Zara and Kabeer day dream of being together, Kabeer chasing Zara playfully. He finally grabs her by her arms, shuts her eyes and gifts her a set of bangles. Zara asks him to put it on. One of the man in the street taps Kabeer’s shoulder.

Amaan tells the family about the eid moon. Ayesha prays and recalls her eid with Zara. They all congratulate each other.

Shehbaz calls Kabeer and congratulate him about eid. Kabeer says my bike broke down, I will call you when I reach the Mosque. He ends the call and prays.

Zara sees the moon and recalls her eid with Kabeer. She comes to the balcony and sees Kabeer on the road. He is stunned to see her. Zara looks away. Kabeer starts his bike and leaves from there. Zara thinks that God give me strength.

In eid prayers, Irfan leads the prayers. Kabeer, Shehbaz and every men is there. They all greet each other. Irfan greets Shehbaz and Kabeer. Kabeer hugs him and looks away.

Irfan comes home and celebrate eid with his family.

Kabeer moves back and says you were right, we can’t stay away. Zara says I am tired of being strong, we can’t stay away right? Kabeer says right, we can’t. Zara says you are bad, you didn’t wish me eid. Kabeer says I did. She turns to leave, but Kabeer holds her hand.

Zara says I decorated all this for you. Kabeer says it’s very nice, I was tired, I was happy to meet my Zara. Zara says I know your heart. Where is my eidi (gift). Kabeer kisses her cheek and says here is your eidi, you want more? Zara shakes her hand and runs away.

Kabeer runs behind her, tere bin song plays…  and they tease each other. Kabeer hugs her and gives her a flower. Zara sees a chandelier falling and pushes Kabeer away, it falls on Zara.. it all turns out to be Kabeer’s dream. He gets scared and sees Zara in front of him, he says eid mubarak and leaves.

Zeenat is talking to the family and sees a girl in veil hearing them. She runs behind her and says why were you listening to us? take off your veil! Rukshar leaves from there and says to the head staff that I have to leave. She leaves. Zeenat comes to the head staff and asks where did she go? She tells her the way.

Azhra shows Zara a letter and says someone added lines in this letter, that woman in veil had this box. Zara says it means that girl in veil knew Kabeer from childhood? Zara recalls her voice and says now I know.

Rukshar hides in a room. Zeenat comes there and says who are you? She takes off her veil and she’s shocked.

Zeenat asks the girl to take off her veil, she pulls it off and sees someone. She asks who are you? why were you spying on us? The Girl says I was just hearing gossip, I am sorry. Zeenat says don’t do it again and leaves. Rukshar comes from under the table and thanks the girl, she gives her money.

Zara says to Azhra that girl knew about Kabeer’s childhood and says it was… Rukshar.

Amaan fights with Nussu and cries. Rukshar comes there in veil and consoles him, she says I am like your Aunt. Amaan says I have only one Aunt and a favorite one at that, it’s Rukshar. Rukshar says don’t cry, I will take you for a chocolate. She starts leaving with Amaan.

Zeenat runs behind her and pushes her, she says you were running away with my kid??

Zara comes there and tries to stop her. Zeenat blames Zara that you sent her to kidnap my Amaan? She is about to slap her, but Rukshar says Sister… They are all shocked. Zara says yes, it’s Rukshar. She takes off her veil, Zeenat gets emotional and cries.

Rukshar talks to the family and says I know I did wrong, but trust me I am not lying about the asylum. Kabeer says we are not going to believe you like this. He calls the Doctor and says she came from the asylum, but I don’t trust her.

Rukshar says to Zara that I became fine one year back and I tried to plot against you, but I couldn’t do anything wrong with you because the Doctor told me that I lost my memory and then recalled everything, I recalled how you took care of me when was like a kid, my hatred turned into love, I went away from your people and live in a society nearby, I have given my life to prayers and God.

