Prithvi enters the room where Sherlyn says that he should not have kidnapped Karan as now the entire Luthra family will come, she mentions that Preeta is really clever and will help them.

Prithvi says that he has kept them aside, he goes to fulfil his plan, Rana comes in, Sherlin slaps him.

Prithvi once again comes back to the room where Rishab is who is shocked to see him. Prithvi says that he really likes him this day as he will be the cause of him becoming rich, Rishab assures that he will make sure that nothing wrong happens to him and he will give him a lot of money.

Maira starts yelling at Sherlyn asking where she is , Maira constantly complains that Preeta is the one behind the kidnapping, she asks her to say something, Sherlyn sees both Sameer and Shrishti coming she then hides, Maira wonders what she can do now. Sherlin thinks what she must do now as his plan would otherwise fail as she wants him to have what he wants.

Karan is pressurizing Preeta to hurry up and open her hand. She’s trying to, and he is constantly instructing her to hurry up, he asks how she could say she’s clever, as she’s really slow, and he can’t understand how she could claim to be a Doctor. She finally breaks free and as she’s trying to open his, he keeps yelling at her, that she’s too slow, and just can’t do anything!

Prithvi asks Rishab to give everything to him. Rishab mentions that he will give him a lot of money, but Prithvi mentions that he will take everything from him, as he must sign the property papers, but Rishab says that he won’t do it. Prithvi then shows him the photo of Karan and Preeta who are both tied together. Rishab gets really mad and tells Prithvi to not do anything to him, otherwise he won’t be alive!

Prithvi mentions that he will first cut off Karan’s hand, since he’s a Cricketer and when he doesn’t have hands, he will not be able to play anymore, and he will also kill Preeta after him, and Rishab is the only that can save him now, and if he doesn’t sign on those papers ,  then they will have to lose everything! Rishab gets scared.

Preeta stops and isn’t untting Karan, who asks her why she isn’t helping him? They both start to quarrel about who is right and wrong. Preeta mentions that she’s not what he says, and he has done a lot of things that she has never done before, as she drove a Car (when she went after Rishab to save him). Karan gets worried and asks when she bought the Car? She mentions that she stole it, and leaves without untying him.

Shrishti and Sameer gets to the hotel, they think of how they will find all of them. Shrishti figures out a plan that they will use to search for the entry register and find the real Culprit. 

Sherlyn hears their conversation, so she decides to tell Prithvi, but she gets a call from Mahira who asks her where she is, as she has searched the entire house for her. Sherlyn exclaims that she’s close to her and will be with her really soon. She then bumps into someone and Mahira hears the name of the hotel, she then ends the call and leaves. Mahira wonders why is she lying about where she is, and why is she in the hotel?

Karan says that he knows that it’s Prithvi behind the mask, and she along with him have planned the kidnapping. Preeta says that she cannot believe he thinks so low of her, as she would never do anything of the sort, so she goes to him and again tightens the knot, She mentions that he is not the same person and has really changed.

Prithvi hands him the pen and prepares the paper saying that he must sign it, but Rishab says that he has to see the name first, however Prithvi mentions that he ‘s much more clever than him, so he will not tell the name, as after getting the money, he will become more powerful.

Prithvi tries to force him to answer the call, he gets distracted, then exclaims that whenever he’s about to do something important, there is a distraction, he says that he will go now, but by the time he comes back, he will have to sign that!

Shrishti and Sameer are walking, she exclaims that the receptionist will not give them the information, Sameer says that he will go to talk with her using his charm, but Shrishti mentions that he mustn’t do what he doesn’t have, as he’s only charming on two days of the week, so he mustn’t try to do anything, he goes and starts flirting with the girl saying that she has a really beautiful voice, but he needs a favour, he says that she must tell him the names of those people that checked into the hotel on the present day, but she refuses to help him with anything.

Preeta says that she will go out and prove that Karan is wrong and Prithvi cannot be the one behind the mask, but she isn’t able to leave, as the door is locked, then she escapes using the window.

Prithvi comes out and he’s very angry with Sherlyn, he exclaims that men discuss their problems with them, but he doesn’t want her in his life anymore.

Preeta comes into the hallway, she’s not able to find her way and thinks of going to the receptionist, she sees the hand of someone which makes her wonder if he’s the Kidnapper, she immediately hides.

Sameer tries to get the register, Shrishti comes from behind, warning the receptionist to back off, otherwise she will make sure that she gets fired from her job! Shrishti asks her to come with her to the corner, otherwise it will create a lot of problems for her. She then takes her aside, providing Sameer the opportunity to steal the register, she then apologizes before leaving.

Preeta thinks the Kidnappers might not be in the rooms, she’s about to go and talk to him, when her scarf is stuck and as she’s trying to free it, Prithvi locks the door. She is about to walk again, but it got stuck again. Meanwhile, Sherlyn comes from behind her, saying that these women do not even control their scarfs, then how can they take control of their boyfriends??

Shrishti and Sameer are walking when he tells that he was amazed by her, they both start to quarrel and when he says that it was because of his charm, Shristi doesn’t agree saying that it was because she fought with the receptionist. They then very angrily stop each other from fighting and go to check the register, Sameer is very slow, which irritates Shrishti who takes it and finds a suspicious entry, so they both try to check into who that man is.

Prithvi opens the door to find Sherlyn standing there, she very angrily walks in and he wonders why is her surname Khurana, as she’s always angry?

Preeta meanwhile, comes from behind and tries to sneak into the room but she is not able to look inside, and thinks that it might not be that of the Kidnapper, so she will go to the Reception instead.

Prithvi pulls Sherlyn inside asking her why she’s continuously irritating him and everything that she had planned is ruined, because she could not stop calling him, he was about to get the papers signed, but wasn’t able to because of her, she should stop teasing him and let him do what he wants to do. She answers that she has come to save him, because he’s now in a lot of trouble, as both Sameer and Shrishti have arrived at the hotel to catch the Kidnapper, who is him (Prithvi).

Prithvi says that’s not possible, but when he’s proven wrong, he wonders why the Manager did not inform him, as he gave him money to not let anyone come on the floor, they both are in a flex, she asks why did he tell him that they are having a part? Prithvi mentions that he had to, because Karan was unconscious and he had to book the entire floor, so he gave him a lot of money and booked the entire floor. Prithvi starts scolding the Manager. He wonders what he will do now?

Sameer agrees with Shrishti and they see that the room is booked by the name of Khurana industries and someone by the name of Malhotra has checked in, they even think that it’s a suite and has more than one room, so the Kidnapper has chosen it, which is why they should check the same room.

Shrishti and Sameer agree to check it, as they might find Rishab in the room, they also wonder if they will be able to see Preeta and Karan, they both leave.

Sameer gets a call from Rakhi who is asking him to tell the name of the hotel, he says that he will come to her room, but she says that he must not lie, as she knows that he’s also in the hotel, and he must tell her as she’s their (Rishab and Karan) mother, he finally gives her the name. Rakhi asks him to not worry, as she’s coming and she will not let anything happen to them and will come as soon as possible. Kareena asks her to tell her the name, as she will go there instead of her.

Mahira is also listening to their conversation, she remembers that she heard the name of the hotel over the Phone, so she will go and talk to Sherlyn, as she feels that she’s trying to do something awful.

Rakhi stops Kareena asking her why she’s leaving her because she wants to see her children and she cannot do anything without them, as she is their Mother.

Preeta sees the Manager with the master card and thinks of taking it from him, but she isn’t able to think of a way to get the card from him, he sees her, then asking her who she is, he thinks that she’s not a Client, so he calls the Authorities.

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