Preeta panics that Mahira is not moving at all. She checks on her pulse and was relieved. Sherlyn had reached outside the room. Preeta looks at the unconscious Mahira. Sherlyn whispers they will accomplish their plan, once she is married; she needs to hurry up.

Preeta thinks that now she is sure of their plan and can not let Mahesh die. She wipes her tears in a new determination. Mahira’s kaleeran was tucked on her arm. Preeta considers it a symbol of what she had thought. She must marry Karan now, just the way Karan had married her. It seems to be God’s wish as well.

Preeta now drags Mahira behind the sofa. Sherlyn now hurried Mahira to open the door. Preeta replies she is coming. Sherlyn says the sound doesn’t seems like hers. Preeta pulls Mahira’s scarf and a bottle falls on the floor.

Sherlyn thinks she knows the reason the sound did not seem like Mahira’s. She goes to knock on the door again, but it opens, and the bride walks out. It was Preeta under the veil.

Rishab comes from behind and Sherlyn had to walk silently, but as soon as Rishab moves ahead; Sherlyn stops Mahira. She scolds Mahira for not answering her calls, and even hiding her face under the veil. She threatens to tell her the truth herself. Under the veil, Preeta was stressed.

There in Mahesh’s room, Shrishti and Sameer watch Karan hug Mahesh. Rishab joins them. Rishab was hurt that he has never seen Karan like this, he feels really helpless today.

Shrishti says there are problems in life, and one has to find a way out. Rishab was hurt that only Mahesh can speak to Karan at such a moment, because he is unable to speak to him. Shrishti requests Rishab to let Karan be with Mahesh, and not take him to the Temple. Rishab says Karan is being stubborn, if they try to stop him now, he will be more assertive. He goes to the room.

There, Shrishti and Sameer thinks their plan will work this time and Karan will get unconscious. This will be the best plan to stop this marriage.

Preeta did not understand what Sherlyn was talking about. Sherlyn tells her to stay here and goes to the room to get her perfume. She scolds her again for drinking alcohol. Preeta understands that her dress smelled of alcohol, and this is the reason Sherlyn was scolding her.

Preeta spots Mahira from the mirror and tries to cover the view. Sherlyn is still angry with Mahira and warns her to not play anymore games. She says there is a lot of alcohol smell and it’s better she keeps her mouth shut, and face covered.

Sherlyn takes Preeta and all across the corridor she was excited about her plan. Preeta thinks that she is marrying Karan under the veil, but there is nothing wrong in it. She is legally Karan’s wife and will remain so; its her duty to protect this family from a witch like Sherlin and she will rightfully do.

Sarla prayed in her house for Preeta. She cries that Preeta was dodged into marrying Karan and she accepted her fate. Then Karan left her in the middle of the road in the dark, she still accepted her fate. She prays for justice for Preeta now. Whatever had gone wrong must be corrected.

Karan had reached the Temple. Kareena tells Karan not to leave the Temple this time to look for Preeta again. Karan tells the Priest to start the wedding. He requests Rakhi to bring Mahesh to the hall if possible, it’s his wedding today. Karan’s Grandma says they surely can.

Everyone turns their faces to the bride, as Sherlyn brings Preeta downstairs under the veil. Preeta thinks that whatever she is doing is right. If she has to protect this family and this house and save Mahesh, then she must take this step. She’s still unsure of what will happen next.

Karan’s Grandma asks Mahira why she was wearing a veil? Sherlyn qualifies there are a lot of hurdles in their wedding, so it’s better Mahira covers her face.

Karan feels a vibe, as Preeta sits besides him.

Shrishti writes a message for Rishab in which she thanks Rishab for always standing by them. Although they never speak a lot, but today, she is writing each word by heart. He fought for her when the Police arrested her and helped Preeta at every moment.

Rishab gets the text from Shrishti. Sameer notices Rishab and Shrishti talk to each other on text. Rishab wish he could do some more for the both of them.

Sameer sends a message to Shrishti, asking what’s going on? Shrishti replies, it’s nothing Mr. J. Sameer wonders what Mr. J means.

The Priest was asking Karan and Mahira to hold hands. Preeta thinks she needn’t worry, Karan neither recognizes the purity of her heart nor her soul, do he might not recognize her hands. Everyone from the family compels Mahira to hold Karan’s hand. Sherlyn wonders what if Mahira is too drunk?

Karan holds Preeta’s hand. He senses a familiarity with the grip. Karan moves forward to pull off the veil, but he feels dizziness. Everyone was concerned. Shrishti was happy that their plan is working. She decides to give hik the tablet again, else Karan may not remain weary anymore. She sends a message to Sameer.

Kritika notices something fishy between Sameer and Shrishti. Sherlyn brings some lime water for Karan. Preeta was again stressed, as Ramona compels her to pull off her veil and have lime water.

In the room, Shrishti asks Sameer for another tablet they gave Karan. They can’t risk Karan getting well again and marry Mahira in his rage. Sameer was left with the last tablet. Shrishti decides that Sameer will give the next tablet to Karan as well.

Sherlyn request Ramona to not remove the veil. They must let the traditions prevail. Sherlyn and Ramona later stand together. She was offended that her daughter, Mahira Khanna is wearing a veil.

Outside, the Media awaits a few glimpses of her bridal look. Sherlyn says the reality is that her daughter is drunk. Her mouth and clothes stink. Ramona is now apologetic.

The Wedding Reception ritual had begun. Preeta silently cries, thinking about these rituals during the first wedding. The couple was seated again. Rakhi comes for tying of the knot.

Sherlyn smirks that this family will soon be a puppet in her hand. She will decide the fates and track of each character. This Mahesh Luthra went against her, and here he sits as almost dead. She looks around for Sameer and Shrishti. They must be cooking something along with Preeta. She goes inside to keep a check on them.

In the room, Mahira wakes up on the floor. She’s back in her senses.

Shrishti tells Sameer that no one will judge him for forcing Karan to drink this juice. Sameer says they are paying so much attention on Mahira that they forgot where Preeta is. Shrishti says she must be crying somewhere in a corner; she just shows that she is strong but she actually isn’t. She asks Sameer why he’s helping her, he should have helped Karan. She gets emotional that it’s Sameer who helped her and gave her confidence to be able to do something meaningful.

Sameer explains that he wants to be on the right side, and right now, Shrishti is right, and the day Karan realizes his mistake, he will surely apologize to Preeta. Sherlyn comes to them. Sameer takes a flee.

Sherlyn taunts that Shirshti must go and look for Preeta in the terrace, what if she is taking her own life? Shrishti is offended. Sherlyn boasts that she defeated all of their plans, when they had planned to stop his wedding with Rishab. She still married Rishab. And now, they want to stop Karan’s wedding, but all in vain. Shrishti says they haven’t yet played their card. Sherlyn should get herself some popcorn and watch the show.

Mahira tries to stand up and call Sherlyn, but she has no energy.

Outside, Sherlyn is happy that Shrishti was extremely frustrated.

Mahira was gaining consciousness. She pulls a vase down. Outside, Sherlin decides to call Prithvi, and upon hearing the clutter, she rushes to Mahira’s room.

Karan and Preeta’s wedding had begun. Sanjana tells Kareena she’s really happy with this wedding. Kareena says she’s afraid Preeta doesn’t try to stop this wedding, otherwise, Mahira is her choice and she’s also extremely happy.

Sameer brings juice for Karan. Everyone asks why he stopped the wedding? Sameer says Karan felt suffocation, he just wants to give him the juice for energy. Karan’s Grandma takes the juice from Sameer and takes it to Karan herself.

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