Zeenat says to Ayesha that Alina was right, they are married, I am sorry. Ayesha cries.

Alina says to Kabeer that I didn’t do anything. Kabeer shouts at her to not say a word!! Zara looks on.

Zeenat calls Kashan, Kashan says our game will change, I have fooled Ayesha and now, she is tensed.

Kabeer and Zara comes home. Zara says you can talk calmly to Alina. Kabeer says you think I am wrong? Kabeer leaves.

Amir calls Alina. Kabeer comes to her room and picks the phone. He hangs up and throws the Phone away. Kabeer says I want to talk. Sit down. Kabeer says I won’t let him do all this. You haven’t done anything. He’s trying to use you, don’t let him win that game. I won’t let him do that to you! Come with me. Kabeer takes Alina out. Zeenat smirks.

Kabeer shows a Newspaper to Alina and says read! He says a girl was called to his home. She fainted and then he… He used social media to ruin lives. And he’s after my sister now. He says tell me if there is something… Alina says brother… Kabeer says don’t be scared of anything.

Ayesha comes and says my daughter took food for a stranger? She misused our freedom. You won’t step out of this house now!

Zara says but her exams are going on. Kabeer says we can’t detain her. He says I trust my Sister completely. He gives her water and says promise me that you my Sister won’t break our trust. Alina says never. Kabeer says to Ayesha don’t worry.

Ayesha prays for Alina. Zeenat and Kashan comes to Ayesha. Zeenat says we have a solution for this problem. Ayesha says what is that solution. Kabeer thinks about Alina. He is worried. Zeenat says to kashan that Alina’s life would be ruined or Zara would have to stop this.

Kabeer recalls how things happened with Alina. Zara comes and hugs him. She holds his hand and says don’t hurt yourself. Ayesha comes there and says the only solution is to marry Alina off, then she can do whatever she wants. Zara says if we arrange her wedding, then Irfan’s truth will come out (About making a fake marriage contract for Alina with Amir). Kabeer says let her study. Ayesha says I don’t want her to do some mistake. Kabeer says we are with her, we will find a solution.

Zeenat shows a guy’s photo to Kashan and says we can give his proposal for Alina, and once the family arranges her Nikah, then we will tell the whole city that the Qazi had lied about Alina’s marriage, and they will be trapped in our game again. Kashan says you are amazing.

Zara says to Kabeer that you can’t do this, marriage is Alina’s right, you have to ask her. Kabeer says what? this is mother’s right, she will find a guy for her. Zara says the world has changed, girls and boys work together, they can choose their life partners themselves. Kabeer says the world didn’t change, the people changed, but we follow our traditions.

Zara makes him waist coat and says what’s wrong in people choosing for themselves? Kabeer says people are getting distracted by love marriage, it’s Parents right so find a proposal for their children. Zara says if a girl likes someone, then why can’t she choose him? Kabeer says you are wrong, it’s not a strong bond.

Ayesha thanks Zeenat for finding Alina a proposal. Zeenat says the boy is very nice, they are a good family, Alina will remain happy. Ayesha says thanks a lot, Alina’s studies are ending and now we can marry her off. Kashan shows her some papers and says I have given the house back to Shehbaz.

Zeenat says this is your house and it will remain yours. Ayesha hugs them. Zeenat thinks that soon, I will bring storm into their lives!

Shehbaz says to Kabeer that the boy is nice, he studied in London, but he follows our tradition, Kashan found a good boy, but what about Alina’s Nikah with Amir? Zara says I think we should wait and ask Alina too. Kabeer says his Parents have always taken Alina’s decision since all her life. Zara says but she can give her suggestion.

Kabeer calls Alina. Ayesha and others comes there. Kabeer says if their Parents select a boy for you, then you won’t have an issue with it right? Ayesha says I am sure she won’t. Zara asks her to think and answer. Alina says I accept the proposal from the family. She cuts Amir’s call. Kabeer hugs her. Zara sees her sad face.

Zara recalls Alina’s words and incidents. Zara thinks that it’s clear that they like each other. I can’t let the family do this. She tries to run, but Ayesha comes there and says you proved that you are a daughter-in-law, you did a lot for us, but you are taking Alina’s side and provoking her to go against us.

Zara says I am your daughter, I am trying to solve this. Ayesha says I want a good family for Alina. Zara says I want that too, I want her to marry someone that she accepts from her heart. They hear some noise.

They all come to the lounge to see Amir there. Kabeer is about to beat him. Zara says listen to what he has to say first.

Amir says I came here for Alina. Kabeer grabs his collar. Zara stops him. Amir says you have made me a criminal, she came and took me to a Doctor as she is a good human, she learnt all this from your family, and can’t a girl support a boy? Kabeer says why did you call only Alina? you are using her!

Ayesha says we have got a good proposal for Alina, please leave her. Amir says I want to meet Alina once before leaving. Kabeer tries to beat him.

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