Karan comes out of the bathroom when Preeta comes demanding that he listen to her, as she wants to talk about his family, she explains that both Mahira and Sherlyn are working together and they are planning to inject Mahesh with something that he wouldn’t even be able to come out of the coma. He gets angry saying that she should talk only with him, as he knows that she doesn’t care about his family, she mentions that Sherlyn was the one that helped the Kidnapper hide in their own house, because when they were searching for the Kidnapper, he was in Rishab Luthra’s wardrobe.

Preeta explains that he must believe her, because she has told him the entire truth, he starts laughing, mentioning that she’s the one behind everything and is now blaming Sherlyn, she is thrown out.

Preeta wakes up and realizes that it’s a dream, she realizes that no one including Rishab would be able to do anything and she knows that Mahesh is an honest person, so how could she let him die, she’s crying when Karan in the room gets a Phone call and leaves the room.

Preeta thinks that he’s right and Rishab is in danger because Sherlyn can do just anything, but how could she let anyone do such a thing, she knows that Mahira and Sherlyn are planning everything together, so how could she stop them, because Karan would never believe her. She realizes that the only way it would happen is when Mahesh wakes up and that’s when he would be able to say to karan that Mahira isn’t the right girl for him, and also Sherlyn is the one behind his accident, so if he tells him the truth, then Karan would believe him.

Preeta wonders how he can say anything now, since he’s still in a coma, she realizes that she would make sure that Sherlyn and Mahira do not get successful in their plan and she would be the one to ruin all of them. Preeta exclaims that no one can loot the property of this house so easily, so she has to do something.

Preeta mentions that Sherlyn was right, as she’s still legally the daughter-in-law of this house, and she can’t do anything except to make sure that she comes back into this house as a daughter-in-law to find the solution and make sure that Sherlyn and Mahira aren’t able to ruin the family, she wonders what her mother will think.

Peeeta remembers how Janki came to Sarla running, asking that she solve the problem of Preeta with the Luthra family, because Bi jee got into an altercation with someone and is now really tensed.

Janki explained that they cannot stop anyone in the society from talking, so what should they do, as they cannot stop everyone from talking, maybe they should talk with the Luthra family and send Preeta back, as she’s now married.

Sarla explained that she doesn’t care about what others think, but only considers what is suitable for her daughter, she is always going to stand with Preeta in any decision that she makes, as she is sure that Preeta could never make any mistake, She assures Janki that she will talk with Bi jee and calm her down.

Preeta thinks that the decision that she is about to make will change everything, but she’s sure that Sarla will stand by her in every decision.

Kareena goes to Rishab asking if he felt bad about what Sanjana said? Rishab mentions that he doesn’t care about what she says,  because she’s not the member of their family. Kareena mentions that he should not talk like this, since she’s his mother-in-law.

Rishab says that he never felt like this, as she never acts like a mother, Kareena says that his wife really cares for him and she was also very tensed when he didn’t come back home, she was the one who informed Rakhi about the tire burst of his car after talking with him.  Rishab thinks that she had never called, so how could she have told his family that he was stuck because of the tire burst, he asks for the time, and when he hears that it was after 1 in the afternoon, he is shocked, as he was kidnapped by 12.

Rishab thinks that she was the one behind his kidnapping which explains why he saw the knife she once used in the room with the Kidnapper, and this problem is a lot troublesome than he thinks. He tries to talk with her, but Rakhi calls him as the Priest is calling, he goes to talk with the Priest.

Sherlyn asks Karan’s Grandma where Mahira is? Karan’s Grandma mentions that it’sbher day and she can do whatever she wants.

Rishab comes asking that he needs to talk about something with Sherlyn, his Grandma refuses to let her go, but he insists and just as he’s pulling her, she thinks that he has finally thought of her, he mentions that he needs to talk about Preeta.

Preeta is standing in the hall thinking that she cannot let anyone change the fate that was written for her and she’s still Karan’s Wife, so how could she give her the license to ruin her marriage, she is the seeta of this house and it cannot change, as Seeta was always with Ram, she wipes off her tears then goes to meet Mahira, informing that she’s Karan’s Wife.

Mahira is in her room thinking that she’s going to marry Karan, she wonders how many girls would have thought of it, but she’s the only one to do it, as she has the courage.

Preeta enters the room, she asks her what she’s doing in her room? Maira exclaims that Karan might have sent her to bring her to the Temple. Mahira says that she cannot understand what satisfaction Karan is getting from doing all this, she’s ready to take her leave, but Preeta pulls her hand, she threatens that Preeta never dares do it again!

Mahira tries to leave, but Preeta stops her, asking where she is going? Mahira exclaims that she’s going to the Temple. Preeta says that she’s still Karan’s legal wife, so Mahira cannot marry him.

Rishab brings Sherlyn into the room, he says that she would not shout and only speak in a low voice, he asks why did she have him kidnapped? Sherlyn isn’t able to understand how he came to know of it, she mentions that she doesn’t know what he means. He says that she knows exactly what’s talking about, as before, he was only suspicious, but he now has proof and wants to know why she had him kidnapped? He mentions that he knows she did it for his money.

Mahira gets furious asking if she is drunk? Preeta exclaims that she is not drunk, but Mahira tried to do it to Karan in Holi, so that she could get close to him, she would then be able to force him to marry her, which didn’t work, as she was there to stop her and even now that she’s standing in front of her.

