Kabeer and Zara comes to the restaurant. Kabeer orders food for Zara, she says you won’t eat, as you don’t eat on the table. Kabeer says it’s not necessary. He says I will make you smile, he tells her riddles. They promote award shows. Zara says I love Ranveer Singh.

Rizwan meets a woman, she says your hunt is our enemy, all are ready, just give us money. Rizwan gives her money.

Kabeer serves food to Zara. Kabeer jokes with her. Suddenly, a stone falls on them. Kabeer asks if she is fine? He looks around and says where did it come from?

Suddenly, a lot of women come there and try to go to Kabeer. She says Zara is a sinner, she should serve her husband, but she’s making Kausar work out of home, so all women can go astray, she is distracting women!

Zara says what’s my fault? what’s my sin? A Woman says you are neither a good woman nor Wife, Kausar wants to work with other men and wants to make her kids learn other language. Zara says our religion allows to learn all languages. The Woman says you don’t even respect your husband.

Kabeer says she is a pious woman and wife, she works for women and their rights. The Woman says so you think Kausar is right?

Zara says my husband is the Qazi, and he’s not here to answer all that, you can ask anyone who is wrong here.

The Restaurant Manager asks the women to leave before he calls the Police! The women leave. A Waiter says I saw that woman taking money from someone.

The Woman comes to Rizwan and asks him to run away. Kabeer comes out of the hotel and sees someone standing with their back to him. He runs behind him, it’s Rizwan, as he was the one that gave the woman money. Rizwan starts running. Kabeer runs behind him, Rizwan puts shawl on himself. Kabeer tries to fight him, but Rizwan runs and hides. Kabir sees his coat button stuck in the shawl.

Salma calls Zara and asks what happened? Zara says don’t worry, I will come with Kabeer. She ends the call. Rizwan comes to the house, he is scared and runs to his room.

Rizwan comes to Suraiya and takes off his coat, he says burn this, nobody should know this is my coat, he sees his coat button missing and realizes he lost it when he was fighting Kabeer, he says this shouldn’t have happened.

Kabeer comes to Zara. He shows her the button and says it’s the coat button of the one that gave that woman money. Kabeer asks her to look carefully. Zara says we can find whose coat that is. Kabeer says leave this case. I am scared for you, these women are behind you and you are fighting for them.

Zara says I couldn’t present this case well, I couldn’t prove to be a good Wife and fighter. Kabeer says no, you handled this case so well but I am scared, I can’t bear you being hurt. Zara says nobody can touch me when you are with me. Kabeer sighs and hugs her, he kisses her hands. Zara says Salma and Irfan are worried. Let’s go there.

Zara and Kabeer comes to Salma’s house. Zara says Kabeer had an accident. Salma sees his wounds. Kabeer says it’s okay. Salma says I want Zara to leave this case. Kabeer asks why? Rizwan comes there too.

Salma asks Rizwan why he changed his coat? Rizwan says it was dirty after I went to the hospital.

Suraiya goes to bring medicine for Kabeer. Rizwan asks Kabeer what he’s thinking? Kabeer shows him the button. Rizwan thinks I have to take this from him.

Kabeer shows the button to Rizwan and says he’s using women to fight against me, I will find him and will make him pay, I won’t spare him! Zara asks him to not be angry at Rizwan.

Zara tells him about the incident. Zara says someone paid those women. Zara says we don’t know who he is. Rizwan says we can find him. Zara says no, we think he is in front of us, I think Bilal did this. Kabeer says what? Zara says I went against him. Kabeer says I will find out about this button, but it’s definitely not Bilal. Zara says we have to find if his hand has scratches on them.

Salma comes there with tea and asks Rizwan about the wound on his hand. Kabeer sees it and is stunned. He recalls how he had scratched it. Zara says how did you get it?

Suraiya sees this and screams. All come there. She is crying. Rizwan asks what happened? Suraiya says I am sorry that I hurt you, your hand got scratched because of my nails, I am a bad mother, I got a fit and scratched him, I should just die! Rizwan says don’t say that, it’s your illness, I am your son, you are my heaven, don’t say all that. Kabeer looks on. He brings first-aid and washes Rizwan’s wounds, he says God will be nice with you.