Kashan says you didn’t care about your Sister? She was so worried about you. Rukshar says I am sorry for not meeting you, but there was a reason, I believe that whatever wrong I did till now was provoked by Zeenat, I have understood that Kabeer is not for me, I didn’t come back, because I knew Zeenat would provoke me against Kabeer and Zara again, I missed Zeenat so much, she hugs her.

Rukshar says when I heard about the eid function, I wanted to meet all of you, I just wanted to watch you people from afar and leave, but I got caught, I pray for Kabeer and Zara to reunite day and night. Kabeer says you lie so well, you tried to kill Zara and now, praying for me and her to become one? I know you from childhood, you always do things with a mission, tell me why you are here?

Zeenat says enough Kabeer!! You have destroyed her life. Salma says enough! Don’t talk about Zara, don’t you dare insult her! Zeenat says I can’t bear my sister’s insult too, she was ill and Kabeer is blaming her? Ayesha says enough!

Ayesha says to Rukshar that let’s go home and talk. Rukshar says no, I live in a basti (slum) and I can’t come with you. Ayesha says maybe God is rewarding you for your prayers, come with us. Rukshar says no, I won’t come into that house until Zara and Kabeer come with me. They are all shocked.

Zeenat says to Rukshar that Kabeer is not with Zara anymore. Rukshar says I promised to not go into that house without Kabeer and Zara. Zeenat thinks what if she’s pretending to be nice? Zeenat whispers to Rukshar that I know you might be working on a big mission, she blesses for her to become successful. Rukshar smiles.

Zeenat says Rukshar doesn’t want anything bad. Zara says to Rukshar that I am happy for you, but stop thinking about Kabeer and me together, we have moved on and don’t want to be with each other, she says we should leave.

Ayesha holds Zara’s hand and kisses her forehead. Zara says I will come to meet you soon, she leaves. Rukshar looks at Kabeer and thinks I know he can’t live without her, I will know the reason behind all this.

Ayesha set Kabeer’s room. Kashan says wow you take care of him a lot. Ayesha says you have zeenat to take care of you, we got someone for Kabeer too, but he has to move on, I will always worry for Kabeer and Zara.

Irfan tells the family that everyone is praising Zara and her ideas for eid. Azhra says I helped too, but no one is praising me. Irfan says people praised you too, they want to send proposals for you. Zara teases her. Zara says let’s prepare for her wedding. Azhra says don’t tell my mom, I don’t want to marry right now.

Azhra says the elders should get married first, so Zara should get married first. Zara looks on and says my number will not come sooner. Nusu comes there and says I have Aman for me, they all laugh. Salma sadly leaves from there.

Salma talks to Irfan and says I am worried for Zara, she will be divorced soon, then what will people say? Irfan says it’s a trouble for us, I always worry about my daughter, she is talented, she is society’s hero, people are asking proposals for her, but we shouldn’t hurry, as it destroyed her life once, let her grieve and then we will get her married when she is ready.

Zeenat comes to the Kitchen and asks Ayesha why are you working? I am here for you, Zara might have left, but I am here, what have you thought about Kabeer? He shouldn’t spend his life alone, I don’t think Zara will come back to him, I was thinking that Kabeer needs Rukshar.

Ayesha says what Rukshar did before make me keep her away from us, she is following God’s path now, so the almighty would forgive her, and maybe Kabeer will get to trust her after that, so leave everything to the almighty. She starts to leave, but Zeenat stops her by telling Ayesha to remind Kabeer that Rukshar is still his Wife, and when will he take up his duties? Ayesha looks on.

Kabeer recalls Rukshar trying to hurt and kill Zara earlier. Ayesha comes there and says you know Rukshar is still your Wife, I am still angry at her, you should think about her. Kabeer says we tried a lot, but she proved us wrong everytime, she tried to kill Zara, and I can’t bear that. Ayesha smiles and says you still care for Zara? Kabeer says yes, she’s still my Wife, she might not live with me, but she is my Wife, which doesn’t stop me from caring about her, I’m not that bad. Ayesha smiles.

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