The Doctor checks <span;>Irfan and says don’t worry, he is fine, just give him the medicine that I gave you. Zara says Rizwan has been the one giving him medicine, but I will use yours from now on. Rizwan smirks.

All the society members fast and pray for Irfan. The Reporter says that Rizvi has decided to keep Kabeer on his position seeing the way he handled the situation until Irfan becomes fine. Rizwan is angry.

Shehbaz says to Kabeer that I am proud of how you so well handled this situation. Zeenat says but until when will this go on, because Bilal and Kausar’s case is still on, and Zara hasn’t changed, she was at Kausar’s house earlier too.

Zara says I wanted to know why she went to the Media. Ayesha says it’s right that you questioned her, she insulted Kabeer by calling the Media. Zara says no, Kausar didn’t call the Media, someone else called them and she didn’t know what to say.

Zeenat asks why she can’t leave the case? Zara says it’s in the Sharia board, I will fight this case. Shehbaz says Kabeer, until when Will your wife keep acting like this? can’t she stop going to the Sharia board? Zeenat says Zara is stubborn, she doesn’t want to leave the Sharia board, can you leave it Zara? tell us.

Kabeer looks on and goes to Zara. He says no Zeenat, she won’t leave the Sharia board, she will not leave putting her husband down, she doesn’t listen to my thoughts, you got your answer? He leaves from there. Ayesha says to Zara that don’t let any case or Kausar come in between you and Kabeer.

Kabeer is getting ready. Zara brings towel and wipes his body. He asks for it, but Zara runs away. He tries to grab it. Sajna tere bina plays… Kabeer grabs her and throws her on the bed, he puts towel on her face. He pokes her face. She laughs. Zara says you look so nice smiling like this, I don’t like the angry Kabeer. Kabeer moves away.

Zara says don’t be angry, you already know the procedure of the Sharia board. Kabeer says we are not one. Zara says don’t say that, we love each other. Kabeer says our different thoughts is weakening our relationship, I will try to handle it until I can.

Shehbaz calls Salma and asks her to explain to Zara, as she’s creating rift between herself and Kabeer, he ends the call.

Salma calls Zara and says I want to talk to you, come and meet me. Zara says okay.

Irfan talks to Kabeer and says this argument is long, people are asking if women can work outside the house or not?

Salma asks Zara if she went to Kausar? Zara says I can’t leave this case, she’s not at fault. Salma says if you are not listening to us, then why pretend to follow Islam? She takes her hjiab and puts it on fire.

Kabeer runs and puts the fire out. He pulls Zara closer. Salma says Islam asks us to follow our husbands, why don’t you leave the Sharia board? you want to be on Kausar’s side, the same one that insulted your husband? Salma tells Zara to decide if she wants to protect their respect or go on the streets??

Zara hugs her and says I never went against Islam, it doesn’t say to agree with husband on everything, this is society’s teaching which doesn’t allow women to raise their voice, they take off their scarfs like you did, so I get scared?

Zara sits down and cries. Kabeer hugs her. She says Islam allows women to work, I wanted to use my right to put this forward, people want us to become silent, we have right to smile, work and be happy.

Salma says you have to think about your duty as rights, that Kausar insulted your husband. Zara gets angry and says why don’t you understand that she didn’t call the Media? Salma says your husband was insulted, was that not wrong?

Zara says if Kabeer was blamed, then it was because of his thoughts, his vision is wrong. Kabeer is stunned and moves away from Zara. Zara says that Kabeer’s thoughts are wrong, he was blamed because of his wrong thinking. Kabeer is shocked. Salma says to Kabeer that don’t listen to her.

Zara sits with Irfan. Salma asks Zara to say sorry to Kabeer, why are you breaking your house? Zara says what will I say to women who are backing me to give them rights? I will not leave the Sharia board at any cost and will fight for them. She leaves.

Zara is walking on the road. One woman says she is distracting women from following their husbands, she should be beaten. The Women start beating her badly… Kabeer wakes up screaming Zara’s name, it was his dream.

Zara wakes up and hugs him. Kabeer is worried about her, he recalls everyone going against Zara and telling her that she never listens to her husband.

In the morning, Kabeer and Zara offer namaz together. Zara says I know you are worried, but everything will be fine. Kabeer says we have to be careful before taking a decision, Irfan is getting fine too, I think it’s better if you are not there when the decision is given. Zara says why? I want justice for Kausar.

Kabeer shouts that fights will start again, this city had chaos because of you, I will be insulted too, what will people think when they know that his wife thinks his thoughts are wrong?? Zara says if this is justice, then why can’t I come there? Kabeer says you will start a fight there.

Zara says I am a Sharia board member, so why will I be stopped? Kabeer says as your husband, I am ordering you to not come to the Sharia board, otherwise! Zara says what then?

The Servant comes there and says some goons are outside the house. They all come to the lounge. People are trying to enter the house. Kabeer holds the gate. Electricity goes off. A man comes inside the house and fights with Kabeer. He puts gun on Kabeer and says you hurt our friend, but we won’t hurt you, Zara has hurt our people, she tried to provoke women, we don’t want our women to work outside of the house!

Kabeer says you are threatening us and telling me that you respect me? The Goon asks Zara to leave Kausar’s case, this is our last warning! They all leave.

Kabeer says the one behind this must be the same man that gave money to those women. He says I will go to the Police for this. Shehbaz says how many people will you fight? They are all against your wife, you can’t handle her? they will not bear their women working outside, your Wife works with other men, we men are made to work for our women, you can’t bear her working, but she wants all women to work outside? Tell her to not go to the Sharia board.

Ayesha asks Zara to not put her life in danger for a small thing. Zara says they are trying to make me scared, they can stop me, but I will fight for my people, nobody can snatch our rights from us.

Kabeer brings Quran there. He says to Zara that if you come to the Sharia board for Kausar’s case, then I promise on Quran that you will never return to this house and we will never live under the same roof again! Zara is shocked.

Zara cries and recalls Kabeer’s promise. Kabeer comes there and hears her sobbing. He offers her tissue. She ignores him, but he drops at her which says his message. Zara smiles. The Messages say that her smile is his everything. Zara tries to ignore him, but he comes infront of her, he wipes her tears. Zara says what? you are bad, you said what I could never imagine, is the love not there anymore? Kabeer says you can save our relationship, by not coming to the Sharia board, kindly do this to save our relationship.

Zara says don’t you have to protect our relationship too? Kabeer says the goons came to our house, I am protecting you. Zara says you care about my protection that is why you don’t want me to go? if you are worried about my life, then I won’t come.

Kabeer says I told you that God gave me the right to work outside while you handle the house, but you don’t listen and this happened because of that.

Zara says Prophet’s wife used to do business, Islam doesn’t stop us, then who are you stop us from working out? Zeenat hears their argument.

Kabeer says I don’t want you to come to the Sharia board, will you do that for me? The Servant comes to Zeenat. Zara and Kabeer hears her. Zeenat says I just brought tea.

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