Kabeer comes to Shehbaz’s house and says Irfan had heart attack and nobody informed me? She was trying to connect with me for reports, but someone switched off my phone and Zeenat didn’t let her in? did you know about this? answer me? Shehbaz is tensed.

Zeenat comes home and says to the Servant that tell me if Zara came here? The Servant says nobody came here. Zeenat says Ayesha is sleeping, so I will check my diamond rings. She goes to her room and says free things are so good. She recalls her moments with Rukshar on how she used to share her free things with Zeenat. Zeenat says Rukshar… I miss you so much, you would be so happy to see all this, don’t worry I am coming to meet you. She leaves.

Zara is in the Car. Azhra says don’t think about Kabeer, don’t melt for Kabeer listening to Ayesha, we will be miffed if you get distracted for him. Zara says I didn’t melt for him, my heart has become of stone for him, I am not a fool, but I promise and will make Kabeer and Ayesha reunite. I know a way.

Zara and Azhra comes home. Zara says to Irfan that I want to announce a condition for the Sharia board members on eid.

Shehbaz says to Kabeer that I switched off your phone that night because you were crying and Zeenat was worried for you too, I didn’t want you to become weak that night for Zara, we didn’t know about Irfan, forget about everything. He says you are back in Sharia board. He shows him Sharia board head chair and says my dream is to make you sit on this Chair. Kabeer says I am not interested in this Chair, this place took my life from me, I don’t need anything from this place. He leaves the meeting room.

Zara comes to the Sharia board and recalls how she had a fight with Kabeer and how she got shot.

Kabeer is walking in the corridor too in a daze. He sees Zara and look down. He says you here? you became a member again? Zara doesn’t answer him and leaves.

Zara meets Shehbaz in the meeting room and says Irfan has given a new order for eid celebrations, everyone has to bring their families in eid festival. Shehbaz says why are you doing all this? you forget Kabeer, you can’t get him, forget him, he doesn’t want you anymore, this won’t work. Zara says Kabeer has to come, this is the Sharia board order and you are part of it, if he doesn’t come, then you will be insulted. She leaves from there.

Zeenat comes to the hospital and meets the Nurse. The Nurse says you didn’t tell us you are coming? Rukshar doesn’t  want to meet anyone. Zeenat says tell her that I won a diamond ring, call her. The Nurse is tensed and goes. The Nurse says to the Doctor that she will meet her for sure today, how will we bring Rukshar?

Shehbaz comes to Irfan’s house. He gives him flowers. Irfan sits with him. Shehbaz says the National Sharia board has ordered to cancel eid festival of the Sharia board. Zara is shocked to hear that.

Shehbaz tells Qazi Sahib that he got a permission from the President of National Sharia Board that due to the recent Heart Attack that Qazi Sahib suffered from, the Eid Festival has been cancelled. He complains that no one told him about it, only Azhra came to inform him about his ailment and he requested the President for cancellation. He asks Qazi Sahib that Zara must have arrived in the Festival in tears, his son must have disgraced her again; this kept their family’s respect.

Zara reads a verse thst ‘He gives respect to whosoever He likes; and disgraces whosoever he wish’. Eid festival will take place. Qazi Sahib counts in front of Shehbaz that he didn’t teach his Son values! His Son may learn these values from Zara who is trying to hide the mistakes of a person who disgraced her in front of the whole society.

The eid Celebration preparations are complete, and Zara has taken the responsibility. Shehbaz argues that the festival can’t take place without the permission of the Pesident who has left for Dubai for Eid.

Zara shows an email from the President, who had cancelled the orders of cancellation of festival. She had been selected the Chief Organizer of the festival. Shehbaz turns to leave. Qazi Sahib tells Shehbaz to write an apology for interfering in the matters of the Sharia board without the consent of the City Qazi. Zara tells him about the theme, ‘Come with a Clear Heart’.

Zeenat comes to meet Rukhsar. The Doctor tells Zeenat that she can’t meet her Sister, as Rukhsar’s mental condition isn’t sound enough to meet anyone. Zeenat cries and says this can’t be possible, the Doctors must be lying to her that Rukhsar doesn’t want to meet her.

The Doctor requests Zeenat not to disturb the emotional state of Rukhsar. Zeenat sense something was wrong and deters to complain to the Police. She says she will come tomorrow with clothes for Rukhsar. The hospital staff was worried where they will bring Rukhsar from.

Shehbaz tells Kabeer that he can’t avoid Zara tomorrow. Kabeer tells Shehbaz that he can’t let Zara win, he will do anything to abstain from her.

Azhra and Zara come to make up Salma’s mood. Zara convince her to accept Ahmed family as their friends, and not relatives anymore. Salma says she hates Kabeer after all the drama. She will only go for the Eid Festival for Zara, but she won’t bear her insult again.

Kabeer comes to Molvi Sahib, who gives him Zakat. He gives responsibility of its distribution to Kabeer.

Zeenat cries that her Sister doesn’t want to meet her. Kashan promises that he would accompany her to the hospital to meet Rukhsar. He leaves, giving Zeenat the task of finding diamond in the boxes. Zeenat looks into the boxes one by one.

There, Zara enjoys with the family as they prepare for the Eid Festival décor.

Zeenat cries, as she doesn’t find a single diamond.

Azhra asks Zara what she must do with the phone? Zara tells her to take it to the festival. She hold bangles from a basket. There, Kabeer also watch a couple buying bangles for Eid. Both were lost in each other’s thoughts.

Kabeer and his family comes to Irfan’s function. Ayesha is there. Zara arrives there. Kabeer looks away. A girl in burqa comes there. She takes off her veil and it’s Rukshar. She sees Kabeer and smiles.

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