Zara comes to Ayesha’s ward and takes off her mustache. Ayesha hugs her and says you did all this to bring me to the Doctor? Azhra says Kabeer shouldn’t find out the truth.

Ayesha says to Zara that you are my daughter, I wanted to meet you and say sorry, you are bearing pain because of my son, I should have stopped Kabeer from promising on Quran, instead of trying to stop you from going to the Sharia board. Zara says it was never your fault, don’t cry.

Zeenat sees all that and says I have to stop thisdrama. Zeenat calls Shehbaz and tells him that Alina and Ayesha are part of this drama. Shehbaz tells her some plan.

Zara says to Azhra that be with Ayesha, I am going to Kabeer, as he might doubt me. She leaves.

Zara comes to Kabeer as the Driver. Kabeer says where were you? Zara says you were looking for me? Kabeer says your smile reminds me of someone. Kabeer says you drive like her too. Zara says your girlfriend? Kabeer says I am a Doctor of Islam. She was my Wife. Zara says you look sad, she doesn’t live with you? My Wife doesn’t live with me too, she wants to divorce me. Kabeer looks away.

Zara says your Wife also wants divorce? Kabeer nods. Zara says you don’t want to divorce her? Kabeer looks down sadly and says don’t ask more. Zara says you love her a lot right? Zeenat hides and sees all that.

Kabeer gets emotional and he’s about to answer her, when the Inspector comes there and says some fake Driver and Nurse came to your house and brought your mother here.

Zeenat comes there and says she is right.  AVery a aqaKabeer says you are here? Zeenat says I will show you something. She points to Zara and says she is that fake Driver.

Zeenat takes off Zara’s fake beard and shows her to the Inspector. Kabeer glares at her. Zeenat says Azhra is her Cousin and her sister in burqa was just Zara.

The Inspector says Zara has to come to the Police Station, Shehbaz has filed a complaint. Zeenat says takes her, she is shameless! Kabeer recalls Zara’s words and says the Inspector is right, she destroyed our peace by becoming someone else, take her.

Azhra comes there too. Zeenat says she was fooling us too, take them! The Inspector starts taking Zara and Azhra away from there. Zara sadly looks at Kabeer, narazgi song plays… Kabeer stops the Inspector and says this complaint… it was a mistake.

Zeenat says what?? Kabeer says Zara is our daughter-in-law, she is not our enemy, the inspector leaves from there. Zara smiles at Kabeer. Kabeer leaves. Zara goes behind him.

Zara runs to Kabeer and says you don’t have to lie, you still love me. Kabeer says it’s useless to talk to you. Zara says you can tell your heart thing to a Driver, but not me? She acts like the Driver and talks in different tones. Kabeer laughs at her and says you are crazy and a joker. Zara says beautiful joker. Kabeer smiles at her. Zara holds Kabeer’s finger, but he holds her whole hand.

Zara says why this test? I smiled one year, why this separation? Keep smiling, it makes someone else smile. She kisses his hand and says I recall our moments together a lot. She puts her head on his shoulder and says when will that time come back?

Kabeer recalls his promise to God and says never. He moves away from her. Zara says this is all in your hands, what is going on? I am your Wife, if you still hate me, then why didn’t you send me to jail? Kabeer says because you are still my Wife and we have to end this relationship, so I am only waiting for the divorce notice, remember this truth, he leaves from there. Zara is in tears.

Azhra comes to Zara and says don’t cry. Zara hugs her. Zeenat comes there and says stop throwing yourself at Kabeer, leave him. Zara says God forbid I leave Ahmed house, why do you keep folowing me around?

Azhra says I heard a lot about you, she makes Zeenat’s video. Zeenat asks her stop it, don’t do this again! She leaves. Zara laughs with Azhra.

Ayesha comes there and says to Zara that keep smiling like this. Zeenat fumes seeing them together and says let’s go. She takes Ayesha from there. Azhra asks Zara if she found out something about Shehbaz?

Zara sits with her family for dinner. Azhra argues with her, as Zara doesn’t work. Kabeer comes there. Zara is surprised to see him. Kabeer brings envelope and says Zara damaged our porch and this is the bill for it. All are stunned. Zara says what are you saying? Kabeer says I am not here to talk to anyone, he tells Irfan that Zara is crossing all the limits, she faked her identity today, she keeps calling people into the house, she keeps trying to prove that I love her, what she did to me can’t be forgiven, I don’t want her near me, so I request you send her back to Mumbai.

Kabeer turns to leave, but Irfan says stop… I will pay this bill, I accept your complaint, but I can’t ask my daughter to leave, she went to your house for your mother, injustice always happened to her in your house, but what did she get in return? nothing, always blames/accusations. Kabeer leaves from there. Zara cries.

Kabeer comes out of Zara’s house and recalls Irfan’s words. He is tensed. Shehbaz is in the Car. Kabeer tells him that I told you everything, but Zara didn’t say anything, why does she keeps bearing all this? She thinks that I will return her love, I am breaking… I can’t do this, she loves me a lot, I love her so much… He cries.

Shehbaz hugs him and says I can’t see you crying, you are my pride, keep your faith in God, it’s better for Zara to hate you, God give you strength.

Zara says to Irfan that what happened in one year that made you dislike Kabeer? Flashback shows how Irfan said to Kabeer that Zara is out of coma and keeps asking of you, what to tell her? Kabeer says tell her that I don’t want to keep any relationship with her, stop thinking about me. Irfan says Wife and husband do fight, but you don’t want to meet her again? Kabeer says I don’t need her, we have different thoughts and can’t become one, he leaves. Shehbaz tells Irfan that it’s better to keep them away, he doesn’t need her. Flashback ends.

Zara asks Irfan why he doesn’t like Kabeer anymore? Irfan says I tried so much, but I don’t think there is anything left in this relationship. Zara says I still believe that he loves me, I am sorry for embarrassing you. Irfan says you can never embarrass me, you can stay here as much as you like.

Salma says you stay here and do what you want, I am not the old Salma, we got you married without your will and you had to bear so much, now do what you want. Zara hugs her. They have a group hug.

Azhra says so we are not going to Mumbai? Salma says no, if Mina says that Zara is needed for check-up there, only then does she have to go.

Zara says to Azhra that I wish we can postpone this check-up. Azhra says you should not do that, health is important. Zara says I am fine, I don’t want to leave, do something. Azhra gets an idea.

Azhra and Zara video calls Mina. Azhra argues with Nussu. Mina asks Zara that you want to cancel your Mumbai trip? Salma told me everything. Mina says you have recovered well, your reports are good, you can stay in Lucknow, just get weekly checkup there. Zara thanks her and ends the call.

In the morning, Irfan sends the Cheque, but Zara stops him and says can I handle this matter? He nods. Zara says to Azhra let’s go for war.

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