Kabeer and Zara imagine praying together and blowing air towards each other. Ayesha comes to Kabeer and sees him hiding Zara’s photos. He wipes her tears.

Zara’s cousin comes to her and says don’t hide your tears, you were thinking about your angry husband? Zara glares at her. The Girl says smile and don’t stress yourself. Zara says I am alright after such a big incident. She says I am older than you, but you boss me around. The younger sister comes there and asks her sister (Zara’s cousin) to come for a walk.

The Sisters are running around in the Kitchen. Zara saves the younger sister. Mom asks them to not fight. Mom looks at Zara and asks if she took her medicine? Zara says maternal Aunt, I am fine, you are the best Aunt. The Aunt says my husband never leaves newspaper. She gets a call from Salma.

Salma says Abida, Zara and Kabeer’s divorce date is finalized. Abida is tensed and ends the call. She sends the kids away and asks Zara to take care of them. They leave.

Ayesha cries silently. Shehbaz asks why are you crying? It’s just a story ending, that Zara was a chaos in our Kabeer’s life. Kabeer is going to attend a seminar in Mumbai, ask him to come back and end this matter.

Amaan is doing push-ups with Kabeer and says I want to become an Islamic Scholar like you. Kabeer says you are coming to Mumbai with me? Amaan says yes and I will find a girl like Zara, you love her and I will love that girl too. Kabeer gets sad thinking about Zara.

Zara goes on jogging with her cousins. She sits down and recalls her moments with Kabeer, bheji thi dua song plays as they both miss each other. Her Cousin asks where are you lost? Zara says nothing. Her Cousin says so much happened and you still love Kabeer? Zara says you don’t love anyone so you won’t understand.

Ayesha says to Kashan that I don’t know what happened, I feel pain for Kabeer, he shows that he’s happy but he’s truly not, he wants to live a simple life, but how will he live it without her? they will separate forever tomorrow, why is this happening?

Zeenat comes there and sees divorce notice, she says their relationship ended when Zara left this house for the Sharia board and broke Kabeer’s promise. It’s good she left, I am happy to get this notice. Kabeer comes there and asks what notice? He looks at the notice.

The Aunt says to Zara why is she sad? You have to go to Lucknow tomorrow, the Khula (divorce) date is done.

Zeenat says to Kabeer that you should be happy you will be free tomorrow, it’s good she sent this notice, you agreed to all this, ask Ayesha to not be sad, you wanted this. Zeenat asks Ayesha to celebrate your Son’s freedom, don’t cry.

The Aunt says to Zara that you asked your father to send a notice and the date was decided with Kabeer’s agreement, then why are you sad? what are you thinking?

Ayesha asks Kabeer what do you want? you can tell me anything. Kabeer says I agreed to this notice. Kashan asks him to think again. Kabeer says I will go and end this relationship, she will be free then. Ayesha cries.

Zara says to her Aunt that Kabeer can enjoy this freedom, when this relationship couldn’t even survive, then it’s better to end it, he gave me this decision, so I took it. Let’s go home.

Kabeer says to Zeenat that I will go to Mumbai with Amaan but will be back in two days for divorce. Zeenat says okay.

Kabeer comes to Mumbai and recalls his last visit with Zara. He passes by a market where Zara is too. Zara gets down from the Car and feels something, but ignores it. Kabeer looks around, but doesn’t see her. Zara talks to her cousins while Kabeer leaves.

Zara asks her Cousin to sit in the Car, while she shops. Zara goes to the shop with her elder Cousin.

Zara’s Cousin sees Amaan trying to use a toy, she takes it from him and tells him how to use it. Amaan washes his hand and says you can’t touch me, my Uncle tells me that it’s not good, he is very good. Zara’s Cousin Nusu says that my Cousin Zara is the best too, she leaves.

Kabeer comes to Amaan and says what happened? Amaan says that the other girl was touching me. Nusu tells Zara that one guy washed his hand after I touched him. Zara recalls how Kabeer used to do it too.

Aunt Mina calls Salma and tells her that Zara’s health is improving, but you have to give her her medicines on time when she comes to Lucknow otherwise, she will be stressed too. Salma says what if the divorce matter give her more stress? Mina asks her to calm down, it was never a good relationship for them. Salma says you didn’t see them together, they were perfect Couple thats why I am hurt.

Alina calls Kabeer and asks where are you? Alina says I am coming home, as Amir left for some work. Kabeer says I will meet you tomorrow when the divorce proceeding starts, he ends the call. Alina says I will talk to Ayesha.

Alina comes home. Ayesha hugs her. Zeenat says you came early? Alina says I was missing the family. Shehbaz asks her to sit and have breakfast. Ayesha hugs her and says come with me. She leaves with her. Zeenat says Alina can’t stop Kabeer and Zara’s divorce.

A Man comes to Kabeer and says the girl that was talking to this boy (Amaan) left this Phone behind. Amaan says I know where she went. Kabeer and Aman starts going towards Zara’s car, but it drives away. The Shopkeeper tells him to go to the next street and he might find them there.

Ayesha cries and tells Alina that nothing can happen now. Alina says Zara went into a coma and never talked to Kabeer, we should bring them together, let them talk, they love each other. Ayesha says they have took their decision. Alina says Zara kept helping me to marry Amir, I will fight to unite them, Zara is in Mumbai and Kabeer is there too, we can talk to Salma and try to get them together, so they can finish their misunderstanding.

Zara gets down from the Car near a shop and asks for a scarf, but the Man asks her to go to another street. Nusu says I am not coming with you. Zara says don’t fight with anyone now, say sorry if that guy comes here again, you should respect people even if they have different thoughts. Zara and her elder cousin leaves.

Kabeer comes there and gives Nusu her Phone. Nusu says sorry to Amaan and says my Cousin said that people can have different opinions but we should respect them. Kabeer recalls how Zara said same thing to him (Kabeer) and said she will respect his thoughts too. Kabeer says to Nusu that I am sorry on Amaan’s behalf, where is your Cousin? Nusu shows him the street they’re in.

Kabeer is looking for the girls. One man tells him the street. Zara is in that street searching for scarfs. Kabeer comes there and sees Zara. He is in shock. He hides in a scarf and sees Zara searching for a perfect scarf. He turns to leave from there, but Zara comes in front of him. Kabeer greets her, they awkwardly handshake. Zara caresses his face. Kabeer tucks her hair behind her ear and offers her a flower. Zara puts it in her hair… it all turns out to be Kabeer’s dream and he didn’t see Zara. Kabeer smiles and puts his hand on his heart.

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