Kabeer comes out of the public washroom and says God please keep Zara safe and happy wherever she is.

Azhra saya Zara that Kabeer didn’t do right, he has to answer you. She drags Zara and says he doesn’t know how to treat his Wife and he’s a Doctor of Islam? He’s a hypocrite. She sees Kabeer going and shouts Kabeer Ahmed??

Zara puts her veil on before he could sight her. Azhra drags her to Kabeer and says you know her? Kabeer says no, you? Azhra says this is my Sister and she’s crying because of you. Kabeer says but I don’t know her. Azhra takes off her veil, but Zara turns away. Azhra asks do you know her now? Kabeer looks on. Zara is tensed.

Azhra takes Zara’s veil off, but she turns away and whispers to Azhra that if you tell him anything, then you will see me dead.

<span;>Kabeer asks Azhra why was she crying because of me? Azhra thinks and says she read your book, her marriage is ending, so she cried reading this book. Kabeer says I pray for her. Azhra says I heard that you are ending your relationship with your Wife? you wrote so much about relationship in your book, but why end your relationship with your wife? You dislike her so much?

Kabeer says never, I don’t dislike her, she’s just different. He turns to leave, but Azhra says I have a request, please advise my Sister, how do you live without a person whom you wanted to live with for life, he is leaving her, because their thoughts don’t match, but she loves him so much.

Kabeer says we can’t forget them even if we want to, God says that if you don’t give peace and happiness to your partner, then you should free them, she can also change her thoughts for her husband. Zara shakes her head. He asks if her husband can change his thoughts for her? Zara shakes her head. Kabeer says then it’s better they separate.

Azhra says but what about love? did you forget your Wife? Kabeer gets agitated and says don’t ask about me, does her husband miss her too? Azhra says he didn’t come to meet her for a year.

Kabeer says it’s a long time, if he didn’t come, then he must have forgotten her, it’s better that she forgets her husband too and free herself and him. He says it’s difficult to breathe, so don’t cry, don’t lose hope. It’s better to break such relationship that becomes suffocating. He offers Zara a tissue and leaves. Bhula dena song plays… Zara cries and wipes her tears.

Zara says I got my answers, he was right, if he loved me, then he would come to meet me, he said to free him for his happiness, so I will do what he wants, I will free him, don’t be sad, we have to face reality now.

Kabeer comes back home. Alina and everyone greet him. Shehbaz takes him from there.

Shehbaz says to Kabeer that you know you are not safe for Zara, then how do you agree to meet her? Kabeer says I had some reason, I wanted to tell her that everything ended between us, our story ended and this way, Zara would be safe too. Shehbaz says trust God, he will keep Zara safe.

Salma hugs Zara’s school bag and cries. Irfan says Salma? Salma says Zara went far away, she had to bear so much pain. Irfan says she got new life, once Kabeer and Zara’s divorce is finalised, I will fill her life with happiness.

Zara and Azhra comes home. Salma hugs Zara and Azhra. Azhra comes to Zara’s room and says I will take you around this City. Azhra says the divorce process will start today.

Ayesha says to Kabeer that I want to ask you for the last time if you want this divorce? will you be able to live without her? Kabeer recalls their moments and how he promised to never see her face.

Kabeer comes inside Irfan’s house. Zara hides behind the curtain and sees him. Zara is in the lounge. Ayesha comes to her. Zara greets her and makes her touch her face. Ayesha smiles and hugs her.

Kabeer greets Irfan. Zara brings tea there. Kabeer turns and sees her.

Zara and Kabeer sits in the meeting. Flashback shows how Zara asked her family that Kabeer wants to divorce me? Mina says he never came to see you when you were ill. Irfan says if he didn’t care about you, then it’s better to just end it. Zara says he wants me to take the initiative, so I will file for divorce. Mina says you tried contacting Kabeer, you messaged him a lot, but maybe he didn’t get them? Zara asks Irfan if Kabeer missed her? Irfan recalls how the Country’s Qazi told them to not bring Zara and Kabeer together again. Irfan says to Zara that when love is not in marriage, then it’s useless. Zara says okay, send for divorce then. Flashback ends.

Zara says to the Imaam that I filed for a divorce. Kabeer says people divorce when they are not happy in a marriage. The Imaam asks Kabeer if he has any problem with this divorce? He says no, I am ready to end this relationship. Zara says God doesn’t like divorce, but gives right to people to separate if they are not happy. Zara says I Zara Ahmed, doesn’t want to keep a relationship with Kabeer.

