Azhra says to Zara that I am so angry at Rukshar, she came here and now used it to go back to Kabeer! Zara says Kabeer was insisting Rukshar leaves here with him, it’s not our problem now, I am going to the market, as the Ahmed family is coming.

Rukshar calls an Imam and says Kabeer came to meet you? He says yes. Rukshar says thanks, I am coming to meet you. She ends the call and says I will end this game that Kabeer started.

Kabeer is punching a sand bag in anger. Ayesha comes there and asks him to stop it, I came here to ask… Kabeer says the answer is yes, I am bringing Rukshar here and you will all go with me. Ayesha says okay… she is the daughter-in-law, so I will clean the room. You have locked yours and Zara’s room for one year and living in the guest room, I will clean that room for Rukshar then. Kabeer says no… Rukshar will live with me in the guest room.

Zara looks at the scarf and her moments with Kabeer. She is in tears. Sari baatain mujhe yad song plays…

Kabeer recalls his moments with Zara and comes outside their room.

Zara comes to Azhra and asks what happened? Zara says I left some things at Kabeer’s house, I should get them back, Rukshar won’t like some other woman’s things in her room now. She breaks down, Azhra hugs her and cries.

Kabeer says Zara, only you have the right on this room, on me, on my soul… I won’t let Rukshar succeed in her plan.

Rukshar meets the Iman and says I want to talk to you about something. She tells him, but he says I can’t do it without telling Kabeer. He gets Kabeer’s call. Rukshar pleads him to not tell Kabeer, I need your help, please. The Imam takes Kabeer’s call. Kabeer asks if he did his work? The Imam looks on.

Salma tells Irfan that Rukshar succeeded in her plan and Zara is in pain again. Irfan says you want to send your daughter to Kabeer? Salma says never, after that insult. Irfan says then it doesn’t matter if Rukshar goes to Kabeer, Zara wants to show that she doesn’t care if Rukshar goes back to Kabeer.

Salma says our daughter is very nice, Kabeer and Rukshar will become one, but our daughter will be alone, she will be lonely in life, I don’t understand your big talks, but I want a good proposal for her, she will breakdown alone. Irfan hugs her and says find a good proposal for Zara. I am with you.

Kabeer’s family comes to Zara’s house. Zara and everyone greet them. Ayesha says I don’t know what to say. Zara says it’s okay, let’s sit. Kabeer says there is no need for formalities. Shehbaz says we are here for our daughter-in-law Rukshar.

Rukshar comes there dressed as a bride. Rukshar says to Zara that I was lost last 2 years, you took me to your house and everyone cared for me and today, Kabeer is here to take me, it all happened because of you, I can’t thank you enough. She hugs her. Kabeer comes forward and offers his hand. Zara is about to extend her hand, but stops. Rukshar holds Kabeer’s hand. He starts leaving with her. Zara is hurt and sad… it all turns out to be Zara’s dream.

Shehbaz says call Rukshar. Zara says she will come in sometime, have tea. Kabeer says there is no need. Zara says you are our guest, so let us serve you, then you can take your Wife. They all look on.

Zara looks at Kabeer, but he looks away. She serves him tea. He takes it and puts it away. Zara sits beside him and puts tea in the plate from the cup. Kabeer smiles and takes it. Zara leaves from there. Kabeer thinks I will pray for your happiness.

Shehbaz thanks Irfan for serving them and says call our daughter-in-law. Irfan says we have morals unlike you, people are lucky from where daughters leave.

Rukshar comes there. Irfan says you are like my daughter, so I will give your hand to Kabeer. Rukshar says you really want to send me off as your daughter? He nods. Rukshar says I lost my father in young age and never thought I would ever get a father’s love again. Zeenat hugs her.

<span;>Ruksaar kisses Irfan’s hand and says you have done me a favour by calling me your daughter, I can’t lie, I lied to you all, my plan was something else, I said yes to go with Kabeer because I needed time, I can’t go with Kabeer, as I am not his Wife. Kabeer says you are playing again? You can play, but I will take you from here, you are my Wife and you have to come with me. Irfan sits down.

Rukshar brings papers and says read them carefully. Kabeer sees divorce papers that he signed before. Rukshar says to Irfan that my relationship with Kabeer was only on paper, I have got witness too as an Imam. She shows him the divorce papers and says my Nikah/Marriage is nullified and I am telling the truth, I just want Kabeer and Zara to become one, and Kabeer, I won’t hurt Zara, I really want you and Zara to become one… can I leave now? I want to go back to my small house. Kabeer takes the divorce papers and leaves.

Rukshar comes to Kabeer and says you will not ask how I got these papers made? Kabeer says I made these papers, when I saw you after eid, I requested for this certificate but how did you get it? Rukshar says I got a call from an Imam if I agree with it, then you came here to take me back, but I knew it was because of Zara, so I went to the Imam and pleaded him that we need this certificate as I want to reunite Zara and Kabeer.

Kabeer says it means you are not playing any trick? Rukshar says I promise. Kabeer says maybe you have really changed, it’s difficult for me to accept it, but if I get to know that you are about to hurt Zara or anyone else, then it will be bad for you! He leaves.

Zara is crying. Azhra says don’t cry, what Kabeer did to you, Rukshar also did it with you. Zara says Kabeer is doing all this as a duty, he was ready to accept her when he hates her just because of duty… then why didn’t he think to come and see me when I was in a coma? Azhra asks her to not cry, I will cheer you up.

Kabeer offers prayer in Mosque and thank God for sending Rukshar away from his life, he prays for Zara’s happiness.

Irfan comes to Rukshar with Zara. Irfan says you can live with us till the rain season ends. Zara says yes you are living here.

Kabeer gets a call from an Imam. Kabeer says let’s meet in a Cafe.

Kabeer comes to the Cafe. Irfan and Salma is there too. He hears them. Irfan says he didn’t come till now? Salma says what if Zara doesn’t agree? Irfan says Zara shouldn’t know about this, that’s why we are here. Salma says our troubles are increasing, till when will we keep hiding this from Zara? Irfan says our problems can increase, but Zara shouldn’t know about this, Kabeer has given her so many wounds, so let her heal. Salma says till when will we keep hiding this? Kabeer thinks what are they hiding from Zara?

Zara is in jail and says to Azhra that it’s good Rizwan got the bail, now we can find that boss, the lawyer said no one will know about Rizwan’s bail.

Rizwan gets ready and tells the Officer to keep telling Shehbaz that I am ill and still in jail. Rizwan comes out of jail and meets Zara. He thanks her. Zara says we don’t have much time, we will have to find the boss, don’t get seen by anyone. Rizwan says no worries. Zara leaves.

Rizwan says nobody will trust me that the boss is Shehbaz, so I won’t let the truth come out like that, he took my mother, so I will take his Son as well, I will make him suffer!

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