Kabeer is in room and miss Zara. Otherside Zara cries and miss him too. Naina plays as they recall their moments together.

Zara says to Azra that if I give my promise to Irfan then all doors back to Kabir are closed for me.

Shahbaz says to Kabir that people are laughing at us. Kabir says I am just going to job. They see Kashan coming home and is in sad state. Kashan says everything is finished, I was finalizing the deal but all money is gone. Shahbaz says you both are useless.

Rizwan says to his man that Shahbaz took this photo to insult his son? Shahbaz will try to separate Zara and Kabir but I will keep bringing them together, Shahbaz then will try attack Zara but he will mistakenly kill his own son.

Zara gives medicine to Irfan and checks his BP. Zara says it’s high. She recalls how he asked her to promise to move on. Zara says I know you are miffed with me and Kabeer, I will promise, but I need time. Irfan says okay, then I will wait till then, he leaves.

Zara is tensed and recalls Kabeer asking her to stay away, she slips, but Kabeer holds her and says be careful. Zara says my tears doesn’t stop. Kabeer says be happy. Zara says you are away, I can’t. Kabeer makes her smile and says always smile, think about me and smile. Zara hugs him and says you will be with me like this… it all turns out to be Zara’s dream.

In the morning, Azhra says to Zara that I don’t want you to promise which will make you unhappy. Zara says God always make us take the right decision, don’t worry. I am going to give an interview, I don’t want to work at an NGO.

Kabeer brings tea for Kashan. Kashan says Shehbaz is angry with me. Kabeer says he’s angry with me, you will find another Investor, don’t worry, I went to find a job, Shehbaz scolded me, but I didn’t lose hope, we will prove him that we are right, then he will be proud of us.

Kabeer comes for an interview. Zara comes there too. Zara says you came here too? Kabeer says I thought to go away from there, but she keeps meeting me, he recalls Irfan’s words to stay away from her, Kabeer leaves.

Zara thinks he came for a job, but left because of me, he went hopeless from here, so I can’t work here. She turns to leave. Kabeer thinks she’s leaving because of me. Zara recalls Irfan’s words.

Wasim calls Zara and tells her there is an issue. Wasim calls Kabeer and tells him the same issue. Zara thinks that I want to be away from him, but fate keeps bringing us closer. Kabeer thinks the same and says Wasim… Zara nods.

Rizwan says to his man that poor kids work in a factory and can’t go to school, you know who is the owner of the factory? Sajid Don, he won’t let those kids go to school, he threatened their families to not let them to go to school. Rizwan says I called Wasim and asked him to send Kabeer and Zara there to solve this issue, let’s see how Shehbaz will react.

Zara says to Kabeer that we will have to go to the village. Kabeer says I will pick you up. Zara says it’s not needed. Kabeer says we are going on same route.

Shehbaz says to his goon that I don’t like that Zara meeting my Son, we will have to do what I don’t want to, you will have to reach that village before Kabeer and Zara.

Zara and Kabeer are in the Car to go to the village. Kabeer looks at her and recalls how Shehbaz scolded him that people will talk, Kabeer told him that Zara is still his wife and he cares for her, I will not talk to her there. Zara recalls how Salma told her that they don’t want her to go. Kabeer coughs while driving. Zara gets worried and tries to give him water, but Kabeer takes it and tries to drink. Zara opens the cap for him. He drinks the water and glances at her. Zara thinks that we are close, but far away today, Kabeer thinks I am helpless and I have to be strong to stay away.

Kashan is at the tea stall. Rizwan is following them. His goon goes near Kashan. Kashan calls Zeenat and says I am here to sell some property, I will come later. Rizwan says to the goon that we have to reach the village before Zara and Kabeer. Rizwan drives away. Kashan sees their Car.

Kabeer stops there and says to Kashan that you here? Kashan says I have to meet an agent. Kashan doesn’t have change. Kabeer takes out her purse and gives him money. Kashan says let’s have tea. Kabeer says we don’t have time. Kashan tells Kabeer that I saw the goons with sticks, so don’t leave Zara alone and be careful. Zara says I can take care of myself, I have pepper spray too. Kabeer and Kashan laughs. Zara shows it and says I know karate. Kashan says great, you can do self-defense. Zara and Kabeer drives away. Kashan says they can’t separate from each other.

Shehbaz’s goon calls Shehbaz and says I have a truck of petrol. Shehbaz asks him to throw water out of the factory’s tank.

Rizwan meets Sajid and asks him to mix powder in Kabeer and Zara’s tea. Sajid says don’t worry. Rizwan says Shehbaz will kill Kabeer, he must have planned a blast in this factory, he will kill his Son today.

Kabeer and Zara arrive at the factory. They go inside and meet Sajid there. Sajid says good to meet you both. Kabeer says we are here to talk. Sajid says let me serve you first. Zara says we will take tea. His men mix powder in the tea and give it to them. Zara says to Sajid that the kids need education and we request you to let them study. Sajid says we are no one to permit them, it’s government’s work.

Zara and Kabeer drink tea. Kabeer says you can’t ask them to work in the factory, it’s against the law. Zara says we don’t want to involve the Police, I am requesting you to close this factory till tomorrow, we will come again.

Rizwan’s men take petrol out of Kabeer’s car.

Kabeer and Zara comes out of the factory and sit in the Car. Kabeer drives away. Shahbaz’s goon calls him and tells that they will come here tomorrow. Shahbaz says burn this factory so there is no issue left. He asks him to blast the factory and no one should die, be careful that no one is present there. Shehbaz’s goon fills the factory’s tank with petrol.

Sajid is angry recalling Zara’s words. Rizwan asks him to calm down, I will take care of them, you will not see their faces again! Sajid says good, hope that you do it nicely, Sajid leaves.

Kabeer and Zara’s car stops. They are both inebriated and laugh at each other. Zara sees no network on her phone, they both laugh. Zara says what if the goons come here? Kabeer takes her scarf and acts like saving her. Zara says I will protect you. They both laugh. Kabeer and Zara dance in the rain and hug each other. They come under the shade. Zara says it’s you. Kabeer says yes, they both joke and laugh. Kabeer says I miss you showing your big eyes to me and me melting right there. Zara says I like you a lot too. They both play and hug each other, Kabeer shows his heart beat to Zara and kisses her cheek. Zara laughs and hugs him.

Zara says why do I miss you so much? Kabeer looks on. The goons comes there and surround them. Kabeer laughs and says Zara will save me. Zara shows her karate moves. The goons laughs at her. The goon tries to attack Zara, but Kabeer protects her and beats them. A goon hits them both on the head, and they both pass out.

Rizwan brings the unconscious Zara and Kabeer to the factory and says Shehbaz thinks this factory is empty, but he will kill his iwn son and I have proofs against him, so he will rot in jail! They leave Zara and Kabeer there.

Zara wakes up and sees the factory room surrounded by fire. Kabeer is in another room. He wakes up and sees from the glass door. Zara rushes to him. Kabeer says no… he tries to break the door, but couldn’t. Kabeer rushes near the glass door and points to Zara.

Zara tries to look around, but gets hit by a nail and faints. Kabeer says no…  Zara rushes to him too, but he’s severely injured. Kabeer says no, no… Kabeer is trying to break the glass.

On the otherside, Shehbaz’s goon is filling the tank with petrol and waiting for a blast.

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