into Mahira, who starts to have a fight with him, he lies saying that Karan is in the bathroom, and she can go in to check, then thinks of the reason she might be fighting with him, he thinks that Karan might have used the window to leave which might be because of Preeta.

Karan is in the Car thinking that if Preeta had informed him earlier on, then he would have been able to save his brother and thanks to Shrishti who informed him, but thinks that it was not her but Sameer who she called.

Rishab wakes up and he’s tied to the chair, but he also sees Preeta tied to a different room and starts to yell at the Kidnapper, asking him to not touch Preeta, otherwise he would not think twice before harming him! The Kidnapper gets mad saying that he has really been frustrated since he kidnapped him, because Preeta came after them, he locks both of the doors.

Shrishti is calling Sameer and it connects they are both on video call. Sherlyn who is beside the door, listens to their entire conversation. Shrishti explains that it was because of her that Karan came to know everything and now, he has gone to save the both of them because Preeta saw that someone kidnapped Rishab.

Sherlyn gets worried, then runs to call Prithvi. She is in her room thinking that he doesn’t listen to her, and always does whatever he likes, which would land him into trouble, she tries to call him, but he declines it, then she calls him with the landline.

Prithvi is in his car, he thinks that he will force Rishab to sign the property papers, and if he didn’t listen, then he will threaten to kill him, and he’s really sure that Risahb will sign the papers for him.

He gets a call from the landline then answering it, comes to know that it’s Sherlyn, she asks him to hand over Rishab, otherwise it would create a lot of problem for the both of them! They both get into an argument and he ends the call, she realizes that she was not able to inform him that Karan has come to know of his kidnapping, she again tries to call him, but he declines it.

Preeta wakes up and tries to break free, before the Kidnapper comes in, but she’s unable to. Risahb is also really worried for her, he says that the rooms are sound free, so no one would be able to listen to them, Rishab asks her why has she come to help him, as he can take care of himself. The Kidnapper shouts at them before closing the door.

Sameer is trying to call Karan, but he doesn’t answer, he thinks of a reason which would have prompted them to kidnap Rishab, he also thinks that if Preeta knew, then why didn’t she call him, he thinks of what he can do, but Rakhi hears it and drops the tray, she immediately runs back to the others.

Sherlyn walks down from the stairs when Mahira comes, asking her why did she not come to the terrace, but before they are both able to complete their conversation, Rakhi comes there in shock, she informs them that Rishab has been kidnapped and he will not come back. She then faints right in front of them.

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