Kabeer says I will respect her wishes and will divorce her. The Imaam says that as per the Nikah papers, you will have to live 30 days together before divorce. Kabeer recalls how he prayed to God that he will go away from Zara to make her fine, how he promised to stay away from her. He says no… Zara can’t live under same roof with me. Zara is hurt.

Kabeer says you are talking about 1 month? I can’t even spend a day with her. Zara has tears in her eyes, Kabeer leaves from there. The Imaam says we will send 3 notices to Kabeer, if he doesn’t answer, then the divorce will be finalized. Zara leaves from there.

Kabeer is hurt and cries. Alvida song plays…  Zara comes there and sees him. He wipes his tears. Zara says you started hating me this much? answer me, you want freedom? Kabeer says yes, I want freedom. Zara says you were ready to give your life for me, why you started hating me so much? Kabeer says everything ended.

Zara says I was dying, I was in a coma and you didn’t come to meet me for once? I saw love in your eyes, so why didn’t you come to see me? why so much hatred?

Kabeer goes from there, but Zara goes behind him. Kabeer says I told you to not come to the Sharia board, you didn’t think about our love at that time. Zara says then why didn’t you agree for divorce and came out? Kabeer says because I can’t spend one day with you, so now, the notices will come and the divorce will be finalized. He sits in the Car and starts to leave.

The Reporters gather around Zara. Zara gets agitated and starts passing out. Kabeer runs to her and shouts at them. He lifts Zara in his arms, Zara sadly looks at him. Tumko chahunga song plays…

Kabeer brings Zara to Irfan’s house. Zara says nothing changed between us, you still love me. Kabeer says everything is changed. He holds her hand and brings her to Irfan. He asks Irfan to take care of his belongings.

Azhra sees the video of Kabeer saving Zara. She shows it to Zara and says I see love in his eyes, but why did he become stone? Zara says I don’t know why he doesn’t show his love. Azhra says don’t know. Zara says we have to find out why he doesn’t show love, upload this video.

Kabeer prays and says I can’t tell Zara that I have to stay away from her to keep her safe, God keep her safe and healthy, I won’t do anything and this relationship will end.

In the morning, Zara gets ready and pulls Azhra up from sleeping, she says we have to find the truth from Kabeer. Azhra says you are glowing, what happened? Zara says magic.

Irfan sees Zara and thinks that keep Zara happy. He comes inside and gives them money to enjoy themselves. Azhra and Zara thank him. He asks them to be careful and leaves. Zara says we have to work on Kabeer’s plan, get ready.

Kabeer offers namaz in the Mosque. Zara and Azhra comes outside the Mosque. Zara says I will go to him when he comes out. She sees Kabeer’s car and tells Azhra a plan. She sees Kabeer coming out of the Mosque and smiles. Kabeer feels her presence and looks around. Zara smiles. Zara covers her face.

Azhra strikes with Kabeer. Kabeer says you are Zappi. Azhra says it’s great to meet you here. Kabeer says how come you are here? Azhra says my Sister was sad, so I brought her here. Kabeer says she doesnt speak? Azhra says she doesn’t talk to other men, just like you don’t shake hands with other women.

Kabeer says how do you know that? Azhra says everyone knows you, I saw your love in the video, if you love her so much, then why don’t you tell her? Kabeer says you can enjoy here. Azhra says let me show you that video. Kabeer looks at the video. Azhra says this is viral on social media, you both look so much in love, it shows Kabeer Ahmed loves Zara Ahmed. Kabeer stares at Zara in the video. Azhra says it’s just a phone, I am sure you love her.

Kabeer says it might not be true. He turns to leave, but Zara’s finger gets entangled with his finger. He is stunned and says Zara.. Azhra stops him and says she’s my Sister, I saw Zara in the other street. Kabeer looks on. Azhra says we will go now, she leaves with Zara. Zara says Kabeer loves me, I will ask him.

Kabeer comes to Zara. He is stunned and says where is your veil? He takes her scarf and covers her head. Main phir bhi tumko chahungi song plays… Kabeer tries to touch her face and leans in.

Zara says Kabeer.. you were searching for me? Zara says I got to know you were desperately searching for me, you love me more than earlier, everyone knows that. Kabeer says I don’t care about you, go back to Mumbai, you have brought storm into my life, we don’t have relationship anymore. Zara says I know you are hiding something and I will not go back till I find the truth.

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