Salma says how did this happen? why didn’t I hear all that? Rizwan says to Salma that you know she shouts, but I calmed her, and made her not shout. Kabeer says your mother will be fine soon, he leaves with Zara, but Rizwan stops him. Rizwan asks Kabeer to give him the button, I am Zara’s brother I will find him. Kabeer says I am her husband, I will find him. He leaves. Rizwan thinks he will lose because of his ego! They all leave.

Rizwan comes to Suraiya and says you act so well. One Media woman is trying to find news on Kausar and Bilal’s case. Suraiya calls her and says they are forcing Kausar to stay at home. The Media woman asks Kausar.

Kausar says Zara raised her voice for me, she is taking a stand for me and I couldn’t do anything without her. Rizwan pays women for them to chant in favour of Zara and chant against Kabeer.

Riots start in the city, men are chanting against Zara for distracting women.

Kabeer tells Zara that Bilal didn’t have any wound and his clothes doesn’t match with this button. Zara says then who gave the money to the women? Some people come outside their car. Zara says you won’t go out.

Kabeer takes the window down, the men asks him to come out. Kabeer comes out and sees fire in a bottle. He brings Zara out. The Man says all shops are closing, riots have started, leave from here. Kabeer sees people screaming. Zara says come home, it’s dangerous.

Kabeer and Zara are running to go home. The Man asks them to run, because the rioters are angry. Kabeer sees angry crowd coming there, he runs with Zara. Kabeer sees a truck and jumps on it. He pulls Zara on it and hugs her. He kisses her forehead and says thank God. Zara says remember our first meeting? Kabeer says it’s similar to this.

Rizwan sees news about people going against Kabeer for not giving rights to women, they are not picking up the call. Suraiya says what next? Rizwan says storm in their lives!

Men are chanting against Zara, and the women against Kabeer.

Kabeer and Zara are in the truck. She says I thank God for making me meet you. Kabeer says I thank God for making me feel this feeling. She says ehat feeling? tell me. Kabeer says the purest feeling of this world, the feeling of love. Zara sits on his lap and says is this love or duty? He says duty. She looks away. Kabeer says keeping you happy is my duty and seeing you happy is my love. Zara smiles.

Rizwan says to Suraiya that we need a masterplan to deal with Kabeer, as he was so furious about the coat button, of which I used Zara’s words to make men go against her and the women against Kabeer, and Irfan will be forced to take back Kabeer’s name, after which I will become the Qazi. Suraiya says your Uncle can take te seat back. Rizwan shows her the poison bottle.

Kabeer says to Zara that we argued over triple talak (divorce). Zara says our thoughts were different. Kabeer says we are still separate in thoughts, can’t you take my thoughts? Zara says I don’t like this talk. Kabeer says we are always thinking differently, we are not on one page, I don’t want my wife to work outside, I want her to always be in the house and love me, so take back Kausar’s case, I don’t like it. Zara looks on.

The Country’s Qazi calls Irfan over the phone and says what is happening in Lucknow City? Irfan says what? The Qazi says people are dividing because of Kabeer and Zara, they have separated them, take your seat back and end this issue. He ends the call.

Rizwan hears it and smirks. Salma says Zara has put Kabeer’s seat at stake, their relationship can suffer due to this.

Kabeer says to Zara that we fought so much in one year, what will happen for life? Zara and Kabeer at the trunk of the truck they’re in, sees people shouting against Kabeer and Zara. Kabeer says we have to handle them, I will go. Zara says it’s dangerous there. Kabeer says I left my phone in my car, you stay here, I will go and talk to them. Zara also left her phone in the Car. Zara says let’s go home, then we will see what we can do.

Shehbaz takes his phone from Amaan, who has been playing games with it, and left it in flight mode all the while. Shehbaz checks his phone and sees messages and so many missed calls on it.

Kashan shows Shehbaz riots in the City and people going against Kabeer and Zara. Ayesha says what is happening? She tells Shehbaz to call Irfan, but he tells that he has to speak to his Son, Kabeer first.

Irfan is also watching the news. The reporter says Zara and Kabeer are missing. Salma says to Irfan that Zara is responsible for all this. Irfan says we have to stand with Zara, we have to find out who is behind this riot.

Rizwan says my plan is working, now the national Sharia board will pressurize Irfan to take back the seat from Kabeer, I will make Irfan weak with this poison that he will give me the seat after which I will make him leave this world, and I will have the Qazi’s seat.

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