Zara comes home and tells Azhra that Sabina made her meet Kabeer. Kabeer tells Imran about Sabina trying to make them friends.

Kabeer and Zara meet in Sabina’s office. They argue about who is more stubborn? Sabina says you both fight like husband and wife, try becoming friends, take your time, we are not in a hurry. She asks Kabeer to drop her. Zara says I have some work, she says then take her to work and then drop her, whoever takes first step towards friendship is a bigger person. They both leave.

Zara is in Kabeer’s car. She gets a call about a man. She says I will go and help him. Zara comes to the area. A man is scolding his wife and allege her for having an affair, he tries to divorce her, but Zara comes there and says you know there is a law against three word divorce, you can’t divorce her like this otherwise, you will be jailed. The Man shouts at her to leave and pushes her.

Kabeer shouts hey!!! He says be in control, if you are a man, then don’t act like this. The Man says now, you will talk about divorce when you divorced your wife? where is she now? Kabeer looks on. He says what’s your relationship with her now? Kabeer says she is my friend. Zara is stunned. Kabeer screams that Zara is my friend! He leaves from there. Zara is surprised.

Zara and Kabeer are walking on the road. They strike with each other. Kabeer sits in the Car, but Zara doesn’t and looks away. He goes to her side and asks her to sit inside, she asks him to open the door. He does. Mana ka hum yar nahi song plays… Sabina calls them and says are you friends now? Kabeer says guess who took the step to become friends? Sabina says I knew Zara would take a step, I will call you both for joint session, she ends the call.

Zara says to Kabeer that I don’t need you to drop me at home, thank you friend. She leaves.

Zara comes home. Salma asks who was the guy? Zara says I got saved from a proposal thing and found a friend too.

Amaan is talking to a friend on call. Kabeer comes and asks who is that friend? Amaan says she is a girl and used to irritate me before. Kabeer says I found a friend too today.

Azhra asks Zara if she has become Kabeer’s friend? Zara says I was stuck in the past, I couldn’t move on and then Sabina told me to become his friend. Azhra says what do you think? Zara says she says that if we become friends, then we will be able to move on and come out of that dark place and understand each other better.

Amaan tells Kabeer he will take care of his friend. Kabeer asks for her name. Amaan says Nussu. Amaan asks for his friend’s name.

Shehbaz comes there so Kabeer doesn’t take the name. Shehbaz asks Kabeer why he’s going for counseling sessions? Ayesha comes there and says I asked him to go and talk to her, it’s not a bad thing, sometimes we can’t talk to our family and it’s better to talk to a therapist. Kabeer nods and leaves. Shehbaz thinks that girl is still ruling over him.

Kabeer and Zara meet Sabina. Sabina says you both are friends and now, you will call each other. Kabeer will call Zara in the morning and Zara will call him at night, if a person forgets to call, then that person has moved on. Zara says you really think it will work? Sabina says just try. She gets a call and says what one week? Okay. She ends the call.

Zara asks what happened? Sabina says Ambreen’s fiance Waseem is going to Canada and they want to do marriage in a week. Zara thinks that I thought Kabeer is getting closer to Ambreen, but I was wrong, he came to Sabina for his mental peace. Zara tells Ambreen to not worry, Kabeer says we are with you. Zara says don’t worry about anything, we will handle everything, right friend? Kabeer nods.

An Agent gives 50,000 as word money to Irfan, he leaves. Salma is tensed. Rukshar comes home. Salma tells Irfan that the garden is our history, you can’t sell it. Irfan says I don’t have a way to pay 8,000,000. Rukshar thinks I like to see them in pain. Zara comes there and tells about Ambreen’s wedding, she leaves.

Rukshar comes to Salma. Salma says don’t tell Zara about the selling of the garden, Rukshar says I won’t, she thinks I won’t let them come out of this trouble!

Rukshar tells Shehbaz that Irfan has a debt of 8,000,000 and he’s selling his garden, his problems will end then. Shehbaz says Irfan and his daughter have kept increasing my troubles, so I won’t let their troubles end easily!

Zara video calls Sabina and Ambreen and show them the shopping she did for her wedding. Zara works with Azhra to make a dress for her.

Zara is leaving the house and hears Irfan talking to an agent on call. Irfan says you were ready to buy the garden and now you don’t? You can pay less, but listen please, the seller ends the call. Irfan says he doesn’t want to buy garden now, if we don’t sell it, then how will we pay the debt? Zara hears all that. Salma says we will find a way and thinks that I have to help him.

Zara gets Kabeer’s call and recalls Sabina’s demand. She takes his call. Kabeer says I am calling just as Sabina said. Zara says good, they talk about Ayesha. Zara says wish you a good day ahead, she ends the call. Azhra comes to her and says let’s go to Ambreen’s house. Zara is worried about Irfan.

Kabeer says I don’t understand what will be the outcome of these phone calls. Imran comes there and talks about a fashion show, he says their designer left, so we can work on that, you have to help me. Kabeer says fashion shows are not right, I am a scholar, so I am not helping you with this. Ayesha calls him, he leaves.

Zara comes to the Market with Azhra. They don’t have a change. Kabeer and Ayesha comes to same market. Zara meets Ayesha.

Ayesha and Azhra comes to Sabina’s house. Azhra shows the dress to Ambreen that Zara made. Zara comes there. Sabina and Ambreen thanks her. Ambreen says I can’t believe you designed this, she takes the pictures and says Zara should be a professional desginer.

Ambreen’s sister video call, they show Zara’s designs to her and says you can help her with work. Her sister says there is a fashion show and you can help us with designs, Ambreen says you will get money for it. Zara says I will think about it.

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