Sameer is really happy that Preeta has come back saying that she is changing and it might be for good, he hears that Karan’s Grandma and Kritika are coming and Karan’s Grandma exclaiming that she was wrong and this kind of a situation causes tension, so he asks what has happened? She says that Preeta has entered into the house and even when she tried to blackmail Rakhi, it didn’t work, so she took the help of the people from NGO to come into their house!

Sameer tries to explain that Preeta is not right in this case and even Kritika is not with Preeta, saying that she is wrong this time. He sits with Karan’s Grandma when she mentions that she is feeling pain in her feet, he requests that he calls Preeta for her, but she refuses, mentioning that she cannot bear the family together with Preeta in same place.

Shrishti is with Janki and Sarla, she asks Janki if she will be her best friend, as she no longer has her Sister, so she needs someone else, and if she refuses, then she will present the same thing to Grandma.

Janki exclaims that she’s her best friend and her relationship with Sarla is really different, as she’s like a coconut who is stubborn and hard from the outside, but is really soft hearted.

Sarla calls Shrishti ordering that she call and ask if Preeta has settled in the Luthra Mansion. Shrishti says that she will call the, but Sarla explains that she wants that Shrishti call Sameer. Shristi tries calling him then, but he doesn’t pick up, as he fears what Karan’s Grandma would say to that. Shrishti says to Sarla that he’s not answering the call, she again tries to call him.

Preeta asks Gaitri what she should do next? Gaitri mentions that she would now stay as Karan Luthra’s Wife because he has accepted her as his wife, and besides, the Inspector has also assured that nothing wrong will happen to her.

Gaitri blesses the both of them, mentioning that they may live a happy life, while explaining that problems arise in every family, but now, that their work is finished here, they must also take their leave.

Rishab thinks that he feels this is the start of a troublesome time, but he’s just hopeful that nothing wrong happens.

Mahira thinks that she will make sure Karan throws her out of the house, immediately the Inspector leaves, she will instigate Karan to the extent that she would be thrown out of the house!

The Inspector stops all of them from leaving, saying that there is something really important that they still have to fulfill and it’s the GrehPerwash (welcoming of the new bride into the house).

Karan mentions that there is no such ritual in their family. Rishab however stops him, saying that they follow the ritual, as he was the first to marry and Sherlyn did her GrehPerwash.

Gaitri also says that their NGO would have achieved a lot after the function of GrehPerwash in their house.

Karan explains that he knows what kind of a person Preeta really is!

The Inspector says that she’s a die hard fan of Karan, but she cannot refuse to accept that he will treat Preeta with the respect that she duly deserves, because if he doesn’t do it, then she will be forced to come and visit Preeta multiple times, which she doesn’t want to do.

Ramona and Kareena both try to question her, but she explains that she’s not afraid of them and has not enough time to listen and worry about their threats! She goes to Rakhi demanding that she prepares the tray for the prayer, as she’s Preeta’s Mother-in-law. She then orders Sherlyn to go and set the room for both Karan and Preeta.

Mahira says that they have done it and she should just leave after witnessing the GrehPerwash.

The Inspector isn’t convinced saying that if they have not prepared for the GrehPerwash (Welcoming Ritual), then how could they have prepared the room?

Mahira refuses to let her see the room, as she is an outsider. Sherlyn stops Mahira saying that she would go and finalize the room, she also sends her Constable after both Mahira and Sherlyn. She even orders Ganesh to help Karan’s Grandma come with them.

Preeta thinks that her mother has given her the strength to fight for her right, and so she will never stop fighting, as she has her mother to stand with her. She will never let her mother bow after being ashamed of her.

Sarla is checking the phone, Shrishti wakes u, asking if their phone has no issues with the connectivity? They explain that there is nothing wrong. Sarla sits back wondering if she has done the right thing to send her daughter to the Luthra’s house, as they are all like a lion’s den there.

Shrishti goes to sit with her saying that she shouldn’t worry, as Preeta has gone to her own house and she must not forget that Preeta is also the daughter of a lioness and she will have the strength to fight for what is right.

Rakhi is searching for the oil lamp in the Kitchen and she’s really stressed. Kareena comes asking what she is doing here? She mentions that she’s searching for them. Kareena says that they keep them in the cabinet beside the Temple. Kareena says that she is stressed, as she used to trust and love Preeta a lot, but she has ruined her trust after bringing the people from NGO into their house, so she will never trust her ever again.

Kareena explains that she must never become emotional when Preeta tries to emotionally blackmail her. Kareena then mentions that they would have to go back with the prayer tray.

Mahira and Sherlyn are decorating the room, the Constable leaves, and Mahira lies down on the bed exclaiming that it was supposed to be her who should have been with Karan, but Preeta has ruined everything!

Sherlyn tries to make her sit, but she refuses, the Constable comes back, ordering that she sit up, as she was ordered to decorate the room and not lie around! Sherlyn stops her from scolding Mahira the more, explaining that Mahira got dizzy, so she would help her, they then start decorating the bed with rose flowers.

Mahira pinches her finger, then realizes that she could also leave rose tgorns on the bed, she tries doing it, but the Constable warns that she might have her arrested!

Karan’s Grandma asks Kritika to take her to her room. Sameer thinks that he can now call Shrishti, otherwise she would get really mad at him. Karan’s Grandma asks what he’s thinking about, to which he cannot answer as she orders that he come with her. Kritika says that he wants to witness what is happening in the hall. They are talking when Ganesh comes saying that she is calling Karan’s Grandma, but she declines saying that she would not come, as she cannot witness anymore of the drama!