Mahira mentions that she is going to marry Karan, bur Preeta exclaims that she cannot do it, as Preeta is still Karan’s Wife and according to Hindu law, one person cannot marry another girl, if he’s alreay married to someone else.

Mahira mentions that the marriage between Karan and Preeta was a joke, but Preeta explains that even Sherlyn told her today that she is still Karan’s legal wife. Preeta explains that she is Karan’s Wife, and even tried to inform Mahira on her henna function that she should back out, but she didn’t listen. Preeta says that her relationship with Karan will remain untill the seven lives.

Karan walks into Mahesh’s room. He speaks to Mahesh that he badly hates Preeta Arora, he regrets being absent when Mahesh had opened his eyes, else he wouldn’t have let Preeta hurt him. She is the biggest enemy of the family, and from now onwards, her entry will be banned in the house.

Preeta threatens Mahira that she won’t let Mahira be a part of this family. She has taken enough advantage of her differences with Karan. She and Sherlyn always prove her responsible for every problem in the house, but she still stands here, as a shield of the family. She and Karan are connected by heart, and when they married, they were tied in a relationship for seven lives, and if she is unable to spot vermilion in her hairline yet.

Mahira asks Preeta if she is done with her lengthy lesson? since it’s useless, as Karan won’t even accept Preeta in this life, let alone of seven lives. Everything Preeta talks about is pointless. She is sure, none of this family member will shed a single tear, even if she dies.

Sameer and Shrishti come looking for Karan. They spot him in Mahesh’s room, holding an earring. Shrishti recognizes the earring, and thinks he is watching this with much love. Karan hits the earring on a wall. They realize he is angry instead.

Rishab drags Sherlyn inside. Rishab was furious that Sherlyn knew already that he was about to be kidnapped in the market, and she told the family that his Car was punctured instrad. This shows she had planned his kidnap.

Sherlyn denies the accusation. He shouts at her not to lie! Sherlin justifies why she would need to acquire his property by false means? She is his wife, and everything he owns is ultimately hers. Rishab says he would clear the reasons. He holds a fruit plate and says he can’t see a knife here. Sherlyn remembers she had given the knife to Prithvi. Rishab pushes her to a wall, he says he never spoke to a girl loudly. He never blames anyone pointlessly. She has tried to let Preeta down multiple times!

Sherlyn complains that there exists spousal problems between them, because of Preeta. Rishab screams that this has all been planned by Sherlyn, only to get the property papers signed! Sherlyn throws a vase nearby, and admit that she did it.

Preeta tells Mahira that she and Sherlyn never get off this family’s way. She misleads them even today. Mahira wasn’t interested in listening to all this. She is marrying Karan today. Preeta says if Mahira is planning to kill Mahesh? Mahira seems shocked. Preeta says she heard their plans. Sherlyn kidnapped Rishab, and even Mahira is a part of her plot. When she marries Karan today, she and Sherlin will got to any extent to accomplish their plan. She says she will never let her marry Karan. She will stop her wedding.

Mahira asks how she will do this? Preeta says Savitri saved her husband from Yamraj, and here she has to confront a witch like her. She will call the Police, as she’s of Karan.

Sherlyn tells Rishab that it was Karan who blamed Preeta, Kareena and everyone else also blamed her, so did she. But Rishab blames none but her. She was angry and broke the plate today, but next time, she will take an even bigger step. Rishab walks closer and asks what she will do?? Sherlyn recalls her talk with Mahira about killing Mahesh. She changes her tone and pleads why Rishab is always angry with her? She blames Preeta.

Rishab says he must have done the same even if it was Sameer and Shrishti. Smoke emits only from where there is fire. There is something wrong with her. Sherlyn swears on her Mom that she didn’t get him kidnapped. She silently praises herself for handling emotional fools like them.

Kareena comes to the room. Sherlyn wipes her tears. Kareena asks what’s wrong? Sherlyn says it’s nothing. Kareena sends Sherlyn to go and bring Mahira to the hall.

Preeta threatens that Mahira’s game is finished!  Mahira locks the door and thinks she will have to stop Preeta, otherwise she won’t be able to marry Karan. Preeta was determined not to let her leave the room. Preeta pushes her aside and was about to open the door, when Mahira suddenly hits the back of her head with a vase. Preeta was hurt, but stops another strike of Mahira’s.
Sherlyn was on her way to the room.

Mahira clutches Preeta’s neck and tries to suffocate her. Preeta now hits Mahira’s head with a vase. She falls and passed out on the floor. Preeta tells Mahira to get up, but she doesn’t move.

Kareena stops Rishab in the Corridor. She asks Rishab what happened between him and Sherlyn that he dislikes Sherlyn a lot? They will anyways discuss about it after the wedding.

Kritika spots Rishab in the corridor and asks what’s wrong? Rishab explains to Kritika that he didn’t slap Sherlyn. He never gives anyone a chance to blame him. Sherlyn is turning him into a different man. Kritika assures her trust over her Rishab. Rishab was about to share his doubts over Sherlyn with her, but stops himself. He tells her to go, while he will bring Karan. He silently thinks he will have to watch his doubts over Sherlyn. He will speak to her about ending their relationship, once Karan’s wedding is over.

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