Kabeer asks Zara if she will make her father apologize to him in front of all? what is your decision? Zara sadly looks at him. She hugs Irfan and Salma. Kabeer thinks if she agreed to my conditions? Zara holds Kabeer’s hand and takes him to the door. He is tensed. Zara leaves his hand. Kabeer moves out of the house and says I knew you can never change to save this relationship, this relationship ended because of you.

Zara says you ended this relationship so congrats on its death. She closes the door on him. Kabeer breakdowns outside. Bhula dena song plays… Ayesha and the family leaves from Zara’s house. Salma takes Zara back inside.

Kabeer is near the car. Ayesha comes there and cries. Kabeer tries to talk, but Ayesha beats him and says why? Kashan says don’t cry, it’s our man who is wrong. Zeenat says he is not wrong, he should have done this before. Kabeer says enough! Zeenat says wow, I am talking in your favour, I don’t know what is going on. Kashan asks her to leave.

Shehbaz asks Kashan to take Ayesha home. Kashan leaves with Ayesha and Zeenat. Shehbaz says to Kabeer that you did way more than my thoughts, you did that for Zara’s safety, I am proud of you, I will bring the Car, he leaves. Kabeer recalls Zara’s happy moments and then him asking her to bow down. Kabeer walks down on the road and recalls their moments. Naina song plays…

Zara comes to her room and recalls Kabeer’s bitter words that his life got destroyed because of her. Zara imagines Kabeer there. He makes her sit down and says you are not a good wife, I see only your stubbornness, your father is behind all this, ask him to beg me, she imagines him everywhere asking her to beg him to take her, She imagines him making fun of her pain. Zara gets dizzy and throws the vase at a mirror.

Kabeer walks on the road and he’s dizzy. He recalls Zara’s words that he killed their relationship.

Ayesha comes home and breakdowns. Kashan takes Shehbaz’s call. Shehbaz says Kabeer is missing. Kashan says enough, come home, Ayesha needs you. He ends the call. Zeenat says Kabeer did the right thing. Kashan says stop with your poisonous tongue!

Irfan tries to console Salma, but she leaves. Mina hugs Azhra. Azhra says I can’t see Zara like this, how to make her pain go away? Mina says she needs space. Azhra says Zara loves Kabeer a lot, he loves her too, but why did he do that?

Salma comes into Zara’s room and cries. Zara says don’t cry, tomorrow will be a new morning, I am going to distribute sweets to the kids. Salma says at this time? Zara says there are many poor kids near the bridge at that time, don’t worry I will be back. She leaves.

Zara is driving on the road when she sees Kabeer sitting at a signal. She is shocked to see him. Kabeer sadly looks at her. Zara drives away.

Zara stops and comes back to him. She asks what are you doing here? Kabeer says why did you come back? Zara says I can’t ignore you, what happened to you? She wipes his wound and asks if he is hurt?

Kabeer says why this much concern for me? I broke your heart and hurt you. Zara says no, I am completely fine, just to tell you that my heart is with you, look inside and you will see how it is, come with me. He says I don’t want to go. She says please come and smile. Zara holds his hand and start walking with him. Rain starts, Zara smiles.

Shehbaz is looking for Kabeer on the road and prays for his safety.

Zara asks Kabeer why he is sad? Kabeer says what I did with you will make me die. Zara says you have to live, I will handle myself and come out of it. Kabeer says I know you can fight the world, but promise me that you will live without me and won’t be a dead person without me as you said. Zara says you are crazy, dead don’t smile and they don’t do this. She goes into the rain and starts dancing. Kabeer smiles at her. Zara pulls him and dances around him. Baarish song plays… Kabeer smiles, but it all turns out to be his dream. A truck hits him.

Zara comes to the poor kids and gives them sweets. They are happy. Zara thinks that God wants to tell me that for kids, it doesn’t matter what the situation is, they are always happy. I will leave sadness too and be happy in life.

Zara sees people gathered around a person and asks what happened? A Man says a guy was hit by a van but was saved. She gives him water. She doesn’t see the man’s face and it’s Kabeer. She offers him water and leave praying for him. Shehbaz comes there and sees Kabeer. He takes him away.

Irfan recalls Kabeer’s words and how Kabeer said he will not keep a relationship with Zara, how Zara said that she will become a dead person without him, he recalls Kabeer insulting him. Irfan holds his chest and falls down. Salma rushes to him. Zara comes home and runs to Irfan.

Shehbaz brings Kabeer to his room and says you are my lion, trust God that everything will be fine.

Zara and the family rushes Irfan to the hospital. Mina asks Salma to pray. Zara prays for Irfan and says don’t burden my father because of my bad fate.

Shehbaz comes to Kashan’s room, but Zeenat says he’s with Ayesha, they are all crying for Zara. Shehbaz says Kabeer is in a daze too, bring tea for him and says Zara is away from us and very soon, she will be out of our hearts too.

Mina tells Zara that Irfan had heard attack, I will need his prescription. Zara recalls how Kabeer offered to bring Irfan’s medicines and says all the files are with Kabeer. Mina says do anything, but bring them back. Zara says okay.

Kabeer takes shower and recalls himself breaking up with Zara. He beats himself and cries. Shehbaz knocks on his door and says the tea is waiting. He sees Zara calling him on the phone and cuts it. She tries again, but Shehbaz cuts it. Zara sends a message.

Shehbaz hears her voicenote about Irfan’s heart attack. Zeenat hears it and says Kabeer shouldnt know about this, or Kabeer will go back to Zara, I don’t think he got heart attack, they are pretending. Shehbaz says you are right, he deletes her message and switch off his phone. Zara is tensed.

Zara says to Azhra that I sent him a message, he read it and turned off his phone, how can he do that? Azhra says Irfan’s operation can’t happen without the reports. Zara calls Ayesha, but her phone is off, she can’t reach Alina’s phone either. Azhra says what will we do now? Zara leaves from there.

Kabeer is crying in the bathroom. Zeenat says to Shehbaz that I switched off all the phones, what if she comes here? Shehbaz says we can’t let her meet Kabeer and tell him about Irfan, we have to do something.

Zara comes outside Kabeer’s house, the guard says that Kabeer has asked us to not let you in. Zara says I am requesting you to talk to Kabeer and ask him to give me the reports, I am staying here. The Gaurd leaves.

The Guard gets stopped by Zeenat, she says tell Zara what I am saying. The Guard comes to Zara and says I tried to wake Kabeer up and told him about it, but he said he is sleeping and told me to tell you to leave and don’t come back. Zara is stunned and leaves from there.

Shehbaz sees Kabeer coming out of the bathroom, he thinks Kabeer can’t see Zara outside.

Azhra calls Zara and says we need reports for the operation. Zara knocks on Kabeer’s house door and beg him to open the door. Kabeer doesn’t hear it in his room. Shehbaz tries to distract him.

Zeenat comes to Zara. Zara says can you please bring Irfan’s reports from Kabeer? he got heart attack. Zeenat says leave from here, he doesn’t want to talk. Zara says I don’t want to talk to him, just give me the reports, she shouts for Kabeer. Zeenat says stop, I will bring the reports.

Shehbaz says to Kabeer that you didn’t do any sin. Kabeer says I insulted my wife and father-in-law in front of all, isn’t that a sin? Shehbaz gets a call and leaves.

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