Kabeer comes to the market and recalls Zara’s words, he thinks I can’t tell her why I am away. Dhal jaun mein song plays… Kabeer sees the Police coming there. He greets them.

Rizwan crosses the jungle and thinks I have to reach there first and get those golden gloves.

Shehbaz calls his goon and asks him to steal the golden gloves from the Police K.

Kabeer talks to the Inspector, the Inspector tells him that someone took the petrol out of his Car, we have proofs against the criminal. The golden gloves are in his Car. Kabeer says I don’t doubt anyone.

Kabeer comes to the hut, Zara is shouting at the Imanms wife that she doesn’t want medicine, the Imam takes his wife away. Zara tells Kabeer that she doesn’t want medicine, I want to go home. Kabeer says take this first. Zara says answer me first. Kabeer says I promised, so I can’t answer you. Zara says then make another promise, maybe it will show a right path.

Shehbaz’s goon Rehman comes to the Officer and asks him to give factory blast proofs to him. The Officer goes and takes a golden gloves. He doesn’t go to Rehman, but goes to Rizwan and gives him gloves for money. He goes to Rehman and gives him a smaller proof. Rehman asks for gloves. The Officer says someone with more money took those, he leaves.

Rehman calls Shehbaz and says someone else took those gloves. Shehbaz says you have to find out who is that.

Kabeer and Zara are in the Car. Zara recalls Kabeer saving her life and telling her he can’t leave without her. Kabeer applies brake and asks if she got hurt? Zara says I am not answering you like you don’t. Kabeer gets angry and says the truth is that we can’t live together. He stops at a signal. Zara thanks him and says your behavior is weird, you save my life and then insult me, I am not coming back to you, she leaves.

Zara enters her house. Salma, Azhra, Irfan and Rukshar rush to her.

Kabeer enters the house, all the family members are happy to see him. Ayesha and Kashan hugs him. He goes to Shehbaz, but Shehbaz scolds him and says come with me. He says to Kabeer that you went with Zara and God sent an accident to her. Kabeer says no you are wrong, the Police found out that someone deliberately blasted that factory.

Shehbaz says they found out that it was a fight between two groups and you and Zara got caught in that, you know fate did that because you were with Zara, so stop before you have to bear something big. He gives him a letter and leaves. Imran comes there. Kabeer hugs him.

Zara tells Azhra that I am confused about Kabeer, I don’t understand him, but I feel he’s hiding something.

Kabeer tells Imran about his promise and says Zara was so confused and sad, but I can’t break my promise, she can’t know.

Azhra gives last divorce notice to Zara and says if you don’t answer in three days, then your divorce will be finalized with Kabeer.

Kabeer looks at the divorce notice and tells Imran that I have to do this, I can’t bring my promise, I put her in danger everytime I am near her, I know what to do.

Zara tells Azhra that Kabeer told me he doesn’t want me, but his anger, and frustration all tells me that there is some reason behind all this, so I will find out before this divorce.

Kabeer tells Imran that I can’t be with Zara, I can’t put her in danger. Imran says you love her a lot and you left her to protect her, trust God, he will end your trouble and bring her back. Kabeer says when? I am tired of doing this. Imran says you can ask God. Kabeer says we don’t question God, we pray to only him. Imran says that’s the difference between you and Zara, she consults God along with prayers, if we don’t understand a thing, then we should question God, you read his book and find answer to your question, he leaves. Kabeer looks on.

In the morning, Kabeer offers namaz and pray to God to do what is best for him.

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