Zara sees the girl in veil trying to get a pass. She asks the Servant if she is part of the staff? The Servant says yes. Zara asks if you need anything, then let me know. Rukshar greets her and leaves. Zara is in doubt.

Kabeer tries to talk to Ayesha, but she ignores him. Kabeer thinks at least greet me on eid.

Zara calls the Servant (Rukshar) to serve Ayesha’s family. She does and cleans Amaan’s shirt. Zara says to Azhra that I like this staff member. Amaan and Nussu meet each other.

<span;>Zara comes to Kabeer’s family. Salma greets Ayesha. Zara hugs Ayesha. Ayesha says I pray that you get all the happiness in the world, I am lucky to have you, you are a blessing for us, you always think about others so I pray that you get the happiness you deserve.

Kabeer greets Salma. Salma recalls him insulting her family, but greets him. Zara asks her to bless him. Salma says be happy Kabeer. Kabeer holds her hand and kisses it. He thanks her calling her Mother. Zara hugs Salma.

Shehbaz says it’s a good function. We will sit now, they leave. Azhra says Ayesha is not talking to Kabeer. Rukshar hears this and says Kabeer and Ayesha are not talking?

Kabeer says to Ayesha that today is eid, please let me hug you. She stops him. Kabeer turns to leave, but Ayesha puts hand on his head and blesses him, Kabeer thanks her, Ayesha glares at him and leaves. Azhra says it’s difficult to patch them up.

Azhra says to Zara that Ayesha is too miffed with Kabeer, how will you patch them up? Zara shows her a gift and says it will do everything. She meets some guest and leaves the gift.

Rukshar goes to the gifts and hides her gift. She opens it and finds a card inside. Rukshar stops a Servant and takes a pen, She writes something on the card. She starts leaving, but strikes with Zara. Rukshar hides the gift under the table and leaves. Zara says weird. Rukshar takes the gift from there.

Kashan and Zeenat comes to the function. Kashan says Rukshar is still not fine, the Doctor didn’t let us meet her. Zeenat tries to greet Kabeer, but he leaves. Rukshar sees Ayesha alone and put the gift on her table.

Zara sees the gift on Ayesha’s table. Shehbaz sees her, so Zara leaves.

Zeenat says to Kashan that Kabeer insulted me. Kashan says you threw Zara out of the house. Zeenat says only my younger sister understood me, but she doesn’t want to meet me anymore. Rukshar hides and hears it. Kashan gets a call and leaves.

Rukshar puts on a veil and brings juice for Zeenat, Zeenat trips, but Rukshar pulls her closer and hugs her, she thinks I love you a lot Sister. She leaves from there.

Azhra starts hosting the event and says we have put gifts on every table. Zara says eid is celebrated to end all fights, we have chosen people that are fighting, so the gifts are intended to end fights.

Zeenat says it might be Zara’s trick to make Kabeer say sorry publicly. Ayesha says maybe Kabeer will get some sense then. Zara shows the gifts to everyone. Zara asks Azhra to say sorry to Zeenat. Azhra says sorry for fooling her with a diamond ring. Zeenat is stunned. They all laugh. Azhra says I am sorry Zeenat, she gives money to Zeenat. Zara says end this fight. Zeenat takes the money and hugs Azhra and Zara, she says I will see you both later.

Azhra says next is Ahmed family, she asks Kabeer to open the box. Zeenat says don’t do it. They all ask Kabeer to open it. Kabeer takes the mic and opens the box, he says we don’t need but.. he reads the letter and is stunned.

Kabeer says someone is angry with me, I was sent to a Mosque for studies, I used to miss my mother so much, so once I left the Mosque, and it took me 2 days to reach home, she threatened me that she will break my legs if I run away from the Mosque without telling anyone, then she pleaded with Shehbaz to not send me back, but Shehbaz wanted me to study and sent me back there, I used to miss my mother so much, so I started writing letters to her, I used to plead her to bring me back, but she said that making you a a Scholar of Islam is your father’s dream, so fulfill it.

Azhra says to Zara that we didn’t include Mosque things, who added it? Rukshar hides and says I always planned against Zara, but not anymore, I felt happy in helping you doing the righy things, I promise you that I will try my best to end your fight with Kabeer and make you be with him again.

Azhra says to Zara that maybe Kabeer added it, he melted, hope Ayesha melts too. Ayesha cries hearing all that.

Kabeer says those words became my reality, I studied hard, but I missed her so much, I didn’t comeback until I became a Scholar of Islam, but my mother is not with me. He says to Ayesha that I fulfilled your dream, please talk to me, please hug me, remember how you used to protect me?

Ayesha gets emotional and hugs him. They both cry. Zara smiles. Rukshar smiles too. They all clap for them. Kabeer hugs Ayesha and nods at Zara.

Shehbaz says Ayesha is only giving attention to Kabeer, he asks Kabeer to come back. Ayesha says it’s eid and I want Kabeer to come back home, I want Kabeer to clean his heart, say sorry to Zara and bring her back. Shehbaz says he didn’t do anything wrong.

Irfan says to Zara that they did wrong with you, but you got their Son Kabeer reunited with his family, it shows her honesty, I am proud of you.

Kashan says Kabeer should apologize to Zara’s family. Kabeer says I want to talk to Ayesha.

Kabeer says to Ayesha that you know if I am doing something, there is a reason behind it, please forget about it. Zara sees them talking. Ayesha says you insulted them in front of everyone. Kabeer says I did everything after a thought, I don’t think I did anything wrong, so I am not saying sorry, Zara will take divorce and this matter will end.

Zara comes there and says Kabeer is right, we tried a lot, but this relationship doesn’t have a future, forget about everything. Ayesha says okay, but answer me if you both will be able to forget each other and move on? if your answer is yes, then why are you looking away Zara? Kabeer, why does your eyes show pain?

Ayesha says today’s message was to rectify mistakes and end grudges. She says I am your mother, I know you both, if you both want me to be happy, then at least,  wish eid to each other. Ek dil hai song plays… Zara sadly looks at Kabeer. Ayesha leaves from there.

Zara moves closer to Kabeer. Kabeer pulls her in and hugs her. Zara hugs him tightly.

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