Ganesh explains that she is being called to give her blessings to Preeta, but Karan’s Grandma says that she is not the member of their family and they should both stop laughing. Ganesh explains that it is the Inspector who is calling her, so she has to come.

Kritika explains that if they don’t go, then it would create more problems, so Karan’s Grandma then agrees to go with her.

Sameer hugs Ganesh mentioning that he’s also happy that Preeta is coming back, as she will make sure that every problem that is in their family is solved, they both go to get the prayer tray for the Greh Prewash.

Gaitri asks Preeta why she’s standing inside the house, she gets worried to which the Inspector mentions that she must go out of the house, only then will they be able to perform the GrehPerwash.

Karan is with Rishab saying that Preeta is really clever, as she’s doing all those things that she wants to do, but he will never let her succeed! He sees Rishab smiling, Rishab theb says that he doesn’t believe him. Rishab says that Karan was sure that the Inspector would take his side earlier on, but she’s only doing what is right, otherwise it would be meaningless. Rishab says that he’s proud of Karan however he leaves and stands in front of Preeta.

Sameer and Ganesh brings the prayer tray.

The Constable orders that Mahira take out the rose thorns that she has laid on the bed! Mahira refuses to accept that she has done anything wrong, but the Constable says that if she doesn’t follow her orders, she would have her arrested!! Mahira takes them out and leaves the room in anger. The Constable also orders that Sherlyn leave the room, as she’s suspicious of her actions, she also gets frustrated with her.

Preeta asks Karan to come and stand with her, as they would both perform the GrehPerwash together, he refuses to accept her proposal, saying that he will not perform any rituals with her and she should do them alone!

The Inspector asks why he would not do it, as he’s Preeta’s husband, but Karan is still adamant about not standing with her which angers the Inspector, who orders that they arrest everyone in the Luthra family!!

The Luthra family try to stop the Police from arresting Karan, Rishab assures that he will make sure Karan follows her orders. Preeta also stops them by saying that this should not be the case, and there is no need to take him to the Police station. Rakhi also assures them that he will not insult Preeta anymore.

The Inspector asks the Constable to come out, explaining that she shouldn’t take Karan’s side as he’s insulting her right before their eyes.

Rakhi however orders Karan to stand with Preeta on the other side of the door, when it happens, Preeta demands that Mahira take the tray from Kareena and put it down, as she might be tired.

Rakhi comes forward and she’s about to perform the rituals when she remembers how she convinced Karan to come and see Preeta, as she’s her lucky charm. The police Inspector asks her why she has stopped?

Mahira runs into her room and she starts cleaning her hands, Sherlyn comes mentioning that she might have made a lot of mistakes and it might have gotten full, because she has lost the battle and the stars of Preeta might have waken up, as she feels that God is writing her destiny because nothing wrong can happen to her.

Mahira refuses to accept her words, mentioning that she has a plan and will be the one to throw Preeta out of the house the very next day!

Preeta stops Rakhi from doing the ritual, the Inspector asks what has happened, as she must let her do the ritual. Karan says that she is just acting, at which the Inspector says to Rishab that this is the very reason she said that she would have to come and check on them from time to time.

Preeta says that she only wanted to stop her, because when she left her own house, her mother was crying and really worried, so she wants that her mother also see that she is going to perform the GrehPerwash, so she calls her mother.

Shrishti answers the call and Gaitri along with everyone greet her mentioning that there is no need to worry, as Preeta is going to enter into her own house which is a really good sign.

Rishab takes the phone and then Rakhi starts the welcoming prayer, after which she asks Preeta to hit the vase with her right foot, and after placing her feet in the marriage tray, would enter the house, as along with her, Lakshmi will also enter her house.

Preeta performs her GrehPerwash, finally entering the Luthra family as Karan’s wife, on seeing this, Sameer and Rishab are really happy while Karan is really frustrated. She slips while walking and takes the support of Karan.

Rishab mentions that all the rituals of the GrehPerwash have finished and now, they will take the blessings of the elders, everyone is shocked to see him thus, he then mentions that he knows all the rituals. Karan’s Grandma wonders why he’s so happy with the wedding?

Karan and Preeta take the blessings of both Karan’s Grandma and Kareena, then turn towards Rakhi and she smiles after giving them her blessings, mentioning that they must live a happy and contented life together.

Rishab mentions that they (The Aurora’s) should give the blessings to the both of them. Rishab congratulates all of them mentioning that they should also be happy, as they are now relatives. Kareena is shocked at his words, he ends the call and welcomes Preeta into the house.

The Inspector also congratulates them and mentions that she’s going to take her leave for now, but will definitely come from time to time, as she hasn’t fulfilled her duty, she explains that she’s his (Karan’s) big fan and has seen all his matches, so she would also wish to see how he fulfils them in his life. They then leave the Luthra Mansion. The NGO women also take their leave as well.

Shrishti celebrates mentioning that all those things they wanted has eventually happened, they bring sweets and start eating them. Shrishti exclaims that there is still one ritual which has to be performed.

Preeta comes into Mahesh Luthra’s room, mentioning that she has finally entered the house. They now have the relationship of a daughter and father and she will always call him Papa, so that she is able to protect him and the entire family, as she always wants the betterment of this family, she exclaims that he should give her blessings, so that she is able to fight those who desire the wrong of this family and also that she has the strength to fight them all.

The End of This is Fate S2 for now, and to be replaced with the return of the popular series “RING OF FIRE”

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