Ayesha calls Kabeer and says you can go home. Zara starts leaving in her car, Kabeer sees her. Ambreen comes there and introduces Arshi to him. She asks him to come inside, all are waiting.

Azhra says to Zara that you took a good decision, you will win that fashion show.

Kabir is in Ambreen’s house. Ambreen says once Zara wins that fashion show, her life will change, she shows details of show to Kabir. He sees its same show which Imran talked about. Kabir thinks I have to stop her.

Zara is going out. Her Mom asks where are you going? Zara says I will be back. Kabeer gets a call from his Mom. He says I know it’s eid but I have some work. I will come to you soon.

Kabeer hears a man crying. He says my child… Please save him. Kabeer looks into the well. The man gives him an injection. He shoves kabeer into the well. Zara comes there and looks for Kabeer. she calls him, but his phone is in the well as well. Zara comes near the well. She keeps calling him. His Car is there. The man sneaks into the well and takes Kabeer’s phone. He turns it off. Zara calls him again, but his phone is off.

Zara calls Kashan and says I… she gets a call from a man. He says if you want to see Kabeer alive, then do what I say. Zara says I am not scared of your fake threats! He shows her Kabeer’s video. Zara says who are you? What do you want? He says we want sacrifice. You have to sacrifice your happiness. Withdraw your name from the compeition or we will kill Kabeer! Zara is worried for Kabeer.

Zara calls the Manager and says I dont’ want to participate in the competition. He says come with the application. Ayesha asks Kashan you look worried. He says Zara called. She sounded worried. But then she hung up. Ayesha says to call her.

Shehbaz says we have to go for prayer. Kabeer opens his eyes. The thug hits him on the head. He says you are staying here until Zara gives her sacrifice! Kabeer says Zara is being forced to do this. He tries to get up. The thugs hit him.

Qazi looks for Zara. Salma says she went somewhere. Zara comes and runs upstairs. Zara looks for some papers. She says Azhra give me pen. Qazi asks her what happened? She says I am withdrawing my name from the fashion show. I won’t be a part of it.

Kabeer hits the thugs. Zara tells her parents everything. she says I have to save Kabeer’s life. Qazi says please you have to calm down. Zara says he said we can’t tell the Police. I lost everything in Kabeer, I don’t’ want to lose my friend now.

Zara comes to the Manager. He says you were given this chance. If you don’t participate, we will never let you participate ever again. Zara recalls her dad been worried about the loan. Zara says what should I do? I have to save his life. I know Allah will save my Sacrifice.

Kabeer gets out of the well and runs out. Zara signs the papers.

They all offer namaz for eid. Kashan tells Shehbaz that Kabeer is missing. Amaan shows Kabeer coming there. Flashback shows how Kabeer ran away from the goons and met some people. They helped him. Flashback ends. Kabeer meets Kashan and Shehbaz. Shehbaz asks how he got hurt? Kabeer says someone our own did it, but I will find out.

Kabeer tells the Inspector that someone doesn’t want Zara to become a part of that fashion show which is why they kidnapped me. The Inspector says we will find out who the Culprit is very soon, he leaves.

Kabeer asks Ayesha to not worry. Ayesha says people are cruel, how could they do this? Kabeer says someone cheap can do it, they have no morals. Shehbaz looks on. Amaan asks him to tell a story. Kabeer leaves with him. Rukshar eyes Shehbaz.

Salma asks Zara what happened? Flashback shows how Zara took her name back from the fashion show and then Kabeer called her and told her to not take her name back from the show. Zara says the Manager sent that email. Kabeer says try again. Zara says okay. She talks to the Manager and asks him to put her name back. 

Kabeer comes there. Zara runs to him and asks if he is fine? Kabeer tells the Manager that it’s important for her to take part in the show, please put her name back. The Manager says I have already sent the mail out, so I can’t do anything. He gets a call from the head-office. The Man says we haven’t gotten a confirmation email. The Manager checks and says the email didn’t go, God really wants her to become a part of this fashion show. 

Zara and Kabeer sits in the Car. Zara stops the Car and brings water for Kabeer. He washes his face. She offers him tissue too. Ishara plays. He thanks her and starts leaving. They both turn to look at each other. He waves at her and leaves. Flashback ends. Salma and Azhra hugs her.

Kabeer tells a story to Amaan and tells him that my friend is close to God. Amaan says I want to meet your friend. Kabeer says you will. Kabeer brings Amaan to Irfan’s house. He wishes them Eid. Irfan hugs him. Nussu comes there and plays with Amaan. Azhra wishes eid to Kabeer. Kabeer sits with Irfan. Amaan tells Azhra that a friend sacrificed everything for a friend, so God didn’t let that friend sacrifice.

Zara comes there and greets Kabeer. Nussu fights with Amaan. Zara says friendship is pure, you don’t gain or lose anything, you are lucky to get a friend like him. Nussu nods and tells Amaan to play with her.

Zara asks Kabeer to sit. She says I am worried and tensed about the show. Kabeer says don’t worry, everything will be fine. Zara shows her designs to him. Salma thinks I don’t know what this friendship means now.

Shehbaz tells Rukshar that your plan and why did your goons beat Kabeer? Flashback shows how Ruksaar told her goons to kill Kabeer if he tries to run, she thought that Kabeer has no charm anymore, and if he dies, then Shehbaz will be blamed for it. Flashback ends.

Rukshar says I told the goons to not hurt him, but they didn’t listen. Shahbaz says the plan failed, now what? Rukshar says I will not let Zara participate in this contest at any cost!

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